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  1. 1. (2017临沂)— Do you plan to watch a talent show or a sports show tonight?

—         I can’t stand them. I plan to watch a sitcom.

A.Neither B. Both C. None D. Either

A.解题思路:根据句意判断 两者都受不了,所以两者都不,选neither

2.(2018临沂)We couldn’t buy anything because ______ of the shops were open.

  1. all                 B. both
  2. nothing             D. none

D 解析:根据句意可知买不了东西是因为店都没开门,后面句子是were 肯定形式,那就需要有一个否定代词在前面,所以选none,none of +名词复数。

  1. 3. (2019临沂)Tennis can exercise all of our muscles (肌肉) . And it requires _________to spend time with others. This is good for our health too.
  2. ours                   B. us                      C. we

C  解题思路:代词用法。题意为:它需要我们花费时间跟别人一起练习。require是动词,后面需要加人称代词的宾语形式,所以选us.

  1. 4. (2016安徽)Helen has got two brothers. ___ of them likes chocolate, but she loves it.
  2. Neither              B. None             C. Each                D. Any

A  解题思路:代词的用法。根据题中的but,表明前后语意相反,Helen喜欢巧克力,她的两兄弟不喜欢,选择表否定的代词neither,其他词义不符。难度★★

  1. (2019天津) We haven't got________meat for dinner. Let's buy________chicken.


A.some; some    B some; any     C any; any    D any; some

D  解题思路:代词用法。some用于肯定句和部分疑问句,any用于否定句。难度★★

  1. (2015北京)Miss Smith is very kind. We all like ____.
  2. it              B.her             C.him          D.them

B  解题思路:代词。先看选项,看出考点是人称代词的宾格形式。再顺一下句意逻辑,被指代的词是Miss Smith,所以选择单三的宾格,女她her。难度★

  1. (2016北京)My brother will come to see me tomorrow. I’ll meet ___ at the airport.
  2. her B. you C. him D. them

C  解题思路:先看选项,看出考点是人称代词的宾格形式。再顺一下句意逻辑,我的哥哥/弟弟明天将来看我,我将去机场接他。Meet动词后面接人用宾格,需要从前一句找到人称代词所指代的人物是my brother,意思是我的兄弟,所以选择第三人称单数男他宾格him,C。

  • (2017北京)My father is a worker.___ is very kind.
  • He   B.She    C.His    D.It

A 解题思路:先看选项,看出考点是人称代词的主格形式。再顺一下句意逻辑:我的爸爸是个工人,他人很好,本句缺主语,再从前一句找到人称代词所指代的人物是my father,意思是我的爸爸,所以选择第三人称单数男他主格he.

  • (2018北京)My brother and I like football._________ play it together once a week.
  • I     B. They    C.We     D.You

C   解题思路:考察人称代词,句子缺主语,需要使用主格,接下来根据句意,我哥哥和我都很喜欢足球,我们经常一周一起踢一次球,所以选C。

  1. (2014成都)——Can she play the guitar or the violin ?

——___________. But she can play the drums.

A.Both  B.Either  C.Neither

C  解题思路:代词用法。根据回答可知此处意为二者都不,所以neither。难度★★

11.(2019成都) -Uncle Lee, may I see your bike?

-Sorry, mine is broken. You can ask your aunt for________

  • mine his C. hers



  1. 12. (2016东营)How do you get on with ___little brother? I’ve just had a baby sister I'm worrying about it.

A.my    B.his    C.her    D.your

D  解题思路:人称代词用法。根据情景推测,说话者正在问别人,所以用第二人称。难度★

  1. (2016东营)If we just think about _____,he boat of friendship will be overturned anytime.
  2. myself          B. himself       C. yourself          D. ourselves

D  解题思路:考查反身代词,根据if引导的从句中的主语we,判断要填写相应的反身代词,意为“如果我们只考虑自己,友谊的小船就会翻”。 难度★

  1. (2016福州)﹣I can’t find my eraser.May I use _______?

﹣Of course.

A.you          B.your       C.yours

C  解题思路:考查名词性物主代词用法。根据题目,空格后面没有出现名词,判断应填写yours,相当于your+名词。难度★★

  1. (2016福州)﹣I hear Susan will go to Beijing by herself.

