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--How is the weather(in+地名)? / What is the weather like?

--It is raining./rainy.

天气 下雨的 下雪的 晴朗的 多风的 潮湿的
weather rainy snowy sunny windy wet
冷的 凉爽的 热的 温暖的 干燥的  
cold cool hot warm dry


  1. -- What animals do you like? -- I like dogs.
  2. -- Why do you like pandas? -- Because they’re very cute.
  3. -- Why don’t you like the cat? -- Because she’s kind of boring. She sleeps all day.
  4. -- Where are they from/do they come from? -- They’re from Africa/come from ….


动物 动物园 鸭子 母鸡 母牛
animal zoo dog cat duck hen cow
绵羊 狐狸 老虎 长颈鹿 狮子
sheep pig fish/fishes fox tiger giraffe lion
大象 熊猫 老鼠 猴子 宠物
bear elephant panda mouse/mice snake monkey pet
  1. 描述动物的形容词:
美丽的 友好的 可爱的 聪明的 害羞的
beautiful friendly cute smart shy
嘈杂的 脏的 丑陋的 懒的 安静的
noisy dirty ugly lazy quiet
  1. “洲”名和重要“国家”名及其形容词(形容词可用来表示“……的人”):
亚洲 欧洲 非洲 美洲(国)
Asia Asian Europe European Africa African America American
中国 日本 朝鲜(韩国) 澳大利亚
China Chinese Japan Japanese Korea Korean Australia Australian
法国 英国(the UK) 德国 俄罗斯
France French Britain British Germany German Russia Russian


--Who is that?/she/are they? --She is my mother/They are …


family grandparents 祖父母/外祖父母
grandfather /grandpa grandmother /grandma
parents    父母亲
father / dad mother  /mom uncle aunt
son儿子 daughter女儿 son and daughter儿女
brother兄弟 sister 姐、妹 cousin


  1. --What do you do?/ What are you?/ What is your job?   -- I am a teacher.
  2. -- What do you want to bewhen you grow up?(问未来的职业)  -- I want to be an engineer.


司机 作家 老师 工人 记者 农民 歌手 工程师
driver writer teacher worker reporter farmer singer engineer
医生 科学家 钢琴家 牙医 护士 厨师 音乐家 导游
doctor scientist pianist dentist nurse cook musician guide
作者 士兵 学生 演员 服务生 警察
author soldier student/pupil actor


waiter (waitress) policeman (policewoman)

3. -- How are you going to do that?   -- I’m going to study math really hard.

4. -- Where are you going to work?   -- I’m going to move to Shanghai.

5. -- When are you going to start ?   -- I’m going to start when I finish high school and college.

  • 谈论时间
  1. 1.时间:

-- What time is it?/What is the time?    -- It’s eight o’clock in the morning.


  1. 星期:

--What day is it today? --It’s Monday.

weekdays weekends
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
星期一 星期二 星期三 星期四 星期五 星期六 星期日
  1. 日期:

--What is the date today? -- It’s May, 23rd.

--What is today? --It’s Sunday, the 22nd.

month January February March April May June
一月 二月 三月 四月 五月 六月
July August September October November December
七月 八月 九月 十月 十一月 十二月


(1) --When is your birthday ?     --My birthday is on January 17th. / It’s in August.


春季 夏季 秋季 冬季
spring summer autumn/ fall winter


New Year’s Day(元旦), Christmas Day(圣诞节), April Fools’ Day(愚人节),

Thanksgiving Day(感恩节),  Mother’s Day(母亲节),  Father’s Day(父亲节),

Women’s Day(妇女节), Teachers’ Day(教师节),  the Children’s Day(儿童节),

Halloween(万圣节), the Spring Festival(春节), the Lantern Festival(元宵节),

the Dragon Boat Festival(端午节),  the Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋节)

  • 学习
  1. 学习用品:--What’s this/that in English? --It’s a book.

学校相关物品(school things):

schoolbag/bag/backpack书包, book 书,notebook  笔记本,dictionary 字典,

pencil box铅笔盒,pen钢笔,pencil铅笔,   ruler尺子,eraser橡皮,map地图

  • 学科知识:

--What’s your favorite subject? --(My favorite subject is) Chinese.


汉语 数学 英语 物理 化学 生物
Chinese math(s) English physics chemistry biology
政治 历史 地理 音乐/艺术 体育 科学
politics history geography music/art P.E. science


--How do you study for a test? --By reading aloud.


