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Unit1   Whats the matter?

  1. What’s the matter?=What’s the trouble?=What’s wrong?你怎么了?
  2. have a cold感冒;have a stomachache肚子疼;have a sore back嗓子、喉咙疼;have a fever发烧;have a toothache牙疼;have a nosebleed鼻出血
  3. talk too much说的太多,too much后接不可数名词,而too many后接可数名词复数。
  4. lie down and rest 躺下休息
  5. hot tea with honey 加蜂蜜的热茶
  6. see a dentist 看牙医;see a doctor看医生;go to a doctor去看医生
  7. take one’s temperature给某人量体温
  8. sound like 听起来像
  9. in the same way 以同一个方式
  10. go along 沿着‥‥走
  11. see sb doingsth看到某人在做某事
  12. on the side of the road在路边儿
  13. shout for help 大声求助
  14. get off下车;get on上车
  15. have a heart problem 患心脏病
  16. take sb to sw.带/送某人去某地
  17. expect sb to do sth期望某人做某事
  18. wait for the next bus 等下一辆车
  19. to one’s surprise 令某人吃惊的是
  20. agree to do sth同意做某事
  21. move sb/sth onto‥‥吧人或物抬到‥‥
  22. thanks to 幸亏,由于
  23. in time 及时
  24. think about考虑
  25. save one’s life拯救某人的生命
  26. right away 立刻,马上
  27. get into trouble 陷入困境,遇到麻烦
  28. hurt oneself伤着某人自己;cut oneself切/砍到某人自己
  29. fall down 摔倒
  30. go home and get some rest 回家休息
  31. run it under water用水冲一冲
  32. feel sick觉得难受/恶心
  33. get hit on the head 撞了一下头
  34. mountain climbing 登山
  35. be used to sth/doing sth 习惯于(做)某事;used to do sth过去经常做某事
  36. take risks 冒险
  37. because of+词语或短语,后不能接句子;because 后只从句
  38. on that day 在那一天
  39. by oneself 独自地
  40. be ready to sth 准备做某事
  41. so that 以便,为了,引导目的状语从句。而so‥‥that如此‥‥以至于‥‥
  42. run out of 用完,一般是人做主语。而run out主语一般是物
  43. climb down the mountain 下山
  44. get out of 从‥‥出来
  45. the importance of sth/doing sth(做)的重要性
  46. be in control of 掌管、管理
  47. keep on doing sth 坚持做某事
  48. free oneself 解救自己
  49. mind doing sth介意做某事;mind one’s doing sth 介意某人做某事
  50. give up sth/doing sth放弃(做)某事


Unit 2   Ill help to clean up the city parks

  1. clean up 清洁,打扫
  2. cheer up sb=cheer sb up 使某人振作/高兴起来
  3. give out 分发,发放;give away分发,赠送
  4. at the food bank 在食品库,在食品发放中心
  5. come up with 想出(主意或计划等)
  6. put off sth/doing sth 推迟(做)某事
  7. put up signs 张贴标语
  8. hand out 散发,发放
  9. make plans to do sth制定计划做某事
  10. help out with 帮助做某事(强调结果);help with也是帮助做某事,但不强调结果
  11. used to be 过去是
  12. lonely adj. 孤独的,寂寞的;alone adj./adv. 独自的,单独地
  13. care for 关心,关爱
  14. future dream job 未来理想的工作
  15. learn more about 更多的了解有关‥‥
  16. at the age of 在多大年龄时
  17. try out for 试试,尝试
  18. go on a jurney 去旅行
  19. come true(梦想等)实现
  20. at the same time 同时
  21. volunteer to do sth 志愿做某事
  22. volunteer one’s time to do sth 志愿付出时间做某事
  23. call up sb=call sb up 给某人打电话=give sb a call
  24. worry about 担心,忧虑
  25. raise money 筹集钱
  26. travel alone 独自旅行
  27. run out of 用完,花完,耗尽(一般人做主语);run out意思一样,但一般用物做主语
  28. move to 搬迁到;  move sth to 吧某物搬到
  29. take after (外貌、性格等)像‥‥
  30. fix up 修理、修好
  31. be similar to ‥‥对某人来说是熟悉的;

be similar with  人对‥‥熟悉

  1. thank sb for sth/doing sth因为‥‥而感谢某人
  2. give money to 捐钱给
  3. make it possible for sb to do sth 使得做某事对某人来说成为可能
  4. make a big difference to one’s life 使某人的生活产生很大不同
  5. be like 像‥‥一样
  6. think about 考虑
  7. normal things 正常的事情
  8. be excited about sth/doing sth对(做)某事感到兴奋
  9. be able to do 能够做
  10. because of 由于,后接词或词语;而because 后接从句
  11. disabled people 残疾人






Unit 3  Could you please clean your room?

  1. Could you please do sth?请你做某事好吗
  2. Could you please not do sth?请你不要做某事好吗?
  3. do/wash the dishes 洗餐具
  4. take out the rubbish 倒垃圾
  5. fold one’s clothes 叠衣服
  6. Sweep the floor 扫地、擦地板
  7. make one’s/the bed整理床铺
  8. clean the living room 打扫客厅
  9. No problem. 没问题
  10. at least 至少
  11. clean and tidy 干净整洁
  12. be angry with sb=be mad at sb 生某人的气
  13. solve the problem 解决问题
  14. throw down 扔下
  15. sit down 坐下
  16. in front of 在‥‥前面(指某个范围外的前面);  in the front of 指在某个范围内的前面
  17. take‥‥for a walk 带‥‥去散步;take the dog for a walk 遛狗
  18. all the time 一直、总是
  19. around the house 在家里
  20. all day 整天
  21. as+adj/adv.原形,意思是和‥‥一样‥‥
  22. walk away 道教、走开
  23. so+助/情/系+主语,表示两个人或物,后者情况和前者一样,用于肯定句。而neither/nor+助/情/系+主语, 表示两个人或物,后者情况和前者一样,用于否定句。
  24. the next day 第二天
  25. come home from work 下班回家
  26. in surprise 吃惊地,用作状语;be surprised to do sth , be surprised at sth, to one’s surprise
  27. share sth with sb 和某人分享‥‥
  28. as soon as 以‥‥就‥‥
  29. hang out 闲逛,游荡
  30. pass sb sth=pass sth to sb 把某物递给某人
  31. borrow(主语)借(进),一般用borrow sth from
  32. lend(主语)借(出),一般用lend sb sth=lend sth to sb
  33. get sth wet 把某物弄湿
  34. do chores 干杂活
  35. go to the movies 去看电影
  36. help sb with sth =help sb (to)do sth 帮助某人做某事
  37. invite sb to a party  邀请某人参加聚会; invite sb to a place 邀请某人到某地
  38. make sb do sth 使/让某人做某事,类似还有have/let sb do sth
  39. these days 进来
  40. have time to do sth 有时间做某事
  41. a waste of 对什么的浪费
  42. spend‥‥on sth; spend ‥‥(in) doing sth花费时间或金钱做某事
  43. in order to do sth 为了做某事
  44. get good grades 取得好成绩
  45. there is no need for sb to sth 对某人来说没有必要做某事
  46. provide sb with sth=provide sth for sb给某人提供某物
  47. mind doing sth介意做某事; mind not doing sth 介意不做某事;mind one’s doing sth 介意某人做某事
  48. depend on 依赖,依靠
  49. get into college 升入大学
  50. have no idea=don’t know
  51. take care of oneself 照顾自己
  52. as a result 结果
  53. fall ill 生病
  54. the earlier‥‥,the better‥‥越早‥‥越好
  55. be unfair for sb对某人来说是不公平的