﹣That’s true._______ her father _________ her mother will go with her.

A.Both;and B.Either;or C.Neither;nor

C  解题思路:代词neither、either、both的用法。根据句意,susan是自己去的,所以排除A,再看句中谓语动词为go,说明为复数,所以排除B,either or后面需跟单三形式谓语动词。难度★★

  1. (2013广东)Boys, don’t lose____ in playing Angry Birds. It is bad for your eyes to play computer games for a long time.
  2. himself             B. yourself          C. themselves          D. yourselves

D  解题思路:考查反身代词。理解题意,空格处所指代的是boys,并且说话对象是你们,所以反身代词用yourselves。难度★

  1. (2014广东)27. - Hello, Linda speaking. Who's______?

- Hello, this is Martin.

  1. he         B. one        C. that         D. this

C  解题思路:考查指示代词。电话用语,问对方是哪位用who is that? 难度★

  1. (2015广东)----Look at this model ship. I made it all by ______ last week.    ----- Wow, you are so smart!

A.me   B.my    C.mine    D.myself

D  解题思路:考查反身代词。理解题意:我自己做的模型。且指代的词是I,所以相应的用myself。难度★

  1. (2016广东)-I'm a little hungry Daddy. -See the cupcakes on the plate, but you can only take______, dinner is ready soon.
A. it B. one C. this D. that

B  解题思路:考查指示代词的用法。根据题意:桌上有几个小蛋糕,但只能拿其中一个,因为晚饭就要好了。所以这里面应该选择意为“其中之一”的one;A为it指代前文提到的事物,但单复数不相符;C、D含义分别为这个、那个,因本题并无特意指代,所以排除。难度★★

  1. (2012广州)Ms Wang is an excellent teacher.in our class loves her.

A.Someone    B.No one    C.Everyone D.Anyone

C  解题思路:不定代词用法,题意为:我们班的每个人都喜欢他,陈述句表肯定,用everyone,意为每个人。难度★★

  1. (2013广州)The man called his professor for help because he couldn’t solve the problem by _________.
  2. herself              B. himself              C. yourself         D. themselves

B  解题思路:考查反身代词。By oneself意为自己,此处指代的是he,所以用相应的himself。难度★

  1. (2013广州)Could you say it again? I can’t understand __________ you are talking about.
  2. how                B. when                C. what            D. which

C  解题思路:特殊疑问词用法。从前一句可知不理解的是谈论的内容,提问是什么用疑问代词what,其他用法词义不符。

  1. (2014广州)--- Would you like tea or coffee?

--- ______, thanks! I’d prefer a coke.

  1. Both B. Neither C. All D. Some

B  解题思路:考点为代词的用法。根据回答可知两者都不,所以选择neither。难度★★

  1. (2015贵阳)


  1. (2016哈尔滨)—Which of the two T-shirt  would you like lo choose?

—Both. Then I can give one lo my brother and leave _______ lo myself.

  1. another   B. the other   C. other

B  解题思路:限制性代词的用法。根据题意,空格处要填写“另一个”之意的词,二者中的另外一个,是特指,用the other指代。A中用于指三者以上中的另一个,C中形式不对。所以选B。 难度★★

  1. (2013杭州)They are able to talk openly to one another whenever _________ of them feels hurt.
  2. either B. both C. some D. all

A  解题思路:代词用法。从题中谓语动词:feels可知主语为单数,所以排除BCD,选择either,意为其中之一。难度★★

  1. (2014杭州)I can’t find my ticket. I think I must have lost_____.
  • it one C.this D.them

A  解题思路:指示代词的用法。空格处指代上文提到的my ticket,所以用代词it。其他代词分别为泛指某一个、这个、那个,不符合题意。难度★★

  1. (2015杭州)Unfortunately I was sitting at the table with smokers onside of me.
  2. either B. both C. other D. all

A  解题思路:考查代词的用法。从题中的unfortunately表达出我的态度,再看选项:either意为二者之一,后接单数,表示一边一个,合适;both意为两者都,后面需加复数,other意为另外一个,all意为都,均与题意不符。难度★★★

