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cut down砍掉

write down写下

after all毕竟.终究

first of all首先

at first起初

come up with = think up找到、提出

catch up with赶上

wake up弄醒、醒来

grow up长大

pick up拾起、捡起

pick sb. up (用车)顺便接某人

eat  up吃光

clean up打扫干净

give up doing sth.=stop doing sth.放弃做

put up 张贴

arrive at = get to  = reach.到达

give back = return归还

come back  = return回来

at least至少

at most 至多

at  once = right  away   立刻,马上

at  the same time同时

laugh at 嘲笑

at  last = in the end/=finally 最后、终于

at  the  moment =  now现在

at the foot of在…脚下

at times / sometimes有时,偶尔

at the doctor’s在医务室

for example例如

be good for对…有益

be bad for=be harmful to对…有害

be good at =do well in 擅长

be  weak  in不擅长

come true实现

even though = even if即使、虽然、尽管

be  covered  with被…覆盖

be proud of  =  take pride in以…自豪

be afraid of害怕

hear of听说

hear from sb.收到某人的来信

plenty of= a lot of许多

by the way顺便说

in this way用这种方法

on the way home在回家路上

by oneself单独,独自

by the end of到…为至

at the end of 在…终点、结尾

by the time到…的时候

one by one依次

try to do sth.  努力/尽力做某事

try doing sth.  试做某事

try / do one’s best to do sth.  尽力做某事

try  on  试穿……

do some shopping购物

make a contribution to doing贡献

ring sb. up  = give sb. a call 打电话


on each side of the street街道每一边

on both sides of the street街道两边

keep doing .不停地做某事(状态继续

keep on doing .坚持做某事

practice / enjoy /finish doing  .练习/喜欢/完成某事

go on doing .继续做某事(同一件事)

go for a walk散步,

go over复习

go shopping买东西,

go out外出

go to work去上班

think about  =  think of考虑、想到

think over仔细考虑

talk about谈论,

worry about担心

borrow…from …从…借….


from now on 从今以后

from then on 从那以后

be different from与…不同


get dressed穿衣

get off /on下/上车

get on well with sb.与某人相处得好,

get out of从…出来 ,

get ready to do 准备做某事,

fall asleep入睡 ,

look for 寻找 ,

wait for等候 ,

look after=take care of  照顾 照看,

look like = be like = take after

= be similar  to像 ,

look over(医生)检查,复习 ,

look out小心,从里向外看 ,

look the same看起来一样,

look up向上看,查单词 ,

look around环视

set off 出发、动身,

put off 推迟 ,

take off脱(衣),(飞机)起飞

take part in参加 ,

hand in上交 ,

in surprise吃惊地 ,

to one’s surprise:令某人吃惊的是…

in the sun在阳光下 ,

in trouble处于困境,

in a minute /moment马上

leave for…动身去某地

on the other hand另一方面 ,

be famous for = be known for以..出名 ,

be interested in 对…感兴趣 ,

be busy with sth. = be busy doing sth.忙于…

make sure 确信 ,

make a mistake犯错误

by  mistake 出错(由于疏忽)

by accident:偶然

make a noise吵闹 ,

make faces做鬼脸 ,

make friends with  和..交朋友

make money赚钱,

make a decision作出决定

used to do 过去常常做某事,

be used to do  = be used for doing用做.

forget to do   忘记去做某事

forget doing    忘记做了某事,

encourage sb. to do sth.鼓励某人做某事,

decide to do sth.决定做某事 ,

allow sb. to do sth.允许某人做某事

allow doing sth . 允许做某事

help sb. (to) do sth  = help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事 ,

with one’s help在某人的帮助下 ,

It’s  a  pleasure = my pleasure不客气

with  pleasure乐意,愿意

leave a message for sb.给某人留条,

take photos / pictures 照像 ,

take out取出

take care = be careful当心 ,小心

take medicine 服药

take one’s temperature量体温,

take place发生

learn by oneself =teach oneself自学 ,

learn by heart背熟

one and a half years 一年半

have a try试一试

try out尝试、试验 ,

find out 找出,查明,

enjoy oneself  = have a good time

= have fun  玩得开心,

offer sb sth=offer sth. to sb给某人提供某物

provide sb. with sth. = provide sth for sbd.向某人提供某物

all over the world= around the world =throughout  the  world全世界

all kinds of 各种各样的

kind of 有点儿

neither… nor 既不…也不….

