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Unit 1    My name's Gina


  1. telephone/phone number电话号码       2. first name=given name 名字
  2. last name=family name 姓        4. middle school 中学
  3. in China 在中国        6. my friend 我的朋友
  4. a piece of paper 一张纸


1.—What’s your name? 你的名字是什么?

—My name's Gina. = I’m Gina.我的名字是吉娜/我是吉娜。

  1. — Is she Mary? 她是玛丽吗?—Yes, she is./ No, she isn’t. 是的,她是。/不,她不是。

3.—Are you Helen? 你是海伦吗?—Yes, I am。/ No, I’m not. 是的,我是。/不,我不是

  1. What's your name?    你叫什么名字?
  2. 我是玛丽。     I'm Mary.
  3. 遇见你很高兴。 Nice to meet you.
  4. 她的电话号码是多少?What's her telephone number?

8.她姓什么?  What's her last/family name?

Unit 2 This is my sister.


  1. 他的姐姐   his sister         2. 我的哥哥 my brother
  2. ······的名字 the name of...        4. 祝你度过愉快的一天 Have a good day!
  3. 一张······的照片 a photo of...      6. in the next picture 在下一张照片里
  4. in the first photo 在第一张照片里


  1. This/That is my friend Jane.    这是/那是我的朋友简。
  2. These/Those are my brothers.    这些/哪些是我的哥哥。
  3. Here are two nice photos of my family.这儿有两张我漂亮的全家照。Here is a photo of my family.这儿有一张我的全家福。
  4. 谢谢你的全家福。Thanks for the photo of your family.
  5. 那是我的爷爷。That's my grandpa.
  6. 那是我的父母亲。Those are my parents.
  7. 他是谁?Who's he?

Unit 3   Is this your pencil?


1.pencil box   铅笔盒;文具盒            2. excuse me 劳驾;请原谅

3.what about(doing)sth...?    ······怎么样   4. thank you for(doing)sth...  为······而感谢你(们)

5.Lost and Found 失物招领处        6. ID card  学生卡;身份证

7.ask... for... 请求;恳求(给予)           8.a set of keys 一套钥匙


  1. Excuse me, Grace. Is this your pencil?打扰了,格雷斯。这是你的铅笔吗?

2.What about this dictionary? Anna: It's Helen's 这本词典(是谁的)呢?安娜:是海伦的。

3.Thank you for your help。 You're welcome.多谢你的帮助。不客气。

4.How do you spell it? 如何拼写呢?

  1. Ask the teacher for it. 去老师那里拿。(到老师那儿去领。)
  2. E-mail me at maryg3@gfimail.com.  (请)给我发电子邮件到maryg3@gfimail.com。

Call me at 685-6034.    (请)拨打电话6856034找我。

  1. I must find it.  我必须找到它。(我一定要找着它。)

Unit 4 Where's my schoolbag?


1、come on 快点儿            2、 tape player 磁带播放机

3、model plane 飞机模型       4、 in the schoolbag 在书包里

5、on the bed 在床上           6、 under the chair 在椅子下

7、English book英语课本       8、under the table 在桌子下面

9、in the bookcase 在书架上    10、 on the teacher's  desk在讲桌上


  1. —Where's the schoolbag?  书包在哪儿?—It's under the table.     在书桌下面。
  2.  — Where's the map?   地图在哪儿?

—I think it's in your grandparents' room.  我认为在你爷爷奶奶的房间里。

  1. The keys are in the bookcase.  钥匙在书架上。
  2. Your books are on the chair. 你的书在椅子上。
  3. Come on, Jack!      快点儿,杰克!
  4. I'm Kate, and my sister is Gina. I'm tidy, but Gina is not.


  1. Gina's books are everywhere —on her bed, on the sofa and under the chair.


Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?


  1. 打网球play tennis            2. 踢足球play soccer
  2. 乒乓球拍a ping-pong bat      4. 有个篮球have a basketball
  3. 迟到be late                 6. 两个球拍two bats
  4. 打篮球play basketball        8.在我的包里in my bag
  5. 听起来不错sounds good      10. 一本有趣的书an interesting book
  6. 看电视watch TV           12. 玩电子游戏play computer games
  7. 进行体育运动do/play sports   14. 同一所学校(in)the same school
  8. 课后after class             16. 放学后after school
  9. 在电视上观看体育运动watch sports on TV


1.—Do you have a ping-pong ball?—你有乒乓球吗? —No, I don’t.—不,我没有。

  1. Let’s play basketball.让我们打篮球吧。

3.That sounds good .那听起来不错/很好。

4.That sounds interesting .听起来很有趣。

5.Volleyball is so difficult.排球是那么困难。

6.I love sports, but I don’t play them  —I only watch them on TV !