  1. (2014河北)Do you have toys? I’d like to buy ______ for my cousin.
  2. it B. one C. this D. that

B  解题思路:指示代词用法,此处意为:为我表兄弟买一个。此处为泛指,并非特指,所以选择one,意为一个。难度★★

  1. (2013河南)He thinks himself somebody, but we think him ______.
  2. nobody           B. anybody            C. somebody      D. everybody

A  解题思路:不定代词用法,从but可知前后两句句意相反,所以选择nobody比较合适。难度★★

  1. (2014河南)At present, children mean____ to most parents in China.
  2. everything     B. nothing     C. anything     D. something

A  解题思路:不定代词用法。此处根据题意和常识,可知道,对于中国家长来说,孩子是他们的一切,所以选择everything。难度★★

  1. (2016河南)--- What a bad day!

--- Everyone has one of those days When          goes right.

  1. nothing       B. anything        C. everything   D. something

A  解题思路:不定代词的用法。先看题目:糟糕的一天!可知后文应顺承此意,,对应的就是一切都不顺,按意思选择nothing,其他词义不符。难度★★

  1. (2015菏泽)When we got to the park yesterday, ________started raining.
  2. that    B. it C. this

B  解题思路:考查it用法。句意在描述天气,可以指代天气的是代词it。难度★★

  1. (2015菏泽) —Who taught Zhu Zhiwen to sing?

—________! He learned singing by himself.

  1. Everybody B. Somebody C. Nobody

C  解题思路:不定代词用法。从后一句句意得知,自己学的,所以选择nobody,表示没有人。难度★

  1. (2016呼和浩特)---There is no salt left.Jim, would you like to get______?

---OK, Mum.

  1. it        B. one      C. some      D.any

C  解题思路:考查代词的用法。从句中判断所指代的词是salt,不可数名词,所以排除AB,当表示询问时,some可以用在一般疑问句中,any用于一般疑问句中不能单独使用,后面要加名词。难度★★

  1. (2014黄冈)- Which of the two magazines will you take?

- I’ll take______ though I find ______ of them are very useful to me.

  1. all; both     B. either; either     C. either; neither     D. either; both

D  解题思路:从后面的谓语动词are得知,后面应该用both,表示二者都…,排除BC,all做代词时,表示“全部的”时,应该在后面加of,所以选择D,意为虽然我决定两本都很有用,但会买其中一本。难度★★

  1. (2016黄石)— Hi, Sara. Is this ______ English book?

— No. ______ is on the desk.

A.you; Mine B.your;My C. yours;Mine D.your;My

A  解题思路:物主代词用法。空格后面有名词时,用adj性物主代词,没有名词时,要选带有名词属性的名词性物主代词。难度★★

  1. (2016黄石)The twins look exactly the same. ______ of them are in my class.

A.Each B.Both C.Either D.None

B  解题思路:代词的用法。根据句中谓语动词推断,主语为复数,所以表肯定,说明二者都,选择both,其他选项谓语动词为单三。难度★★

  1. (2014济宁)— Is that car Mrs. Black’s?

— No, _______ is a white one.

  1. she B. her C. hers D. his

C  解题思路:考点为物主代词用法。根据题意,此处意为“她的车”,car被省略了,所以选择名词性物主代词,同时Mrs显示为女性,所以选hers。难度★★

  1. (2014济宁)Look! Sonia looks worried. There must be ________ wrong with her.
  2. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything

B  解题思路:不定代词用法,题意为:Sonia看起来很忧虑,她一定是出了什么事,此句为肯定句,用something wrong,nothing表否定;anything用于否定或疑问句中;everything意为所有、一切,不符合题意。难度★★

  1. (2013江西)There are lots of restaurants in our town. And most of _____ are clean and cheap.
  2. it           B. they         C. us          D. them

D  解题思路:代词用法。空格处代替的是a lot of restaurants,of后面接宾语,所以应该选择them。难度★

  1. (2015江西)Our teacher was very happy because _____failed the examination.
  2. somebody         B. nobody              C. anybody         D. everybody.

B  解题思路:不定代词的用法。从题中的happy,可知考试中没有人不及格,选择nobody。


  1. (2014昆明)----Where would you like to go this Mid-Autumn Festival?