教材/课本 单词 短语 句子 语言 磁带
textbook word phrase/expression sentence language tape
语法 视频 发音(n.) 发音(v.) 录音(n. &v.) 录音机
grammar video pronunciation pronounce record Recorder
黑板 粉笔 课文/文本  
blackboard chalk text


--Why does Bob like history? -- Because it’s interesting.

--When is your geography class? -- It’s on Monday and Friday.

--Who’s your music teacher?      --It’s Ms. Xie. / My music teacher is Ms. Xie.

--Who is your favorite teacher? --Mr. Li.

  • 休闲娱乐
  • 运动

--What is your favorite sport?/ What sport do you like best? -- Swimming.

fishing basketball soccer volleyball tennis ping-pong
钓鱼 篮球 足球 排球 网球 乒乓球
  • 乐器

--Can you play the piano? --Yes, I can.

乐器 小提琴 钢琴 吉他 象棋
instrument violin piano drum guitar chess

注:表示“演奏某种乐器”:用“play + the +乐器名词”



1.-- Can you come to my party on Saturday ?

-- Sure, I’d love to.  或 -- Sorry, I’m not available.

肯定回答:I’d love / like to. 我很乐意。Certainly! / Of course! / Sure! 当然可以。

No problem. 没问题。

否定回答:I’d love to, but … 我很乐意,但是…/ I’m afraid not. 恐怕不行。

/ I’m sorry, I … 对不起,我…


各类party birthday party, the opening of …, English party, New Year’s party, singing party, dancing party, house warming party
聚会相关词 invite, invitation, prepare, preparation, accept, refuse, turn down, reply, hear from, celebrate


  1. --Where did you go on vacation? --I went to Beijing.
  2. --What did you do there? --I went to the Great Wall.
  3. --How was your vacation?/ What do you think of your vacation?/ How do you feel like your vacation? --Great/…
  4. --How were the people? --Friendly.
  5. --Who did she go with?    --She went with her classmates.
  • 购物
  1. 谈论物价:

(1) --How much is the hat ? --It’s five dollars.

--How much are these socks ? -They’re two dollars.

(2) I’ll take it. / I’ll take two pairs. / I’ll take the… and the…

  1. 提供帮助:

(1) --Can I help you ?/ (What can I do for you?)   --Yes, please. I need a sweater for school.

(2) --Here you are.    --Thank you.


生活物品 watch key ring card  
手表 钥匙 戒指 卡片


jacket coat shirt blouse sweater
夹克衫 外套 衬衫 女衬衫 毛衣
trousers pants jeans dress skirt
长裤 短裤 牛仔裤 女裙 短裙
其他配饰 sock shoe scarf glasses glove
袜子 鞋子 围巾 眼镜 手套

3.问颜色:-- What color is it?         -- It’s red.


color 红色 橙色 黄色 绿色 黑色 白色 蓝色 紫色
red orange yellow green black white blue purple


  1. May Itake your order?我可以为你点菜吗?
  2. May Ihave a look at the menu first? 我可以先看看菜谱吗?
  3. --Can Ihelp you?/ How can Ihelp you?/ What can I do for you?

--I’d like some noodles, please.

  1. --What kind of noodles would you like?

--I’d like beef and carrot noodles./--I’d like beef noodles with carrots.

牛肉 鸡肉 鸡蛋 鱼肉 鸭肉
meat beef chicken egg fish duck
猪肉 羊肉 火腿 蔬菜 卷心菜 土豆
pork mutton ham vegetable cabbage potato
胡萝卜 西红柿 洋葱 面条 饺子 面包
carrot tomato onion noodles dumpling bread
蛋糕 汉堡 米饭 薄煎饼 粥,稀饭
cake hamburger rice soup pancake porridge


fruit apple banana orange pear lemon strawberry
苹果 香蕉 橙子 梨子 柠檬 草莓
drink milk water milk shake coffee cola tea
牛奶 奶昔 咖啡 可乐
  1. --What size would you like?   --I’d like a large/ medium/ small bowl, please.
  2. --Would you like a large bowl?  --Yes, please.(肯定回答) /No, thank you.(否定回答)
  • 疾病与就医


(1)--What’s the matter (with you)?/ What’s the trouble (with you)?/ What’s wrong (with you)?

--I have a stomachache. / --I have a sore throat/back.