7.I play ping-pong with my classmates after class . 我和我的同学课后一起打乒乓球。

Unit 6 Do you like bananas?


1.bread   一片面包  a piece of bread       two pieces of bread

  1. Let’s have some bread.   3. have / eat breakfast  / lunch/dinner 早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

4.That’s all right.   =   That’s OK.  没关系

All right.  =  OK   好的    That’s right.  =  It’s right.  那是对的

You are right.  你是对的。  the right answer  正确的

5.healthy food   健康食品    6. a healthy eating habit 健康的饮食习惯

7.keep healthy = stay healthy = keep in good health保持健康

8.Let’s = let us.让我们。Let’s  do sth让我们做某事

9.think about考虑       10.How about = What about,...怎么样?后面可以接名词或动名词。

11.different kinds of foods不同种类的食物     12.after dinner晚饭后

13.ask sb. about sth.询问某人有关某事。

ask sb. for sth. 向某人要某物  ask sb. (not) to do sth.要求某人做某事

  1. want (sb.) to do sth.想要(某人)做某事


1.Do you like bananas?你喜欢香蕉吗?Yes, I do./No, I don’t

2.John’s birthday dinner is next week.约翰的生日晚宴在下周。

3.Let’s think about the food.让我们考虑一下食品吧。

4.How about burgers, vegetable salad, and some fruit?汉堡包、蔬菜萨拉和水果怎么样?

5.Let’s have strawberries and apples then.那么,让我们吃草莓和苹果吧。

  1. Sports Star Eats Well!体育明星吃得好。
  2. David asks the volleyball star, Cindy Smith, about her eating habits.大卫问这位排球明星辛迪史密斯有关她的饮食习惯。

8.What do you like for breakfast.你早餐喜欢(吃)什么?

  1. … one last question--- do you eat ice-cream after dinner.一个最后的问题,你晚饭后吃冰淇淋吗?

10.I don’t want to be fat.我不想变胖。

  1. I like fruit, but I don't like vegetables.  我喜欢水果,但我不喜欢蔬菜。
  2. What food/sports/ colors do you like and dislike? 你喜欢的或者不喜欢的食物/运动/颜色是什么?

Unit7 How much are these socks?


1.how much  多少钱                  2.seven dollars 7美元

  1. white bag 白色的包4. clothes store 服装店
  2. at very good price 以很低的价格  6. for boys 对于男孩子
  3. shirts in red 红色的裙子         8. twenty-eight dollars 28美元
  4. Big Sale!大降价10.twenty yuan 20元
  5. a pair of black shoes 一双黑色的鞋子 12.buy sb. sth.= buy sth. for sb. 买某物给某人

13.sell sb. sth. = sell sth. to sb.卖某物给某人


1.—How much is this T-shirt?=What’s the price of this T-shirt? 这件T恤衫多少钱?

—It’s seven dollars.  7美元。

2.—How much are these socks?  这些短袜多少钱?—They’re two dollars.  2美元。

3.—Can / May I help you?=What can I do for you? 我能帮你吗?(你想要买点什么吗?)

—Yes, please. 是的

4.I want/need a sweater.=I want to buy a sweater. 我想买一件毛衣。

5.I’ll take it/them.我要买它(们)。

6.Here you are. 给你。

7.The price of the watch is low/high.手表的价格是低的/高的。

8.Here is a pair of shoes.这儿有双鞋。

9.We sell pants for only 30 yuan.我们的长裤只卖30元。

10.What color do you want 你想要什么颜色?

  1. How much询问价格

(1)询问单数不可数物品: How much is the/this + 单数名词? 回答:  It’s + 价格.

