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新目标八年级上册Unit 1课本重点讲解与归纳

1.Long time no see. 好久不见。

2.go somewhere interesting 去一些有趣的地方

meet someone interesting 遇见一些有趣的人

do something special 做一些特别的事情

3.复合不定代词someone = somebody (anyone, no one, everyone), something (anything, nothing, everything)

1). I can see something in the picture.

(否) I ______ see _________ in the picture. (can’t anything / can nothing)

2). _________ is here. 大家都来了。(Everyone)

3). I’d like to eat something delicious. (后跟形容词)

I want to eat something I like. (后跟定语从句)

There is something else to eat. (后跟else / to do)

  1. take quite a few photos 拍了相当多的照片

1). It’s a very interesting book. = It’s quite an interesting book.

2). I’d like __ bananas and pears. Oh, I only need __ orange juice.

  1. some, a few  B. a few, a little  C. a little, a few  D. a little, few
  2. Not really (= Nothing much). I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax. 真没什 么。我只是大部分时间呆在家里读书和休息。

1). most of 大部分的,many / much of 许多的, some of ...中的一些 one of ...之一

2). 动词后面再跟动词,一般用to do表目的

  1. Huangguoshu Waterfall is wonderful! 黄果树瀑布真壮观!(wonder - wonderful)
  2. How did you like it? 你认为它怎么样啊?= How did you ___ ___ it? = What did you ___ ___ it? (feel about, think of / about)
  3. Of course! 当然,自然。
  4. myself , yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves


  1. I didn’t really see anything I liked. 我真的没看到 我喜欢的东西。
  2. some hens and baby pigs 一些母鸡和小猪
  3. The only problem was that there was nothing much to do in the evening but read.

唯一的问题 是在晚上除了读书,无事可做。

  • . problem 需要解决的问题 - question 需要回答的问题
  • . was that + 表语从句

3). nothing ... but (do) = only 除了... 没有 ...

  1. Still no one (= nobody) seemed (to be) bored. = Still it seemed that no one was bored.


seem + 形容词 = seem to be + 形容词 , seem to do sth. , It seems / seemed that + 陈述句

  1. Bye for now! 就此止笔!到此为止!
  2. keep a diary 记日记

keep one’s hair(sth.) short (形容词) 留短发, keep warm (形容词) 取暖keep doing sth. 坚持做某事

16.all (“全体,全部”,强调整体)- none (“没人/物”, 全部否定)

17.every (“每一个”,强调整体)- each (“每一个”, 强调个体)

18.both (“两个都”)- either (“两者中的任何一个”)- neither (“两者都不”)

19.other / others (“其他的”)- another (“另一个”)

one ... another ... the other ... some ... others ...

  1. some (“一些”,用于肯定句)

any (“一些”,用于否定和疑问句;“任何”,用于肯定句)

21.many / much (“很多”) - most (“大部分”)

22.What activities do you find enjoyable? 你发现什么活动令人赏心悦目啊?

1). act 行动,表演 – actor / actress 男女演员 – action 行动 – active 积极的,活跃的 – activity 活动

2). find sth. + 形容词  “发现某事 物 ... ”

3). enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事 - enjoyable 令 人愉快的

23.arrive in / at = get to = reach 到达

24.decide to do = make a decision to do 决定做某事

25.try paragliding 尝试滑翔伞运动 try doing sth.

尝试做某事 try (one’s best) to do sth. 竭尽全力做某事

try on 试穿 have a try 试一试

26.I felt like I was a bird. 我感觉像一只鸟。

Sound like you had a good time (= enjoyed yourselves) at the park.

feel like doing = would like to do = want to do

  1. ride (rode) bicycles (= bikes) to Georgetown = go to Georgetown by bicycle / bike


28.Many of the old buildings are still there. 许多古老的建筑物依旧在那儿。

29.the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago 百年前中国商人的房屋

building 楼房 - house 平房

30.I wonder what life was like here in the past. = I want to know how the life was here in the past. 我想知道过去的生活是什么样子的。

31.What a difference a day makes! 一天的变化竟然 如此之大!

make a difference 发生变化,产生影响

他们玩儿的真开心啊!_____ a good time they ____!  (What, had)

好漂亮的花啊!_____ beautiful flowers they are! (What)

他们好开心啊!____ happy they ____! (How, are)

32.walk up to the top 走上山顶

up 向上 - down 向下,沿着

33.We waited over an hour for the train because there were too many people (= because of too many people). 因为人太多了,我们等了一个多小时的火车。

wait for 等待,等候 over = more than 超过,多于

because 连词,后跟句子 - because of 介词短语,后跟名词或代词

too many / too much + 名词,“太多的...” - much too + 形容词 / 副词,“过 于...”

34.When we got to the top, it was raining really hard. 当我们到达山顶的时候,雨真的下大了。

1). when引导时间状语从句“当...的时候”+ 过去时 (got),主句用过去进行时was / were doing

2). rain a little 下小雨 - rain hard / heavily 下大雨

35.We didn’t have an umbrella so we were wet and cold. = We were wet and cold _______ we ____ no umbrella. 我们没带伞,所以又湿又冷。 (because, had)

36.And because of the bad weather, we couldn’t see anything below. = We could see ________ below _______ the weather ___ bad.