---- I’d like to go_____________.

  1. everywhere relaxing         B. somewhere relaxing
  2. peaceful anywhere          D. peaceful somewhere

B  解题思路:不定代词用法。Adj修饰不定代词时要放在后面,所以排除CD,根据题意,此处应为去“让人放松的一些地方”,而非“所有地方”,所以选B。难度★★

  1. (2013兰州)Mom, I’m old enough to wash ________ own clothes and ________. You can have a rest after work.
  2. my; your B. my; yours C. your; my D. yours; mine

B  解题思路:物主代词用法。Own意为自己的,所以前面填my,后面没有被修饰的名词,所以要选择具有名词属性的名词性物主代词yours,为your clothes的省略形式。难度★★

  1. (2013兰州)— I’m not going swimming tomorrow afternoon.

— ________. I have to clean up my bedroom.



  1. So am I B. Neither am I C. Neither I am D. So I am

B  解题思路:否定代词用法。从回答推测,意为我也不能去,用neither表示否定,意为咱俩人都不,用倒装语序,选neither am I。难度★★

  1. (2015兰州)The Browns had a party with their neighbors yesterday. _______ all enjoyed themselves.
  2. We B. You C. Them D. They

D  解题思路:人称代词用法。从题目看出后句所指代的是the Browns布朗一家,所以用复数人称,且因为在句中做主语,所以选用主格they。难度★

  1. (2016连云港)The Rio 2016 Olympic torch (火炬) began _____ 95-day journey in Brazil on May 3rd.
  2. it B. its C. it's D. itself

B  解题思路:考查形容词性物主代词用法。根据题意:里约奥运会在5月3日开始___95天的旅程。推测空格处是旅程的修饰词。再看选项:it意为它,its意为它的,adj;it’s意为它是,itself意为它自己,此处选择its最合适。难度★★

  1. (2016连云港)Don't worry. There is _____wrong with the TV set. It's only because of power cut.
  2. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything

B  解题思路:考查不定代词的用法。根据后一句给出的真正原因-停电,推测出前面提到的应该是电视机没有问题。看选项:只有nothing用在这里合适,nothing wrong含义为没有问题。难度★★

48.(2019连云港)After the new high-speed railway line began operations, the time on the trip from Lianyungang to Qingdao now is much less than___ in the past."

  1. OneB. thisC. that   D. it

[答案] C

[解析]句意“a在新的高铁线路开始运营之后,现在从连云港到青岛的旅程的时间比过去少了很多”。A.one同类不同物; B.这个; C.代指“the+不可数名词” ; D.代指上文中出现的同一个事物。根据句意可知,表示“现在的时间比过去的时间少了很多”。代指the time, time 译为“时间”时是不可数名词,故选C。

49.(2019连云港)-Is this Mike 's dictionary?

-No, it's mine. The thick one on the desk is_____.

  • his    B. yours     C. hers    D. theirs


解析: 句意:-这个是迈克的字典吗? -不是,这是我的,那本厚的是他的。根据句意可分辨出选A,男他的名物代。

  1. 49. (2013南京)---Hi, guys. How was your party yesterday?

---Wonderful! We had a big meal and enjoyed __________.

  1. themselves          B. myself              C. yourselves        D. ourselves

D  解题思路:反身代词的用法,根据选项可知,此处需填写反身代词,enjoy oneself意为玩得很好,这里指代的人事we,所以用ourselves。难度★★

  1. (2014南京)– Excuse me, may I use your bicycle?  ______ is broken.

-- Certainly.  But remember to return it before lunch.

  1. I                B. Me            C. Myself           D. Mine

D  解题思路:考查物主代词用法,根据题意,此处应该意为:“我的自行车坏了”,所以选择名词性物主代词mine。难度★★

  1. (2014南京) I was looking for a birthday gift for my mother, but I couldn’t find ______ suitable.
  2. something         B. anything        C. nothing          D. everything

B  解题思路:不定代词用法。Anything用于否定或疑问句中,此处符合,意为找不到任何合适的东西。Something一般用于肯定句,nothing表否定,everything表所有,句意不符。难度★★

  1. (2015南京)Everyone makes mistakes in his or her life.The important thing is not to repeat ______.

