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  1. 提建议

had better (not) do 最好(不)做

how about / what about doing …怎么样?

I think you should do 我认为你应该…

I suggest that you should do 我建议你做…

Why not do / why don't you do…? 为什么不…

  1. 表示喜欢和感兴趣

like / love doing  enjoy doing 喜欢做

prefer to do A rather than do B宁愿做A也不愿做B

be interested in doing 对...感兴趣

  1. 努力做

try to do 努力做try one's best to do= do one's best to do 竭尽全力做…

make efforts to do = make every effort to do 尽力做


  1. 打算做… / 计划做

intend / plan to do 打算做…

be going to do 打算 / 计划做…

decide to do 决定做…

determine to do 决定做…

make up one's mind to do 下定决心做…

  1. 表示想/ 希望

want to do = would like to do 想做…

hope to do 希望做…

expect to do 期待着做…

wish to do 希望做…

consider doing 考虑做…

  1. 只加doing 作宾语的动词

finish / practice / suggest / consider / mind / enjoy doing


look forward to doing 盼望做…

keep on doing 坚持做…

dream of doing 梦想做…

can't help doing 情不自禁地做…

keep / stop / prevent sb. from doing 阻止某人做…

be busy (in) doing = be busy with + 名词 忙于做…

spend time / money (in) doing=spend time / money on + sth花费时间做…

have fun / have a good time / enjoy oneself doing 玩得开心have trouble / have problem / have difficulty (in) doing=have trouble / have problem / have difficulty+ with + 名词 做…有困难




1.(万能回信开头)It’s my great pleasure to hear from you.

2.表顺序:to begin with,  first of all(开始),then/next(接下来),what’s more/besides(另外),last but not least/ finally(最后)

3.表观点:For me, I think/believe/feel that ....,   as far as I am concerned/in my opinion, (依我看来)according to, as far as I known

4.表总结 :in conclusion/ in a word/ in short(总之),From the information above,we can conclude that...(以上我们可以总结出…)

  1. 常用连词:therefore(因此), however(然而),in addition(另外),at the same time(同时),otherwise(否则),for example(例如),not only… but also(不但而且),so that(为了),if(如果),thought(虽然)

6.it’s +adj(important, necessary, difficult, convenient,urgent)for sb+ to do sth









发言稿:1.称呼语(自我介绍并点明主题) 2.正文(对话题展开讨论)  3结束语(表示感谢)

Boys and girls/ ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning/afternoon/evening. I am __________________(自我介绍). It is a great honor for me to make a speech on_________(主题)./ Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a speech here. The topic of my speech is_______(演讲题目). In my opinion, as_______,_______ is important. First, we should ________(做法一). Then, we had better________(做法二). What’s more,______(做法三).

I hope I have made myself understood. Thank you again for your listening.




Boys and girls,

Good morning/afternoon/evening. I am Li Wei. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a speech here. The topic of my speech is how to keep healthy. In my opinion, as a middle school student,keeping healthy is important. First, we should do more exercise such as playing ball games, running, swimming and jumping rope. Then, we had better pay attention to our diets. Don’t eat too much sugar or meat but more vegetables and fruit. And keeping enough sleep is also important. What’s more, we should keep ourselves happy. As people often say“ Smiling makes people younger.”

I hope I have made myself understood. Thank you again for your listening.




Dare classmates,

It’s known to us all that______(出现问题)。 Let’s do something to______(倡导内容)

As students, we should_________. At first, we had better______. Second, we should_______. Third, we hope that_______. Last but not least, we should_____.

In sum/in a word, we should do more things, so that______(结果)。








My favorite teacher

  1. 老师的外貌,性格,所教科目事例描述喜爱的原因


It’s time to graduate from junior high school. I’d like to write something about my favorite teacher. Of all the teachers, I like my English teacher best. She is a lovely and outgoing girl who loves singing and reading. She is of medium height and has straight hair.

When I was in Grade seven, I was so shy that I was afraid to take part in the English competition. She encouraged me not to give up any chance to show myself to others. Thanks to her, I changed my attitude to the challenge and won the first prize.