(2)--Do you have a fever?   --Yes, I do./No, I don’t./ I don’t know.


喉咙 脖子 胳膊 耳朵 眼睛
stomach throat foot neck arm ear eye hand head
膝盖 嘴巴 鼻子 牙齿 发烧/头痛  
knee back leg mouth nose tooth have a fever/headache
咳嗽 感冒 喉咙痛  
have a cough have a cold Have a sore throat


(1)--What should she do?   --She should take her temperature/take breaks/have a rest/lie down.

(2)--Should I put some medicine on it ?   --Yes, you should./ No, you shouldn’t.

  • (电视,电影)评价

1.-- Do you want to watch the news ?   -- Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

-- What do you plan to watch tonight ? -- I plan to watch a talk show.


新闻 动作片 动画片 恐怖片 喜剧片 访谈节目
news action movie cartoon scary movie comedy talk show
才艺节目 体育节目 游戏节目 肥皂剧 情景剧  
talent show sports show game show soap opera sitcom  
  1. -- What do you think of talk shows?/How do you like talk shows?

-- I don’t mind them. / I can’t stand them. / I love watching them./They are educational.


有教育意义的 毫无意义的 严肃的,庄重的, 精彩的,绝妙的
 educational meaningless serious wonderful
令人轻松的 愉快的,快乐的 令人激动的 无聊的
relaxing enjoyable exciting boring
  • 处所与问路


邮局 宾馆 饭店 银行 学校 医院
post office hotel restaurant bank school hospital
公园 图书馆 飞机场 电影院 街道 剧院
park library airport cinema street theater
警察局 付费电话 博物馆 公共厕所  
police station pay phone museum restroom/ toilet  


①Is there a post office near here?

②Can you tell me the way to the post office?

③Do you know the way to the post office?

④ Where is the post office?

⑤ How can I get to the post office?

⑥ Which is the way to the post office?

(3)指路:Just go straight and turn left.

Go/Walk along/down the street and turn right.

Turn left at the first crossing/turning./Take the first turning on the left

It is next to/across from/in front of/between …and…/ behind/ on+ 街道名…

  • 电话交流


1.-- Hello,Rick speaking.喂。我是里克。  -- Hi, Rick, It’s Steve.里克你好,我是史蒂夫。

2.-- May I speak to Steve, please?/Is that Steve (speaking) (there)? 我找史蒂夫/史蒂夫在吗?

-- It’s Steve here.我就是史蒂夫。

-- Oh, he is not here. Can I take a message for him?喔,他不在这。要我给他捎个话吗?

-- Hold on please.请稍等。

3.我是里克。Rick speaking.This is Rick(speaking).It’s Rick (speaking).

  • 体貌特征

1.问长相: --What do you/ does he look like?/ What are you/ is he like?  --He is really tall.

外貌描写的单词:(be) beautiful, young, old, tall, short, heavy/fat, thin, of medium build, of medium height, handsome

(have) short hair, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, black hair, blonde hair

(have) a round/ long face, a big nose, a small mouth, big eyes

(wear) glasses

拓展:What’re you/is he like?也可以用来询问性格。回答时可用: friendly, funny, outgoing…

  • 交通与安全

 “交通运输” 动词(词组)

动词型 介词型 中文 动词型 介词型 中文
walk on foot 步行;走路 take the train by train 乘火车
take a bus by bus 乘公共汽车 take the subway by subway 坐地铁
take a taxi by taxi 乘出租车 take the plane by air / plane 坐飞机
ride a bike by bike 骑自行车 take a boat by boat 乘船

. 谈论交通方式:

① -- How do you get to school? --I walk./I get to school on foot.

② -- Do you walk or ride a bike? --I walk.


③ -- How does Mary get too school?

--She takes the subway. /She gets to school by subway.

④ -- Does Jane walk to school? --Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t.

⑤ -- How long does it take to get to school? --It takes only 15 minutes.

⑥--How far is it from your home to school?   --It’s about 2 kilometers.


  • Ithink so/not/I don’t think so./ I (dis)agree with you.
  • Me, too. /Me, neither.
  • So do/…I (…). /Neither/Nor do/… I (…).



(1) Good morning/ afternoon/evening.

(2) Hello/Hi.

(3) -- How are you? -- I’m fine, thank you / thanks.

(4) -- Nice to meet you.  -- Nice to meet you , too.


--Thank you. /Thanks a lot. /Thank you very much.

--You’re welcome.