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Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected.

P91 3a

Life is full of the unexpected.

In May 2001, I found a job in New York at the World Trade Center. On September 11, 2001, I arrived at my building at around 8:30 a.m. I was about to go up when I decided to get a coffee first. I went to my favorite coffee place even though it was two blocks east from my office. As I was waiting in line with other office workers, I heard a loud sound. Before I could join the others outside to see what was going on, the first plane had already hit my office building. We stared in disbelief at the black smoke rising above the burning building. I felt lucky to be alive.

Almost 10 years later, I woke up at 10:00 a.m. on February 21, 2011 and realized that my alarm never went off. I jumped out of bed and went straight to the airport. But by the time I got to the airport, my plane to New Zealand had already taken off. “This is the first holiday I’ve taken in a year, and I miss my plane. What bad luck!” I thought to myself. The other planes were full so I had to wait till the next day. The next morning, I heard about the earthquake in New Zealand the day before. My bad luck had unexpectedly turned into a good thing.

P94 2b

April Fool’s Day is a celebration that takes place in different countries around the world. It happens on April 1st every year and is a day when many people play all kinds of tricks and jokes on each other.

One April Fool’s Day, a reporter in England announced that there would be no more spaghetti because the spaghetti farmers in Italy had stopped growing spaghetti. Many people ran to their local supermarkets to buy as much spaghetti as they could. By the time people realized that the story was a hoax, all of the spaghetti across the country had been sold out. Another famous trick in England was when a TV show reported the discovery of special water. They said this water would help people lose weight and that one customer had already lost a lot of weight in just four months. By the end of the day, more than 10,000 people had phoned the TV station to find out how to get this water.

Many April Fool’s jokes may end up being not very funny. A famous TV star once invited his girlfriend onto his show on April Fool’s Day. He asked her to marry him. The lady was so happy because she really wanted to get married. However, when she said “yes”, he replied, “April Fool!” That little joke didn’t have a very happy ending. The TV star lost both his girlfriend and his show.

One of the world’s most famous tricks, however, happened in October rather than April. In that month in 1938, actor Orson Welles announced on his radio program that aliens from Mars had landed on the earth. He described where they had landed and told how they were moving across the United States. Welles made it sound so real that hundreds of people believed the story, and fear spread across the whole country. By the time police officers

announced that the story was a hoax, thousands of people had left their homes.

P96 self check 1

Last Saturday after my French_________ , I decided to drive to the__________ to buy a meat for dinner. As I was heading_________, I saw a huge truck________the road. There had been an accident and there were many Police___________ around. So I had to turn around and take the longer way to the market. By the time I got to the market, the pie shop had already closed. However, I noticed a new bakery________the pie shop which was still open. I went inside and bought a sandwich from the friendly_________ who was the owner. It turned out that the sandwich was delicious so I had made a great!


Unit12 Life is full of the unexpected.

Section A 2d


凯文:我的闹钟没有响!我一直睡觉,当我醒来时,已经是早上 8 点了!


凯文:所以我迅速穿上衣服冲出家门。 玛特:你没吃早餐吗?





马特:嗯。至少当你到达学校时,上课只迟到了 5


Section A ,3a


2001 年 5 月,我在纽约世贸中心找到了一份工

作。2001 年 9 月 11 日,我大概在早上 8 点半到达了工作的大楼。我正要上楼,这时我决定先去买一杯咖啡。我去了我最喜欢的咖啡店,虽然它在我办公室东边两个街区以外。当我正在和其他办公室职员


大约十年之后,2011 年 2 月 21 日,我早上十点醒来,意识到我的闹钟根本没有响。我从床上跳起来直奔机场。但是当我到达机场时,我飞往新西兰的航班已经起飞了。“这可是我今年的第一个假期,我居然误了航班。真倒霉”!我暗想。其他的航班都已经满员,我不得不到第二天。(结果)第二天早上,我听到新西兰前一天发生了地震。我的坏运气意想不到地变成了一件好事。

Section B , 2b

愚人节是一个世界上许多不同国家都会庆祝的节日。它在每年的 4 月 1 日,这是一个许多人会互相开各种玩笑或恶作剧的日子。


水可以帮助人们减肥,有位消费者仅 4 个月就

减掉了很多体重。(结果)在当天结束之前,超过 1


许多愚人节玩笑的结局并不那么有趣。一位著名的电视明星曾在愚人节邀请他的女朋友上他的电视节目。他向她求婚,那位女士是如此的高兴,因为她真的想结婚了。然而,当她说好的时候,他却回答: “愚人节傻瓜”!这个小玩笑的结局并不愉快。电视明星失去了他的女朋友,而且他的节目也被取消了。

然而,世界上最出名的恶作剧之一却发生在 10

月而不是 4 月。在 1938 年的 10 月,演员奥森.威尔斯在他的电台节目中宣布来自火星的外星人已登陆地球。他描述了他们在哪里登陆,还告诉大家这些外星人正在如何穿越美国。威尔斯让他的话听起来如此逼真,以至于数以百计的人相信了这个故事,恐惧在整个国家蔓延。等到警察宣布这个故事是恶作剧时,已经有数以千计的人离开了他们的家园。