I will never forget the wonderful time we were together. Best wishes to her!



提示词语: think, bring up, prepare for, encourage, confident, happy, proud


  • Why do you want to thank your parents?
  • What was the most unforgettable experience between you and your parents?
  • How do you feel?

I think it's important for us to thank our parents. Since I was born, my parents have given me all their love and care, but never expect anything in return. They have brought me up and taken good care of me carefully and patiently.
Last year, I was chosen to take part in a speech competition. I felt very nervous. My parents tried hard to help me prepare for it. They encouraged me to be confident and told me not to care much about the result. They said the process of learning was more meaningful.
  With their help, I did very well that time. I felt happy and proud. I'd like to say "Thanks a lot! You're great! I will love you forever!" to mum and dad.



某英文报社正就青少年与父母关系这一话题开展题为“How to keep a good relationship with parents”的征文活动。请你根据以下要点,写一篇80个词左右的英语短文参加此次活动:



How to keep a good relationship with parents

In my opinion, I have too many rules at home. My parents never allow me to go out with my friends at night. They don't allow me to choose my own clothes, either. And they pay too much attention to my exam results. I think my parents don't quite understand me.

However, I try my best to understand them. Although they don't allow me to make my own decisions and give me too much pressure, I know that it is because they really love me and want me to have a bright future.

 In order to keep a good relationship with my parents, I study hard, listen to them, talk to them as friends, tell them my troubles, and help them do more housework.



How to make our spare time more meaningful

  1. 帮助父母表达爱心阅读书籍,了解世界,3 亲近自然,放松自己


Nowadays, we students have much spare time than ever before, but how to make our spare time more meaningful?

My schoolmates give the following suggestions. First, it’s good to help our parents do some housework to show our love for them. Second, we will know more about the world by reading. Third, it is a good chance for us to get close to nature and relax ourselves.

In my opinion, we can do some sports to make us stronger and healthier. What’s more, we can take an active part in some social activities as volunteers to help those in need.

In a word, let’s make full use of our spare time and promote our literacy(读写能力)


某英语报开展“How to Deal with Our Study Problems”征文比赛,请你根据提示的内容,简要描述并适当发表自己的观点,写一篇英语短文。内容要点如下:
1. 尽管我们常常感到有压力,但是应该找到合适的方式来解压。可以选择穿像蓝色和白色一样的冷色调来使我们自己感到放松;2. 我们应该足够细心,因为“失之毫厘,谬以千里”;3. 也应该在课业和业余爱好之间取得平衡,试着安排好自己的空余时间;4. 任何时候都不要失去信心。通过努力学习,我们会取得大的进步。
How to Deal with Our Study Problems
Although we often feel stressed, we should find suitable ways to deal with stress.
We can wear calm colors like blue and white to make us feel relaxed. We should be careful enough, because "a miss is as good as a mile". We should also achieve a balance between schoolwork and hobbies. Try to plan your spare time well. Don't lose heart at any time. You will make great progress through hard work.
When having problems, we can ask people around us for help. It's not wise to keep our worries to ourselves.



(一) 良好的生活和学习习惯包括:

1)在生活方面:①健康饮食 ②经常锻炼  ③利用好时间

2)在学习方面:①课前预习 ②认真听讲  ③独立作业
(二) 良好习惯带来的益处包括:


(三) 谈谈你的感受
A Good Habit, a Successful School Life
A habit is something that you do often or regularly almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing.
In our daily life, we ought to keep a healthy diet. Also, it's necessary for us to exercise a lot. And we should learn to make good use of our time. In our school life, we should prepare well for each lesson. In class, we must listen to the teacher carefully. Besides, it's important for us to do our homework on our own.
In a word, good habits can help us learn things better and improve our skills. We can learn to control ourselves if we have good habits.
I think good habits are really good for our mind and body.




How to keep safe

  1. 交通:traffic lights, electric bikes(电动车)游泳:rivers, swimming pool
  2. 网络:ID number, code, unhealthy websites.


Do you know that many dangerous things will happen if we are not careful enough? As a student, how to keep safe is very important.

