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In recently /,      (it) /has became /a hot topic /among people.

It/ has played /a more and more important role/ in our life.


There is /the main reason/ ( There are some reasons) /which /caused/ this problem.

First of all, ………        Secondly,………..        What ‘s more,………

It is no doubt that/ it /has /a great effect. /

First of all, ………        Secondly, ……….        What ‘s more,………


As /a popular saying/ goes, every coin/ has /two sides.          /has/ both of advantages and disadvantages/. Different people /have /different points.


Some people /think /that/ it /has brought /us/ a lot of benefits.

First of all, ………     Secondly, ……….    What ‘s more,………


Other people /think /that/ it /created /some serious problems.

First of all, ……       Secondly, ……….     What ‘s more,………


In conclusion, I /think/ actions speak louder than words/.

First of all, government/ we should take effective measure to solve it

Secondly, as a matter of fact, we need to ……..

What ‘s more, it is worth for us to ……


It is high time that we should be aware of the importance of +名词…….        


In my opinion, I think i

very important for us to +………


I hope that all of us can pay attention to it and try our best to solve this problem.



The Boy Skates Into Success

Carson Kropfl is an inventor, business owner and environmental activist. His hometown of San Clemente, California sits along a beautiful coastal area of the Pacific Ocean. He enjoys

the excitement of surfing. Besides, he likes riding his skateboard.

Carson Is a very hard-working 12-vear-old boy who just completed the seventh grade. And school had a lot to do with the creation of his company. He had enjoyed skating for years.

He likes to use his skateboard to go to many places, including his school. But over time, he

Grew increasingly frustrated(受挫的)that he had no place to store his board once he arrived.

As a student, he could not change the size of his locker But he realized he might be able to change the shape of his skateboard. And, from that small desire. a business was born.

Carson first just made a shorter skateboard in the shape of a square for himself and made his first sales in the room where students ate at his school. He put a few skateboards on a table and his schoolmates started buying them up. Within months, Carson had an agreement with a manufacturer. The young man says he has now sold about 700 skateboards in under two years of operation. His skateboards come in a number of shapes and designs. Each one costs around$100. The young business owner says he is not exactly sure what he will do when he grows up. But he will surely stay busy.“I'm going to be an activist traveling the world, supporting ocean conservation and how we could help our Earth. And, traveling the world, skating and surfing will also be an important part in my life, because I am an athlete."



  1. 你从中得到的启发
  2. 你是如何为实现自己的青春梦想而努力的
  3. 提出你的建议(两点)



相关素材:           How Does Cell Phone Changes Our Life

Cell phone is so cheap that almost all people can afford it. Whenever you go, you see people hold cell phones listening to music, talking on the phone, chatting with their friends by mobile QQ or sending video clip by micro messages. Our life style has changed enormously because of the widespread of mobile phones.


First of all, mobile phones change the way we communicate with others. In the past, we contact with our families, relatives and friend by writing letters or just go to certain area to make a phone call. However, if we want to contact with them, all we need to do is to take out our cell phone, dial numbers and then we can reach them in a minute.


Secondly, the way we contact with our friends is various. For most cell phones, we can download lots of software such as QQ, MSN, and micro message and so on to contact with our friends quite often and know their latest information.


Thirdly, by cell phone, we can take photos and locate ourselves easily. All cell phones have photo taking function. We can take photos anywhere we want and don’t need to take our camera. Besides, if we are lost, we can use cell phones to locate ourselves to help us to get the right direction.


In conclusion, cell phones change our life greatly.










According to a recent report, kids in primary school spend about six hours every week doing their homework. So kids hate homework. However, their parents hate homework, too.

Is it good for kids to do homework? Of course, a great number of researches do show that kids can remember what they have learnt in class better by finishing their homework on time and homework itself plays an important role in developing their learning skills, such as independent thinking and creativity.

