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Unit 5  why do you like pandas?

Section A

  1. Let’s see the pandas first.      Let’s = Let us

(1)祈使句句型  Let sb. do sth.  让某人做某事。表示说话人的建议。

(2)肯定回答: OK / All right / Yes, let’s… / Good idea.

否定回答: Sorry, I…

Let’s go to the zoo to see the animals. 让我们去动物园看动物吧。

Sorry. I have no time. 对不起,我没时间。 All right. I like animals.  好的,我喜欢动物。

  • 其他提建议的句型
  1. Shall we do...? 我们做...好吗?
  2. Why don’t you do ...?=Why not do ...? 为什么不做某事呢?
  3. What/How about doing sth? 做某事怎么样?

(4)让某人做某事:let sb do sth


  1. favorite=like best What’s one’s favorite...?=What ...does/do sb like best?


  1. Why do you want to see the lions? Because they’re cute.


(2) because 不能和so同时出现

(3)why=what...for...?         (4)Why do/does 主语+do+其他?


  1. want v

(1) want sb to do something 想让某人做某事           (2)want to do sth 想做某事

(3) want to be ... 想成为                            (4)want sth 想要某物



(1) n  种类,类型,类别

a kind of 一种   all kinds of = different kinds of各种各样的

Bamboo is a kind of grass. 竹子是一种草。

There are all/different kinds of fruits in that store.
(2)adj 和蔼的,亲切的  be kind to sb 对...好

  • in kind 用实物 (支付)

Farmers often like to pay their bills in kind.农民往往愿用实物抵账。
(4)kind of = a little = a bit 有点,稍微, 有几分(修饰adj或adv),kind of 作状语
I think pandas are kind of lazy.(修饰adj)我觉得熊猫有点懒。
This math problem is kind of / a little / a bit difficult to him. (修饰adj)这个数学题对他来说有点难。
He speaks kind of / a little / a bit fast.他说话有点快。 (修饰adv)

(5)It’s kind of sb to do sth 某人做某事真是太好了


  1. like
  • v  喜欢
  1. like+名词/代词  喜欢某人或某物
    Tom likes fish very much.汤姆非常喜欢鱼。
    Mr Wang is a good teacher.We all like him. 王老师是个好老师,我们都喜欢他。
    like to do sth. (偶尔或具体地)喜欢做某事 偶尔一次的爱好=want
    I like to swim with you today.今天我喜欢和你一起去游泳。
    C. like doing sth. (经常或习惯地)喜欢做某事  长期性的爱好.
    He likes singing.他喜欢唱歌。
    D. like sb. to do sth.喜欢某人做某事
    She likes them to ask questions like this. 她喜欢他们像这样问问题。
    E.would like to do sth. (=want to do sth.) 想要做某事
    I'd like to go shopping with you.我想要和你一起去买东西。
    F.would like sb. to do sth.想要某人做某事
    I'd like you to meet my parents.我想要你见见我的父母亲。
    (2) prep

A.be like, look lik+名词或代词作宾语,像……;跟……一样
What is he like? 他是怎么样的一个人?
The little girl looks like her father.那个小姑娘看起来像她的父亲。
B.feel like+doing /代词或名词,想要做某事
Do you feel like having a rest?你想休息吗?
We'll go for a walk if you feel like it.如果你想散步,我们就去吧。
(3) 常见句型:
A.What do you like about...?关于……你喜欢什么?,用来询问对方所喜欢的内容。
What do you like about China?你喜欢中国的什么?
B.How do you like...?你认为……怎么样?(=What do you think of...?) 询问看法
C.Would you like +名词/to do sth.?你想要……吗?询问对方是否需要什么或征求意见与看法。
Would you like some water?你想要一些水吗?
Would you like to play football with us?你愿意和我们一起去踢足球吗?


  1. be from  come from

(1)be from 从什么地方来, 是什么地方人=come from

I come from China.= I am from China.

come from 短暂动词,不和延续时间连用, be from 可以.
(3)come from 还可表示从某个地方来,而be from 则不行.
I came here from my uncle's .我从叔叔家来这的。

  • Where be +主语+from? 某人来自哪里? 某物产自哪里?


  1. sleep n. 睡眠
    Teenagers need 8 hours’ sleep a night. 青少年每晚需要8小时的睡眠。
    (1)sleep vi. 睡觉  go to sleep 入睡=fall asleep
    Don’t sleep too late. It is bad for your health.
    (2)sleepy adj. 困的
    I am too sleepy to keep my eyes open.
    (3)asleep adj. 在睡觉(表语形容词)  feel sleepy 感到困倦  be asleep=be sleeping 睡着了

Please be / keep quiet! The kids are asleep / are sleeping.
(4) go to bed 上床睡觉  强调上床的动作,但是不一定睡着与 get up 相对

sleep  睡觉 睡着啊的全过程,强调睡眠的持续状态



east , west, south , north n.东西南北 +ern 变成形容词
eastern, western, southern, northern adj.


Section B

  1. friend n.    friendly  adj.友好的

(1) make friends  交朋友

(2) be friendly to sb. = be kind to sb.  对某人友好  对别人的态度好,热情


The teacher is friendly to the students. = The teacher is kind to the students.

(3) be friendly with sb. 和某人关系友好  两者的关系

The children here are friendly with each other. 这里的孩子相互友爱。


  • 名词+ly ==>形容词
    friendly 友好的       brotherly 兄弟般的      sisterly 姐妹般的
    motherly 母亲般的    fatherly 父亲般的        lovely 可爱的
    形容词+ly ==>副词
    sad  sadly 伤心地         clear  clearly 清楚地        beautiful   beautifully 漂亮地

careful  carefully 细心地   angry  angrily 生气地       happy  happily 高兴地


  • save one’s life 拯救某人的生命

save  储存,储藏; 节省,节约


4.forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事 (还没做)

forget doing sth.  忘记曾经做过某事 (已经做过)


  1. be in danger 处于危险中 面临危险

be out of danger  脱险 脱离危险

His life is in danger.=He is in danger of losing his life. 他有生命危险。

Firefighters are often in great danger.

The person in hospital is out of danger.


6.cut down  砍倒;消减,压缩,缩减   cut up sth. 切碎某物

cut down many trees  砍伐很多树木


  1. make

(1) be made of … 由…… 制造 能看出原材料

(2) be made from … 由…… 制造  不能看出原材料

(3) be made in … 在哪里制造

The boat is made of wood.    这条船是木头制造的。

The paper is made from wood.  纸是木头做的。

This product is made in China.  这个产品是中国制造


  1. Isn’t he cute? 难道他不可爱吗?  Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t. (注意对答语的翻译)

否定疑问句: 带有惊异、赞美、反问、失望、责难等语气的句子。难道……不……吗

Don’t you know him?  难道你不认识他吗?   Can’t you see it?   难道你看不见它吗?


Yes 翻译成“不”,No 翻译成“是”。


  1. 他是一个8岁的男孩:He is an 8-year-old boy.   (后有名词boy, 用连字符,year用原形)

他8岁:He is 8 years old.   (后无名词boy, 不用连字符,岁数大于1,year变复数)


  1. during(介词)在…期间
    during the day 在白天(期间)= in the day

during the night  在夜间,指天黑到天明这段时间
during the vacation 在假期(期间)

on school nights/days在上学的晚上/白天


  1. at night   在晚上  侧重指下午六点到午夜

in the evening  在晚上,指天黑到睡觉前这段时间

all night=all night long   整夜

good night   晚安

night after night 一夜又一夜

in the night 在夜间

day and night 日以继夜