A.it   B.them   C.him   D.her

B  解题思路:考查人称代词用法。根据句意逻辑,空格处指代的是前面的mistakes,所以代词要用复数them。难度★★

  1. (2015南京)— What would you like to drink?
    — I’m very thirsty.______ you can get.Just get it now.

A.Anything    B.Something[  C.Nothing    D.Other things

A  解题思路:不定代词用法。理解题意可知,此处应该填写“任何你们有的东西都可以”,所以相应的选anything,其他选项词义不符。 难度★★

  1. (2016南京)Helen is new here, so we know  about her.
  2. nothing B. somethingC. anything D. everything

A  解题思路:考查不定代词用法。根据题意可知:Helen是新来的,我们关于她知道___,再看选项:按照正常逻辑,应该选nothing合适,其他选项中something是“一些事”,anything意为用于否定或疑问句;everything意为“一切”,含义不符。难度★★

  1. (2016南宁)She's my friend, _____name is Betty.
  2. Its. B. His C. Her. D. My.

C  解题思路:考查物主代词用法。前文给出了被修饰词:she,所以后面的物主代词应该选her。难度★★

55.(2019南京)Last month the students in Changjiang Road Primary School held the Ten Years of Growth Ceremony" to celebrate _10th birthday together.

  1. theyB. theirC. them     D. theirs



  1. (2015南通)—Smoking brings me a lot of ideas.

—Stop that!After all,         is more important than health.

A.nothing        B.something       C.anything       D.everything

A  解题思路:不定代词的用法。理解题意,回答者并不赞成吸烟,没有什么比健康更重要,选择nothing符合题意。BD词义不符,C用于否定或疑问句中,所以排除。难度★

  1. (2012青岛)- I don't have white shoes for tomorrow’s speech contest.

- My brother has _____ pair. Would you like to try _______on?

  1. a, it        B, one, it              C. one, them         D. two, them

C  解题思路:考查指示、人称代词用法,我的哥哥有一双,被修饰词为pair,所以排除D,一双鞋意为两只,所以试穿它们,应该用复数代词,try them on。 难度★★

  1. (2013青岛)I don't have a present for my friend. What if ____ else brings a present?

A.anybody        B.nobody        C.everyone        D.none

C  解题思路,不定代词用法。翻译句子,理解句意:我没有礼物送给我的朋友,如果…都有礼物怎么办?可以推测此处填“其他每个人都…”,everyone合适,意为强调除了我之外的所有人。其他词语不符合语境。难度★★

  1. (2016青岛)— ______ do you usually share happiness with?

— My parents and my best friend.

  1. Who B. Whose C. What D. How

A  解题思路:疑问代词用法。从回答中可以判断,是在询问人物,所以排除CD,再看句意:和谁一起分享,whose意为谁的,此处应为人称代词做介词宾语,所以选who。难度★★

  1. (2016青岛)Ladies and gentlemen, attention please! I have ______ important to tell you.
  2. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything

B  解题思路:考查复合不定代词用法。理解题意便知:说话者吸引大家注意力是有话要说,排除A中nothing,anything用于疑=疑问句或否定句中,排除;everything意为一切,此处语意不符。 难度★★

  1. (2015厦门)-- Welcome to Dream Music Club. Can you play the violin or the piano?

-- ____. But I can play the guitar.[

  1. Either   B. Both    C. Neither

C  解题思路:代词用法。根据题意可知此处应该选择“都不能之意”,neither意为“二者都不”,其他词义不符。 难度★★

  1. (2016厦门)— What a great thing to have a robot at home!

— Robots are really useful. One day they will help people do almost ________.