First, we should obey the traffic rules. When the lights are red, we shouldn’t cross the road. And we shouldn’t ride the electric bicycles. Second, we shouldn’t swim in the river because it is dangerous. We can go swimming with our parents in a swimming pool. Third, we shouldn’t tell strangers our ID number or code(密码) when we are surfing the Internet. We shouldn’t surf unhealthy websites. What’s more, we shouldn’t go out with friends without parents’ permission(允许). If we are in danger, we can ask for help from our parents or teachers, even police.

After all, life is important. We should learn something about self-protection so that we can protect ourselves well.




I think healthy habits are very important for us.

All of us want to be health. First, we should get enough sleep during the night. We can go to bed early and get up early. Staying up late is bad for our health. Second, we must have the right kinds of food. We should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat. Third, we should do more exercise to build up our bodies. Finally, we should wash hands before meals and brush our teeth twice a day. If we don’t feel well, we should go to see the doctor at once.

If we can do all above, we can live a healthy life.



My dream

1.你的理想是什么?2. 原因 3.如何实现

I am a middle school student now. When I grow up, I am going to be a reporter. Because being a reporter is cool. Besides, my favorite subject is Chinese and I am good at it, too.

How can I make my dream come true? Firstly, I am going to study Chinese hard by taking writing lessons and practicing writing articles. Secondly, if my articles are great, I will send them to magazines and newspapers. Lastly, I will never give up when I meet difficulties.

Where there is a will, there is a way. I am sure my dream will come true one day.



My favorite Chinese festival

1.你最喜欢的传统节日:名称和时间   2.庆祝方式,主要食物和活动


As we all know, there are many traditional festivals in China. Among them, I like the Spring Festival best.

It comes in January or February. It is a time for family members to get together. On the eve of the Spring Festival, all family members enjoy different kinds of food, such as dumplings and fish. We also watch the Spring Festival Gala and stay up late, hoping to have a new start in the following year.

The Spring Festival can not only make us feel love and happiness, but also the importance of home and family.




写一篇关于保护野生动物的英语作文。不少于 80 词的短文。


  1. 考虑保护野生动物的原因。
  2. 具体可以采取哪些保护措施。


Protecting wild animals

There are fewer and fewer wild animals in the world. So we must take action to protect them. What should we do then?

First of all, don't cut down trees any more, otherwise animals won't have any place to live in. Then, don't wear clothes made of animal fur. Moreover, don't take part in any wildlife trade. At last, governments should make laws to protect animals in danger. These laws can prevent people from hunting and killing wild animals on the danger list.


新型冠状病毒(Novel coronavirus)引发的具有传染性的病毒性肺炎影响了人们的生活。请你用英文写一篇短文,谈谈如何预防新型冠状病毒肺炎(NCP)。要点如下:

  1. 减少外出;   2. 外出时佩戴口罩;
  2. 勤洗手;4. ……


  1. 词数:80—100;
  2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;
  3. 文章不能出现与本人相关的信息;
  4. 开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。

参考词汇:防菌口罩 antiseptic mask

Because of Novel coronavirus, we Chinese have had a special Spring Festival. Nobody wants to get the disease, but how should we prevent NCP and protect ourselves? Here are my suggestions.

First, we should try not to go outdoors and we should avoid going to places where there are many people. Second, whenever we go out, we should wear antiseptic masks. They can protect us from catching the frightening disease. Third, we should develop a habit of washing our hands frequently. Last but not least, we should drink more water, have more rest and do proper amount of sports at home, which will certainly make us stronger.

I strongly believe we can keep healthy if we follow the suggestions.






Nowadays,mobile phones are very popular. They are playing an important role in our life. We can use them to read news,send messages,make phone calls and read all kinds of books. Besides,we can use them to enjoy music,do some shopping and play games. In a word,mobile phones have made our life more colorful.

However,they also bring us many problems. For example,if people use them while riding,they may have traffic accidents. If we spend a lot of time on the mobile phones,it may affect our study. What's more,they're bad for our eyes and necks.

 In my opinion,we shouldn't spend lots of time on them and we should use them properly.