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society n.社会      increase v.& n.增加;繁殖

need n.需要,需求 modal v.& v.需要

people n.人,人们;人民     population n.人口,人数

safety n.安全;保险   serious a.严肃的,严重的;认真的

supply vt.& n.供给,供应   require vt.需求;要求

法律 act n.法令,条例 v.(戏)表演,扮演(角色),演出(戏);行动,做事

bill n.账单;法案,议案;(美)钞票,纸币 fair a.公平的;合理的

just a.公正的 law n.法律;法令;定律   murder v.谋杀

officer n.军官;公务员;官员;警官   police n.警察,警务人员

policeman n.警察;巡警   policewoman n.女警察

prison n.监狱   prisoner n.囚犯

right n.权利;右边 a.对的,正确的;右边的 ad.正确地;恰恰;完全地

rule n.规则;规定 vt.统治;支配

经济 business n.(本分)工作;职业;职责;生意,交易;事业

condition n.条件;状况 deal n.量,数额;交易 vi.处理;交易

labour (labor) n.劳动   manage v.管理;设法对付

rich a.富裕的,有钱的   value n.价值;益处   wealth n.财产,财富

政治 lead v.领导;带领 leader n.领袖;领导者 policy n.政策;方针

problem n.问题,难题 public a.公共的,公众的 n.公众

race n.种族,民族;赛跑,竞赛 ruler n.统治者;直尺

situation n.形势;情况   social a.社会的;社交的

state n.状态;情形;国家,(美国的)州   national a.国家的,全国性的,民族的

军事 army n.军队 cruel a.残酷的;无情的 dangerous a.危险的

safe a.安全的    terrible a.可怕的;糟糕的

fear n.害怕;恐惧;担忧 burn v.燃,烧,着火;使烧焦;使晒黑

fight v.打仗(架);争论 n.打架;吵架   force vt.强迫;迫使

wound vt.伤,伤害 n.创伤,伤口   hurt vt.伤害,受伤

guard n.警戒;防护装置 gun n.枪,炮 soldier n.士兵,战士

war n.战争 peace n.和平

文化 behaviour (behavior) n.行为;举止 culture n.文化 fact n.事实,现实

hero n.英雄;勇士   honest a.诚实的,正直的

insist vi.坚持;坚持认为      intention n.意图;目的

interview n.& vt.采访;会见;面试 news n.新闻,消息

newspaper n.报纸 pioneer n.先锋;开拓者 private a.私人的

report n.& vt.报道,报告 spirit n.精神   traditional a.传统的

trust vt.相信,信任,信赖  truth n.真理;事实;真相

true a.真的,真实的;忠诚的 welcome int.n.& v.欢迎 a.受欢迎的 worry v.烦恼,担忧;发怒;困扰 worth a.有……的价值;值得……的

教育 education n.教育,培养  school n.学校 student n.学生

teacher n.教师,教员   child (pl.children) n.孩子,儿童

book n.书;本子  primary adj.初等的,初级的

university n.大学  college n.学院;专科学校

afford vt.负担得起(……的费用);抽得出(时间);提供

其他 become v.变得;成为 available a.可得到的

cause n.原因,起因 vt.促使,引起,使发生 cheat v.骗取,哄骗;作弊 common a.普通的,一般的;共有的   compare v.比较;对比

consider vt.考虑 correct v.改正;纠正 a.正确的,对的;恰当的

edge n.边缘   enough a.足够的;充分的 ad.足够地;充分地

especially ad.特别,尤其

honour (honor) n.荣誉;敬意 vt.尊敬,给……以荣誉

however ad.& conj.可是;然而;尽管如此  hungry a.(饥)饿的

separate v.使分开,使分离 a.单独的;分开的   lonely a.孤独的,寂寞的

include vt.包含,包括    necessary a.必需的,必要的

noise n.声音;噪音;喧闹声 normal a.正常的  percent n.百分数

personal a.个人的,私人的  poor a.贫穷的;可怜的;不好的,差的

proper a.恰当的,合适的   punish vt.惩罚;处罚

purpose n.目的,意图  refuse vt.拒绝,不愿   regard v.把……看作

regret n.& vt.可惜,遗憾;痛惜;哀悼 remain v.保持;剩下

result n.结果 role n.角色 wrong a.错误的;不正常的;有毛病的


1.agree to do sth.同意做某事

2.agree with sb.同意某人的看法,与某人看法一致

3.as a result因此;结果是

4.as usual通常,像往常一样

5.break in闯入,强行进入;插嘴;打断

6.break out (战争、火灾等)突然发生,爆发

7.call on号召;拜访(某人)

8.for example例如

9.give back归还;送回

10.go in for参加;喜欢

11.have (got) to不得不;必须

12.help sb.with sth.帮助某人某事

13.in a word简言之,总之

14.in all总之

15.in other words换句话说

16.join up联合起来,联结起来

17.keep one's word守信

18.look down upon看不起,轻视

19.look forward to盼望,期望

20.make up和解;化装

21.more or less或多或少

22.out of work失业

23.point out指出

24.run away逃跑;失控

25.save one's life挽救某人的生命

26.settle down定居;平静下来

27.take the place of取代,代替

28.talk about谈论,议论

29.the more..., the more...越……,越……

30.think about考虑(是否去做)

31.think of想起,考虑;认为

32.worry about担心,烦恼

33.be supposed to应该;被期望

34.left­behind children留守儿童

35.play a role/part in在……中起作用;参与



1.On one hand, ...on the other hand, ...一方面,……另一方面,……

2.The population in the area has increased by..., from...to...这个地区的人口增长了……,从……增长到了……

3....has a large population.……人口众多。

4.For example, ...比如,……

5.The government managed to control the number of ...政府设法控制了……

6....will play an important role in the future.……今后将会发挥重要作用。

7.It's reported that ...据报道,……



Recently,a survey has been made in our school on whether you want a little brother or a sister.The opinions are different.Here are the results.

About forty percent students think it's good to have a brother or a sister.They can help each other and share the happiness and sadness together.And they won't feel lonely anymore.What's more,they think they'll get more freedom.

But others disagree.They think they won't get used to the change.They also worry that their parents won't love them as much as before.Besides,they're afraid that the new baby will be so noisy that it may bother their study.

In my opinion,it's hard to say whether it's good or bad to have a brother or sister.But we should respect our parents' choices.After all,they're the persons who will make the final decision.