由于天气恶劣,我们看不见下面的事物。 (nothing, because, was)

below 水平下方 - above 水平上方

  1. My father didn’t bring enough money. = My father didn’t ____ enough money ____ ___. = My father’s money ______ _______. 我爸爸没带够钱。

(take, with him, wasn’t enough)

Mary到了上学的年纪了。Mary is old enough to go to school.

Jim年纪太小,不能上学。Jim isn’t old enough to go to school. = Jim is too young to go to school.

38.hungry 饿了– full 饱了     * thirsty 渴了

39.The next day was not as good. 第二天就没那么好 了。

40.And that’s not all. 那还不是全部。

41.about one hour later = after one hour 一个小时之后

42.walk for another two hours (= two more hours) .


44.look wonderful from the top of the hill 从山顶看美妙绝伦

45.Someone found out we weren’t anywhere near the top. 有人发现我们没有在山顶附近。

find 发现,找到 - find out 查明,找出

46.My legs were so tired that I wanted to stop. 我的腿太累了,以至于我想停下来。

It was so beautiful that we forgot about the last five hours!


so + 形容词 / 副词 that + 陈述句 “如此 ... 以至于 ... ”  Jim年纪太小,不能上学。 Jim isn’t old enough to go to school. = Jim is too young to go to school. = Jim is so young that he can’t go to school.

  1. My classmates told me to keep going, so I went on.


tell sb. to do sth. 告诉某人去做某事 go on (doing) 继续做某事

48.Everyone jumped up and down in excitement. 大家激动的上蹿下跳。 do sth. in excitement 激动的做某事 excite 使激动,兴奋 - exciting / excited - excitement 激动,兴奋

49.The sun started to come up. 太阳开始升起来。

The sun came out. 太阳出来了。

start doing / to do sth. 开始做某事







1.little / a little + 不可数名词, few / a few + 可数名词 less – fewer ; do sth. more / less

2.How? 提问形容词

3.everywhere = here and there, anywhere在肯定句里是任何地方,在否定疑问句里替代somewhere某个地方。

4.much too + 形容词,“太...”;too much + 不可数名词 / too many + 可数名词复数,“太多的...”

5.look for 寻找,find 找到,find out 查明 / 找出,后面可以跟句子。find sb. / sth. + 形容词,“发现某事 / 某人 ...”

6.boring / bored, surprising / surprised等形容词,修饰事物的ing结尾,修饰人的ed结尾

7.seem bored = seem to be bored = It seems / seemed that ... (be) bored

8.get to = arrive in / at = reach

9.because + 句子 – because of sth. / sb.

10.taste good 好吃,look good 好看,sound good 好听 smell good 好闻 look like fun

11.a very (= quite a / an) + 形容词 + 名词单数

12.enough 在名词前,形容词或副词后;She is old enough to go to school. = She is so old that she can go to school. 她到了上学的年龄。He isn’t old enough to go to school. = He is so young that he can’t go to school. = He is too young to go to school. 他年纪太小,不能上学。

13.... so + 形容词 that 句子

14.What a / an + 形容词 + 名词单数!What + 形容词 + 名词复数 / 不可数名词!

15.不定代词 / 不定副词:后跟形容词或to do 或else,泛指某人或某事物或某地等

16.反身代词oneself,自己: by oneself, teach oneself, enjoy oneself = have a good time = have fun ; dress oneself , keep sth. to oneself

17.一般过去时:1)不规则动词 2)did否定和疑问, 后跟动词原形 3)时态提示词

18.build – building ; different – difference

19.forget to do 忘记做某事 tell sb. (not) to do sth. 告诉某人(不)去做某事 try (not) to do sth. 努力(不)做某事 try one’s best to do sth. 竭尽全力做某事 decide to do sth. = make a decision to do sth. = make up one’s mind to do sth. 决定做某事 (decide后跟疑问词引导的句子或短语)

20.dislike doing 讨厌做某事

try doing sth. 尝试做某事

enjoy / like / love doing sth. 喜欢 / 喜爱做某事

stop doing / to do sth. 停止做某事 / 停下来去做某事

can’t stop doing sth. 忍不住做某事

keep doing sth. 坚持做某事

see sb. do / doing sth. 看见某人做某事

start to do / doing sth. 开始做某事 (start with sth. 以...开始)

21.Why not do sth.? = Why don’t you do sth.? 何不做某事?= Let’s do sth.

22.of course 当然

23.wait for 等候

24.There was nothing much to do but ... 除了...无事可做

25.want to do sth. = would like to do sth. = feel like doing sth. 想要做某事

26.feel like + 句子 感觉像...

27.buy himself a book = buy a book for himself 给他自己买本书

28.How did you like it? = How did you feel about it? = What did you think of it?


29.quite a few 不少的

30.keep a diary 记日记

31.make a difference 发生变化

32.jump up and down in excitement (= excitedly) 激动地上蹿下跳

33.take photos 拍照

34.How’s the weather? = What’s the weather like? 天气如何?