not only … but also …不但…而且 ,

the more ,  the better 越多越好

all one’s life 一生

as soon as 一…就…

regard …as 把---当作… ,

as if=as though好像

ever since 从那以后 ,此后一直

so far 到目前为止

another two hours  = two more hours 再 2小时

three times  a week一周三次

the number of…的数量

a number of 许多


want to do   = feel like doing

=  would  like to  do  想要做某事

run away逃跑 ,

take away带走

no  longer  =  not. .any longer不再

no more  =  not ---any more 不再

more or less = about或多或少,大约

more than = over多于,超过

next  to = close  to 紧挨着,靠近

receive / get / have a letter from sb.  = hear from sb 收到某人的来信

on show = on display展览

be filled with  =  be full of充满…

thanks to =because of 由于。因为

some day =one day(将来)某一天

keep / stop / prevent… (from) doing sth.阻止…做某事 ,

stop to do sth.停下来去做某事 ,

stop doing sth.停止做某事

two thirds of the books三分之二的书

see sb. off给某人送行 ,

some…others一些 …其他

one…another一个..另一个(三者以上 )

one…the other一个…另一个(共二个)

in a few year’s time几年以后 ,

in space在太空 ,

in the open air在户外

prefer to= like…better than宁愿,更喜欢

prefer doing sth to doing sth.= prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.宁愿..........而不愿...

be made of 由…制造(看出材料)

be made from由…制成(看不出材料)

developed countries发达国家,

developing countries发展中国家

be  worth doing.值得做…

tell a story讲故事 ,

thank you for doing 谢谢你…

hope to do sth. = look forword to doing希望做某事

agree with 同意......的意见

knock at /on 敲(门、窗)

pay for  付钱;支付

talk about 说话;谈话;谈论

talk with 与......交谈

ask for 请求;询问

come over = drop by过来;顺便来访

fall behind 落在......后面;输给别人

hurry up 赶快

try on 试穿 ;试戴

turn down 关小;调低

turn up  开大;调高

turn on 打开

turn off 关掉

work out 算出;制订出

be angry with.   生某人的气

be angry at sth. 对某事生气

be able to = can 能;会

be late for 迟到

go hiking 去徒步旅行

go shopping (去)买东西.

have a look 看一看

have a rest 休息

hold a sports meeting 举行运动会

make money 赚钱

teach oneself =learn by oneself  自学

take turns to do sth.  =  It’s one’s turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事

help yourself / yourselves to 随便吃

come true 实现

get married 结婚

get together 相聚

had better (do) 最好(做......)

make up one’s  mind 下决心

have fun doing sth. = It’s fun to do sth   高兴做……

give  a  talk   做报告

thousands of 成千上万的……

as usual    象往常一样

on time  准时,按时

in time 及时

in front of …   在 … 的前面

in the front of … 在…的前部

between … and … 在…和…之间

up and down    上上下下;来来往往

fall down   跌倒

the same as …   和……一样

dream of doing sth. 梦想做……

a 12-year-old boy    一个12岁的男孩

in the future    在将来

as well as ……   和……


It is said that ……    据说……

so that …    以便……


fail in sth.:做某事失败

succeed in doing sth.成功做某事

go camping:去露营

fight with:和…斗争

all the time:一直

according to:根据

get lost:走丢

compare to:和…比较

give  sb. a  hand:帮助某人

stay up:熬夜

belong to:属于

depend on:取决于

raise money:筹款

knock down:撞倒

on weekdays:在工作日

cut up:切碎

make progress:取得进步

instead of:代替;替换

be in good health;身体健康

stay away from:离开;远离

set off:出发;动身

end up:结束

fall behind:落下

all the same 仍然

as soon as one can = as soon as possible 尽快

at the beginning of …起初,开始

in hospital 生病,住院

in the hospital 在医院里

be strict with 对某人要求严格

be strict in 对某事要求严格

a waste of time 浪费时间

before long   不久以后

long before   很久以前

drink up 喝完

fix up  修理

happen to do 碰巧做某事

in the tree 在树上(非树本身)

on the tree 在树上(果实等)

just now / right now刚才,现在

keep healthy/fit 保持健康

let .....down  使.....失望

make the bed 整理床铺

no matter what 无论什么

pay attention to doing sth..注意做

play with 玩耍

play a joke on 戏弄人,恶作剧

remind sb. of sth. 使某人想起事

share sth. with sb. 与人分享某物

at the age of 12  =  when she was 12 years old在她12岁时

not----at all 一点也不