But for parents, the result is not the same. After a day of hard work, most of them feel like they're going through school a second time when they sit down with their children each night to help with their homework. And a recent survey found that 46 percent of parents feel like they don't spend enough quality time with their children, because they spend too much time doing the housework or helping with homework. And another 29 percent of parents have arguments with their kids often when they have different answers to the same question.

Now several education scientists strongly advise parents to stop helping. They say it will give their kids more independence and give parents back their free time. At the same time, the number of homework-connected arguments will be less at home. Katy Smith, an education scientist, says, "You don't have to know everything. Children need to put their hands up for help and so do parents. Use your resources — online teachers, or even your neighborhood — just ask."








These day, many parents helps their kids with their homework. I think it’s ok for parents to support their children but I don’t think it is necessary for them to be around with their children who are doing homework.

As we all know, parents are busy with their work every day and feel tired when they get home. It's time for them to relax instead of helping their children-do homework. What’ s more students should learn to deal with the problems by themselves instead of depending too much on their parents. This is good for their future.

As for me, if I have difficulties doing my homework., I will go online for help or review my lessons again to find out the right answers. It helps me a lot.





The products that are labelled with the words “ Made In China” can be seen everywhere. These products refer to be manufactured in China and they contain both the material and cultural elements. Once these products were very popular around the world for the low price and excellent quality, but in most foreigners' eyes, they treat these products with low end and low quality. With the development of Chinese economy, the government try to improve its image, so it is in need of creating our own brand. Made In China is the good choice, the government makes effort to improve the quality, so as to promote the international image.








某英文报社正就青少年与父母关系这一话题开展题为“How to keep a good relationship with parents”的征文活动。请你根据以下要点, 写一篇短文参加此次活动:


  1. 父母规矩太多, 过于强调学习成绩, 不理解自己等问题;
  2. 你对这些问题的看法;
  3. 你与父母保持良好关系的做法。



范文:          How to keep a good relationship with parents


In my opinion, I have too many rules at home. My parents never allow me to go out with my friends at night. They don’t allow me to choose my own clothes, either. And they pay too much attention to my exam results. I think my parents don’t quite understand me.

However, I try my best to understand them. Although they don’t allow me to make my own decisions and give me too much pressure, I know that it is because they really love me and want me to have a bright future.

In order to keep a good relationship with my parents, I study hard, listen to them, talk to them as friends, tell them my troubles, and help them do more



假定你是李华,你的美国朋友Tom听说在中国通过扫描二维码(scan QR code)就可以轻松实现移动支付(mobile payment),感到不可思议。请你写封邮件告知移动支付在中国的相关情况。内容包括:

  1. 在中国最流行,提供了便利。
  2. 谈谈有关移动支付快捷方便且强大的功能,举例说明对你生活的影响,


  1. 4. 改变我们的生活,引领世界。


  1. 词数100左右;
  2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。





Dear Tom,

How are you? Glad to tell you something about mobile payment in China.

Mobile payment is very popular in China. It has made people?s daily life more and more convenient. Most of us are used to paying by scanning QR codes.

By mobile payment, we can pay easily wherever we go. You can buy breakfast on the street and pay by scanning with your smart phone. In the subway station, you scan with your smart phone to purchase your ticket. This is a glimpse into the life of most Chinese - allowing us to bid farewell to the wallet and bank cards.

Mobile payment has greatly changed people?s lives in China. It seems that China is really leading in some ways and is also sweeping other nations.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua




吴京通过努力实现了他的电影梦,他执导的《战狼Ц 》更被认为是中国电影的骄傲,也是中国人的骄傲。吴京为我们树立了榜样,2019 年习主席的新年贺词也说“我们都在努力奔跑,我们都是追梦人”,所以每个人都应该为实现自己的梦想而努力。请你就此写一篇短文,叙述自己对梦想的理解和感受。 内容包括:


  1. 你对吴京获得成功的感受和体会;
  2. 谈谈你个人的梦想;
  3. 为了实现梦想,你努力的方式(至少三条)。



Wu Jing has become very famous for the best movie seller Wolf Warriors Ц so far.