  1. something B. everything C. nothing

B  解题思路:不定代词用法。提到的是机器人的作用越来越大,按照逻辑选择everything,表示可以做任何事。难度★★

  1. (2015山西)Nowadays many travellers usually take photos with koalas in Australia. These photos are good memories.
  2.  is                  B. her                   C. their

C  解题思路:物主代词。指代的名词是many travelers,所以“他们的”用their。难度★

  1. (2014陕西)Don’t worry. We’re old enough to look after .
  2. myself            B. me          C. ourselves     D. us

C  解题思路:考查反身代词,从题中可知,此处表达我们可以照顾自己之意,所以we的反身代词是ourselves。难度★

  1. (2015陕西)Everyone likes my father because is friendly.
  2. his     B. him   C. he    D. himself

C  解题思路:考查人称代词。空格处指代的词是my father,并且在从句中做主语,所以用人称代词he。难度★

  1. (2016陕西)Good words can touch not only your heart but also .
  2. I        B. my         C. myself       D. mine

D  解题思路:考查名词性物主代词。原句意义为:好的文章不止感动你的心,也感动我的心,看选项:I 为主格代词,my为adj性物主代词,后面需要加名词,myself是我自己之意,此处不合适,应该是名词性物主代词mine,意思相当于my heart。难度★★

  1. (2013上海)My parents showed__________ some old pictures that brought back sweet memories.

A)I     B)me     C)my D)mine

B  解题思路:人称代词,show此处意为展示,show sb sth,意为向某人展示某物,根据出现的my,说明指代的人是第一人称我,所以选宾格me 。难度★★

  1. (2013上海)__________ is waiting for you at the gate. He wants to say thanks to you.

A)Somebody     B)Anybody     C)Everybody     D)Nobody

A  解题思路:不定代词用法。肯定句中一般代指某人,用somebody,anybody用于否定或疑问句,nobody和everybody此处不符合题意。 难度★★

  1. (2015上海)Nowadays I can choose online courses and study by_____ ?
  2. A) I   B) me   C) my   D) myself

D  解题思路:反身代词, by oneself意为自己…符合此处语境。难度★★

  1. (2016上海)The retired couple have decided to go to college. It’s time for to begin a new life.
  2. they B. them C. their D. theirs

B  解题思路:人称代词。It’s time for sb to do sth意为是某人做某事的时候,for为介词,后面接宾格,且此处指代的人为the retired couple所以选择复数第三人称them。难度★

  1. (2016上海)The light went out suddenly. It was very dark and could be seen clearly.
  2. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything

C  解题思路:考查反身代词,根据题目解释,可知此处意为:什么也看不清,所以选择nothing,其他选项词义不符。难度★★

  1. (2014沈阳)For your homework, I want you to remember the names of all the planets in ___ correct order.
  2. our  B. your  C. its D. their

D  解题思路:物主代词。根据题意可判断被修饰词为the names,所以此处意为“他们的”,their。难度★

  1. (2013苏州)一Your tea smells great!

一It,S from India.Would you like ________?

A.it           B.this           C.some            D.1ittle

C  解题思路:指示代词用法。would you like…表询问,此处用some。意为你也想要一些吗?难度★★

  1. (2014苏州)—I’ll do the washing-up. Jack, would you please do the floors?

—Why______? Susan is sitting there doing nothing.

  1. herB.sheC.ID.me

D  解题思路:人称代词用法。根据情景语境,可知所指代人物为我,所以排除AB,回答补全为:why it is me who would do the doors。是强调句的省略,所以选择me。难度★★

  1. (2014苏州)This work needs close teamwork.________will be achieved unless we work well together.
  2. NothingB.AnythingC.SomethingD.Everything

A  解题思路:不定代词用法。Unless意为除非,句意强调teamwork,可知此处应选择A,nothing,意为:除非我们共同合作,否则什么都无法达成。其他词义不符。难度★★

  1. (2015苏州)Mrs. Smith often goes to visit those AIDS patients in hospitals to cheer up.
  2. her B. them C. him D. us

B  解题思路:人称代词用法。根据题意,cheer sb up,sb指代的词是those AIDS patients,所以用复数他们的宾格them。难度★★

  1. (2016苏州)— Here’s a box of chocolate on our desk. For me or for your mom ?

— It’s          , Dad. Happy Father’s Day !

  1. hers                  B. her       C. yours           D. you

C  解题思路:考查名词性物主代词用法。根据答语看到空格后面没有名词了,所以应该选择带有名词含义的名词性物主代词;排除BD,同时理解题意,后面提到:父亲节快乐,所以得知巧克力是给爸爸准备的,排除A。难度★★

  1. -Hello, are you Mr. Morrison?