(2)询问复数物品: How much are the / these / those + 复数名词? 回答: They’re + 价格. (3)What's the price of…?It's…

—What's the price of that book?那本书多少钱?—It's fifteen yuan.15元。

—What's the price of the books?那些书多少钱? —It's fifty yuan.50元。

12.Thank you / Thank you very much / Thanks / Thanks a lot / Many thanks.非常感谢

That’s all right / That’s OK.   /  Not at all. /  You’re welcome./ Don’t mention it.不用谢

13.Come and buy your clothes at our great sale!快来买,我店服装大减价!

Unit 8When is your birthday


your mother's birthday   你妈妈的生日        2. October tenth  十月十号

  1. date of birth  出生日期,生日4. how old   多大(岁数)

an Art Festival  艺术节                        6. school trip  学校旅行;郊游
7. birthday party  生日聚会                     8. basketball game  篮球赛

9.School Day  校庆                         10. an English Party  英语晚会

11.Music Festival  音乐节                   12.in August 在八月
13.at three this afternoon.在今天下午三点      14. have a good / nice trip. 祝你旅行愉快

  1. be busy with sth.    be busy doing sth忙于做某事


  1. When is your birthday, Linda? My birthday is on May 2nd.你的生日在什么时候,琳达?我的生日在5月2号。
  2. When is your mother's birthday?     你妈妈的生日是什么时候?
    3. DATE OF BIRTH: March 21st.    出生日期:三月二十一日。
    4. How old are you?       你多大了?I'm fifteen.       我十五岁了。
  3. When is Sally's birthday party?      萨丽的生日派对是什么时候?
  4. When is the school trip?      学校郊游在什么时候?
  5. Do you have a School Day at your school?       你们学校有校庆日吗?
  6. Do you have an Art Festival?      你们举行艺术节吗?
  7. Do you want to come to my birthday party?你想来参加我的生日晚会吗?
  8. 对星期几提问: What day is (it)today? It’s Friday.

对日期提问:What’s the date today? It’s November 11th,2013.

既有星期,又有日期:What is today? It’s Friday, November 11th,2013.

12.We have some interesting and fun things for you this term.这学期我们为你们安排了一些有趣又好玩的东西。

13.This is a really busy term.这真是忙碌的一个学期。

Unit9  My favorite subject is science重点知识


1.science   n. 科学   →  scientist   n. 科学家  →  scientific   adj. 科学的

2.music    n. 音乐,乐曲 →  musical   adj. 音乐的 →  musician  n. 音乐家

3.China   n. 中国  →  chinese  n. 语文,汉语   adj. 汉语的,中国的

4.use  v. 使用  n. 使用→ useful = helpful  adj. 有用的,有益的  useless adj. 无用的

5.relax  v. 放松,休息 →  relaxed   adj. 感到放松的 → relaxing  adj. 令人放松的

6.one’s favorite subject  某人最喜欢的学科      7.a P.E. teacher  一名体育老师

8.the next day  第二天                         9.one’s first day of school  某人在校的第一天

10.be happy to do sth.  干某事开心/高兴          11.all my friends  我所有的朋友们

12.have a math class/lesson  上一节数学课        13.have math  上数学课

14.have to do sth.  不得不做某事                15.at/in music class  在音乐课上

16.be busy doing sth.  忙于做某事       be busy with sth.  忙于某事

  1. It’s so difficult for sb. to do sth.  对某人来说做某事太难了。

18.for sure 无疑;肯定                     19.play games with sb.  与某人玩/做游戏

20.finish doing sth. 做完某事                 21.hour after hour  一小时接一小时地

22.half an hour 半小时                      23.lunch hour 午餐时间

24.happy hour 快乐的时光                   25. be free to do sth. 可以自由的做…… /有空做某事

26.from…to…   从……到……                 27.have a football game  举办一场足球比赛

28.have a good time /day 过得愉快             29.for two hours两小时


  1. —What’s your/his/her favorite subject? 你/他/她最喜欢的学科是什么?

—My/His/Her favorite subject is history.    我/他/她(的)最喜欢学科是历史。

  1. 2. —Why do you/does he/she like P.E. ? 为什么你/他/她喜欢体育课?

—Because it’s easy and fun. 因为它简单又有趣。

  1. 3. —Who is yourChineseteacher? 谁是你的语文老师?

—My Chinese teacher is Ms. Liu. 我的语文老师是刘老师。

  1. 4. —When is your geography lesson? 你们的地理课是什么时候?

