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1. on in at

on 具体到某一天或在on a cold winter morning有修饰限定

in一般加地点较多 或者季节、年份等 in spring, in 1990

at 具体的时间点 at six 年龄 at the age of 6


  1. the other  others    another   other

总数两个  one…the other… I have two sons, one is a doctor, the other is a teacher.

others 后没名词了  help others= help other people

another 后跟名词单数 另一个又一个再一个

other后加名词复数  other students

  1. sometimes 有时    sometime 某个时候   some time 一些时间   some times 几次

4.neither 既不…也不 … either或者…或者…  both 两者都谓语动词用复数

all 三者或以上都用于肯定句  none  三者或以上都不  用于否定句

each ,every后都用单数each强调每一个

every 强调整体Is everyone here?大家都到了吗?


  1. can/may be  可能是 can’t be 不可能是   must be 一定是   mustn’t 禁止  don’t have to , needn’t 不需要, 没必要  另外注意could you …? 回答不用could,而用can. 或can’t. May I…? 提问,肯定不用yes,you may. 太正式了,一般用Of course. Go ahead. Yes, please. 否定回答一般用No, you can’t或语气较为强硬的No, you mustn’t.


  1. little 很少几乎没有,否定,不可数. We have little milk left. Shallwe buy some?

few 很少几乎没有,否定,可数名词 I’m new here. I have few friends. I’m lonely.

a little   有一点,不可数名词,肯定句  a few 有一点,可数名词 肯定句

  1.  as,by,of, with

as 经常考表示“作为” The Great Wall is regarded as a symbol of China.

We recommend him as our monitor.

She gave me a basketball as a birthday present.

by 经常考表示方式方法比如by hand,by bus。He did a survey by asking us ten questions.

Of表所属关系 a house of our own    a photo of my family

with表示①和,go with me。② 用,write with a pen ③ 表伴随 with a smile on her face

pay cost take spend


  1. it  one  that  those

it特指  There is only one copy left. Would you like to take it? It特指这仅剩的一份

one 泛指 I like your shirt. Where did you buy it? I’d like to buy one too.


The weather in Beijing is different from that in Shanghai.

The students here are different from those in their school.


  1.  since as because   because of  unless  although

Since 常考的表示①“既然” 表原因 ②自从…开始  现在完成时中(have/has done)

Because+句子   because of +短语

Unless 除非 可以改成if not 看看是否通顺

You will get lost unless you take a map with you. 可以改成if not. You will get lost if you don’t take a map with you.

Although 尽管 不和but连用 (同理,because也不和so连用)


  1. arrive at / in  reach   get to

Arrive in +大地点  比如北京  某个国家之类

Arrive at+小地点  比如学校,家,派对等

Reach可直接加宾语  reach school  get to 必须有to

  1. the number of 后谓语动词用单数 表…的数量    a number of 相当于some后用复数

The number of teachers in our school is 99. A number of them have cars.


  1.  look after 照看照料    find out  找出查明(线索,真凶等)  look for 寻找,寻找的动作过程 find 找的结果  找到或者没找到 We are looking for the ball. But we can’t find it.


  1. turn off  关掉(电视等)turn on 打开(电视等)turn down调低音量
  2.  put up 张贴悬挂  put on  穿上 put off 推迟 put away  收拾好放好take away 拿走 take off 飞机起飞/脱衣服


  1. That’s all right 没关系 相当于never mind , it doesn’t matter

all right 好吧 表示答应 my pleasure  跟在thank you 后

with pleasure 跟在can you help …? 后

not at all 不客气不用谢和don’t mention it ,you’re welcome 都可以跟在thank you后

come on加油   good luck 对方说要去考试了祝好运  对方说考试通过了  congratulations祝贺你   对方说要去拜访谁 please give my regards to …带上我的祝福给….

  1. on time 准时  in time 及时


  1.   so that  和such that 记住五把要是

so good/ so well

so little/ few/much/many

so beautiful a girl /such a beautiful girl

such beautiful girls

such pleasant weather  


  1. as…as…和…一样 A is as big as B  A和B一样大

not so/as… as      A is not as big as B  A没有B那么大

  1. have been to 去过,往往后加次数 Ihave been to Hainan twice.  have gone to 去了,强调人不在  Where is John? He has gone to England.  have been in 待在某地多久后加一段时间 Ihave been in Beijing for three days.


  1. be made of 看得出原材料    be made in 后加产地   be made from 看不出原材料

21.be famous for + 出名的东西比如园林,美食等  be famous as +身份,如作家,作曲家等

  1. hand in 上交   hand out 分发 相当于give out
  2.  while 考到一般表示对比   Ilike fishing while my father likes playing tennis.

或者两个进行时同时发生 I was watching TV while he was reading.

As 两个都是短动作  As he sat down on the sofa, she came into the room.

As或者表示伴随的情况As the sun rose, the fog dispersed. 随着太阳的出现,雾气被驱散了。


  1. on one’s way  在去..的路上  in one’s way 挡道了   by the way 顺便说一下
  2.  look forward to doing  期盼做   pay attention to doing 注意做

be used to doing       习惯于做  devote to doing 致力于做

be used to do sth 被用来做某事  knives are used to cut things. 这是被动语态了。

  1. provide sth for sb     provide sb with sth

Offer sb sth   offer sth to sb

  1.  prevent /stop/stop/keep sb from doing 阻止某人做


28 die dying death dead

die 动词 瞬间的动作 不能和一段时间连用

dying 形容词  垂死的

dead 形容词  没有生命的 sb has been dead for two years   sb is dead

death 名词  the death of sb

  1. hear from 收到来信   hear of  听说


  1. remember doing  记得做过某事

remember to do 记得要去做

forget doing  做了忘记做过

forget to do  忘记去做


  1. 常江的修饰比较级的词

Far/a little/even/much

Far more beautiful  make it a little easier  even better   much bigger

  1. go beyond sth   Her achievements went beyond the film industry.

go beyond doing  Her work goes beyond taking care of the patients.


  1. Sth is not available 某个东西没有了(断货了等)

---Do you have blue t-shirts?

--- Sorry, they are not available right now.

Sb is not available   某人没空

--Can I speak to your boss?

--Sorry, he is not available right now. He’s having a meeting.