-Yes. That's______.

  1. him me     C. you     D.us.


解析:根据句意,你好,你是XX吗? - 是的,是我。所以选第一人称,is 是动词,后面用人称代词的宾格,所以选B。

  1. 78. (2015天津)I don’t like ______ watch. I like ______.
  2. me; your            B. my; your          C.me; yours          D. my; yours

D  解题思路:考点是物主代词用法。从选项可知要填的是物主代词,再看后面是否有名词,如果有,就选adj性物主代词,如果没有就选n性物主代词,所以此处选my, yours。难度★★

  1. (2016天津)I can’t find my ticket. I think I have lost .
  2. it B. one C. at D. on

A  解题思路:考点是it指示代词的用法。根据句意,空格处需要填的是上文提到的my ticket,而代词中it可以用来指代上文提到的物,是同一物,选A。B中one可以指同一类,但不能指同一个。C中this是“这个”,有一定的情景限制,指双方都知道的“这一个”,或下文提到的事物。难度★★

  1. (2013武汉)---Morning, class. Is _________ here?

---No, sir. Tom is absent.

  1. anybody       B. everybody     C. nobody     D. somebody

B  解题思路:不定代词用法。此句意为提问所有人都在场吗?此处应该按词义选用everybody,其他词义不符。难度★★

  1. (2014武汉)I turned to bookshops and libraries looking for information and found _______.
  2. none B. both C. one D. neither

A  解题思路:代词用法。此举中空格处指代的是information,不可数,所以选择代词none合适,表示什么也没有。难度★★

  1. (2013徐州)This is not my Waldman. It’s _________. Mine is over there.
  2. our          B. hers              C. your         D. my

B  解题思路:物主代词用法。从句意理解可知,此处填…的,因为名词没出现,所以要选择有名词属性的物主代词hers。难度★★

  1. (2014徐州)I asked two students the way to the post office,butof them knew.

A.both              B.either         C.none            D.neither

D  解题思路:代词用法。此处句意为:他们谁也不知道,二者都不,选择neither,排除A,因为both一般用于肯定,either意为二者之一,none意为全不,用于三者以上或不可数名词的否定,neither正确。难度★★

  1. (2015徐州)— Could I use your e-dictionary, Mary?

— Sorry, but I haven’t got __________.

  1. one B. it          C. this          D. that

A  解题思路:指示代词用法,此处指我还没有,指代的并非上文的电子词典,而是泛指。其他选项it指代上文提到的物,this这个、that那个均是特殊指代,此处不符。难度★★

  1. (2014烟台)Oh, your shirt is the same_________.
  2. as me         B. with her         C. with mine        D. as hers

D  解题思路:名词性物主代词。意为the same with意为和…一样,并且后面省略了名词,所以要选择带有名词属性的名词性物主代词,所以选C;难度★★

  1. (2015烟台)When ourteacher heard of the news, he was too angry to say ___________.
  2. everything    B. nothing    C. something    D. anything

D  解题思路:不定代词用法。Too+adj+to do sth表示太…而不能做某事,理解题意,此处表达词义合适,意为老师太生气了,以至于说不出任何话。所以此时用anything,表示任何,其他不定代词此处含义不符。难度★★

  1. (2013盐城)—Does your English teacher chat with you on QQ?

—Yes, sometimes. It’s _______ we enjoy doing at weekends.

  1. anything       B. something      C. everything         D. nothing

B  解题思路:不定代词用法。肯定句中表示一些事时,用something,anything用于否定疑问句中,everything意为一切,nothing意为没有事,词义不符。难度★★

  1. (2013扬州)---Wow! You’ve got so many clothes.

---But ________ of them are in fashion now.

  1. all          B. both           C. neither          D. none

D  解题思路:代词用法。根据题意,可知指代的是so many clothes,句意为否定,所以选none,意为全不。难度★★

88(2019扬州).-Annie, ________books are all over the p lace.

-Sony, mum. I'll put them away.