—It’s on Monday and Friday. 在周一和周五。

5.—How’s your day? 今天过得如何?—Great. Today is my day! 棒极了,今天过得太好了!

6.I am very busy on Tuesday. 在星期二我很忙。

7.That’s for sure. 那是肯定的;确实是这样;的确如此

8.The teacher says it is useful. 老师说它很有用的。

9.Lunch is from 12:00 to 1:00. 从12点到1点是午餐时间。

10.My classes finish at 1:50, but after that I have an art lesson for two hours.


11.Is that/ this/it OK with you? 那/这/它对你来说可以吗?


Name Tom
Date of birth September 8th
Age 13
Phone number 5959-6811


blue and white


hamburgers, eggs and chicken
Sports soccer

I have a friend. His name is Tom. He is 13. His birthday is on September 8th. Every year,he invites me to his birthday party. His phone number is 5959-6811. His favorite colors are blue and white. He likes hamburgers, eggs and chicken very much. He likes playing soccer. It is relaxing for him. Do you want to make friends with him?


17日 18日 19日


do my homework



basketball game

go to Mary’s birthday party School Day







art festival  English test


my birthday Party  


My name is Anna. I am a student from Yucai Middle School. I'm very busy this week. I do my homework on December 17th. We have a school basketball game on December 18th. Mary is my good friend. I go to her birthday party on December 19th.School Day is on December 20th. My parents can come to our school. We have an art festival on December 21st. On December 22nd. I have an English test.My birthday party is on December 23rd. Can you come to my birthday party?

What a busy week!

(3)、假设下面是你们学校的活动安排表,请根据表格内容写一篇短文School trip

September 3rd     school trip

October 8         basketball games

November 18th    Art festival

December 20th    English party

We have many interesting things to do in our school this term.On September 3rd, we have a school trip. It's interesting. On October 8th.we have basketball games. I can't play basketball, but I like to watch basketball games.The art festival is on November 18th. It's fun. And we have an English party on December 20th.

This is really a busy and fun term. We will have a good time


Age              13 years old

Want to be         A soccer player


Three meals           Breakfast: bread, egg, milk;

lunch: rice, fish vegetables;

dinner: fruit salad

Likes               milk

Dislikes(不喜欢)     Ice-cream, don’t want to be fat

Hello, my name's Mark. I’m 13 years old. I like playing soccer .I play it every day with my friends,so I want to be a soccer player. I three meals every day. For breakfast, I eat some bread, an egg and a cup of milk. I often have rice, fish and vegetables for lunch. As for dinner,I always eat fruit salad. I like milk very much, because it's good for my health. But I don't like ice-cream, because I don' t want to be fat.

(5)假如你叫刘梅,请你根据下面信息提示,给你的笔友 Frank介绍下你爷爷的生活习惯。

Name            Liu Kaifu

Age/Birthday 8    7 years old: June 17th

Food             Likes: fruit; milk; chicken; fish; vegetables

Doesn’t like: ice-cream

Sports           Tennis: easy

ping pong:  difficult but interesting


Dear Frank

How are you? Do you want to know my grandfather? His name is Liu Kaifu. He is 87 years old now, and his birthday is on June.He has many good habits. He has some fruit, milk and vegetables every day. He thinks they are healthy food. For lunch, he eats some chicken and fish. But he doesn't like ice-cream. He says it's not good for his health. He does sports every day. He likes tennis and ping-pong best.He can play tennis well. It's easy for him. He thinks ping pong is difficult but interesting.

I love my grandfather very much.


Liu Mei

(6)请为Mrs Millers 的体育用品店写一则促销广告,内容如下:

足球 $20;篮球 $18 ;男孩网球鞋 $16;女孩网球裙子 $13 ;

乒乓球拍  $6;排球 $15;棒球 $9! ;棒球拍 $11;乒乓球$2

Mrs. Miller’s Sports  Store

Come and buy your sports things at our great sale! We sell all our our sports things at very good prices. Do you like soccer? We have soccer balls for only $20! Basketballs are only $18! Do you need tennis shoes? For boys, we have black tennis shoes for only $16 . And for girls, we have pink tennis skirts for $13 . Ping-pong bats are only $6 We have volleyballs for only $15. How much are our baseballs? Only $9! And we have baseball bats for only $11. Ping-pong balls are only $2 for three! Come to Mrs. Miller’s Sports Things Store now!