  1. youB. yourC. yours    D. yourself

答案: B


  1. 89. (2016益阳)----Are these _________ new trousers?    -----No, they are not _________.
  2. your, my        B. your, mine         C. yours, mine

B  解题思路:考查形容词性、名词性物主代词用法。前一句提问:这是你的新裤子吗?你的作为裤子的定语,用adj性物主代词my;后一句答语:不是我的。为了避免过度重复,应选用名词性物主代词,mine,意为我的(裤子)。难度★★

  1. (2013云南)----How did you get the MP4, from a shop or by phone?

----________. I always like shopping online.

  1. None   B. Neither   C. Both      D. All

B  解题思路:代词用法。从回答可知,此处意为:两者都不,选择neither。难度★★

  1. (2015长春)I bought ______ for my mother on Mother’s Day this year.

A.special anything  B.anything special

C.special something  D.something special

D  解题思路:不定代词用法。Adj修饰不定代词时,放在不定代词后面,本句为陈述句,所以用something。难度★★

  1. (2016长春)In 2022, Beijing will host the Winter Olympics. ________ my brother and I want to watch it.
  2. Neither B. All C. Either D. Both

D  解题思路:代词用法。题中被指代的是my brother and I,是俩人,在根据谓语动词want,所以判断为both,all后面要加of,表所有的。难度★★

  1. (2013长沙)He has written many books, but _______ of them are good.

A.few B.many C.any

A  解题思路:代词用法,空格处指代的词是many books,从but可知,前后两句关系为转折,所以用表示否定的few。难度★★

  1. (2014长沙)My sister is old enough to dress______now.
  2. himself B. herself C. myself

B  解题思路:反身代词用法。Dress oneself意为自己穿衣服,主语是my sister,所以此时用herself。难度★★

  1. (2014长沙)_______of us wants to go to the park today, because we have to finish so much homework.
  2. Either B. Both C. Neither

C  解题思路:代词用法。根据谓语动词wants可排除B,根据句意逻辑可排除A,意为我们两个都不…。难度★★

  1. (2015长沙)There is ________ wrong with my back and it hurts seriously.
  2. anything           B. something         C. nothing

B  解题思路:不定代词用法。从后半句得知此句为肯定句,anything用于否定、疑问句,nothing用于否定句,所以选something。难度★★

  1. (2016长沙)Miss Smith, an American lady, has taught _______ English for three years.

A.we         B.us           C.our

B  解题思路:人称代词的宾格形式。由题意可知:taught后面接宾语,从选项中知道指代人称为我们,所以宾格选择us。难度★★

  1. (2016镇江)After chatting happily with the new student in my class, I gave her my QQ number

and she gave me          .

  1. she          B. hers          C. her           D. herself

B  解题思路:考查名词性物主代词用法。根据题目,看到空格后面没有出现名词,所以所选代词应为具有名词性质的名词性物主代词,B。难度★★

  1. (2014重庆)Aunt Tina will visit us soon. _______ is arriving tomorrow morning.

A.He        B.She        C.His       D.Her

B  解题思路:人称代词,根据题意,此处指代的人是aunt Tina,Tina阿姨,为女士,且代词在句中做主语,所以用She。难度★★

  1. (2014重庆)Sam and Henry play football very well. We hope _______ of them can join our team.

A.all                B.both               C.every          D.same

B  解题思路:代词用法。根据句中谓语:join可知主语为复数,所以排除CD,all用于指代三人以上,意为所有的,排除,所以选B,both。难度★★

  1. (2016重庆)---Do you like watching ping-pong matches?

---Yes, and ________ favorite ping-pong player is Ma Long.

  1. we B. us C. our D. ours

C  解题思路:考查物主代词的用法。根据句意,得知此处需填写物主代词“我们的”,再看题干中名词player出现,所以选择形容词性物主代词our,而非名词性物主代词ours。难度★★

  • (2018福建)- Our English teacher will work for 2017 BRICS Summit (金砖峰会)this September.

-Great! I am so proud of ________.

A she  B her  C. he


【解析】句意:-我们的英语老师这个九月将会为2017金砖峰会工作。-太棒了,我为她骄傲。Be proud of 为...感到自豪,of 是介词,后加名词代词动名词,代词用宾格her,故答案选B。