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Unit1 Topic1

1.元音字母: Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu


①/ei/ Aa Hh Jj Kk

②/i:/ Ee Bb Cc Dd Gg Pp Tt Vv

③/ai/ Ii Yy

④/ju:/ Uu Qq Ww

⑤/e/ Ff Ll Mm Nn Ss Xx Zz

⒈Good morning/afternoon/evening. 早上好。/下午好。/晚上好。

⒉-Welcome to China!欢迎来到中国!

-Thank you.谢谢。

⒊-I’m Kangkang. Are you Michael?

-Yes,I am./ No,I’m not 我是康康,你是迈克吗?是的,我是。/ 不,我不是。

⒋-Glad/Nice to meet you. 见到你很高兴。

-Nice to meet you,too.见到你我也很高兴。

⒌-Mom,this is my teacher, Mr.Brown. 妈妈,这是我的妈妈,布朗老师。

⒍-How do you do? 你好!

-How do you do? 你好!

⒎-Goodbye, Mr.Chen. 再见,陈老师。


⒏-How are you? 你好吗?

-Fine,thanks. And you? 很好,谢谢。你呢?

-I’m OK. 我很好.

⒐-See you then.再见。

-See you.再见。



Unit1 Topic2

⒈Excuse me. 请问,打扰了,劳驾,

⒉-Are you Jane? -Yes, I am. / No,I am not. 你是简吗?是的,我是。/不,我不是。

⒊-Is he Li Ming? -Yes, he is./No, he isn’t. 他是李明吗? 是的,他是。/不,他不是。

⒋-Are they from England? 他们来自英国吗?

-Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t. 是的,他们是。 /不,他们不是。

⒌-Are you from Canada,too? 你也来自加拿大吗?

-Yes, I am ./ No, I’m not. I’m from... 是的,我是。/不,我不是。 我来自...

⒍-Who are they? -They’re Maria and Jane. 他们是谁? 他们是玛利亚和简。

⒎-Who is she/he? 她/他是谁?

-She is Deng Yaping. / He is Stephen Hawking. 她是邓亚萍。/他是斯蒂芬.霍金。

⒏-Where are you from? -I’m from Canada. 你来自哪里? 我来自加拿大。

⒐-Where is he/she from?他/她来自哪里?

-He/She is from Japan. 他/她来自日本。


⒑-Where are they from? 他们来自哪里?

-Maria is from Cuba and Jane is from Canada. 玛利亚来自古巴,简来自加拿大。

⒒-What’s your name? 你的名字叫什么?

-My name is„° 我的名字是……

⒓-What’s your telephone number? 你的电话号码是多少?

-It is 我的电话号码是„„°



Unit1 Topic3

⒈-How old are you? 你几岁? -I’m twelve,too. 我也 12 岁了。

⒉-How old is she? 她几岁了? -She’s fourteen. 她 14 岁了。

⒊-What class are you in? 你在几班? -I’m in Class Four,Grade Seven. 我在 7 年 4 班。



⒋-What class is she in? 她在几班? -She’s in Class Eleven,Grade Eight. 她在 8 年级 11 班。

⒌-What grade are you in? 你在几年级? -I’m in Grade Seven.


⒍-Are you in Grade Seven,too? 你也在七年级吗? - Yes, I am./No,I’m not.是的,我是/不, 我不是。

⒎-Who is that? 那是谁? -That’s Nancy. 那是南希。

⒏-What’s this/that in English? 这个/那个用英语怎么说? -It’s a/an . 这是/ 那是„„。

⒐-What are these/those? 这些/那些是什么? -They are„. 他们是„„°°°°°°°

⒑-How do you spell it? 你怎么拼写这个词? -E-R-A-S-E-R,eraser. E-R-A-S-E-R,橡皮。

⒒-Is this/that„? 这/那是„„吗? -Yes,it is./ No, it isn't . It’s a/an„. 是的,它是。


⒓-Are these/those„? 这些/那些是„„吗? -Yes,they are./ No,they aren’t. 是的,他 们是。/不,他们不是。

⒔-Thank you. 谢谢你 -That’s OK./ You’re welcome./Not at all. 不客气。



Unit2 Topic1

  1. I have a small nose. 我长着一个小鼻子.
  2. We\You\They have round faces. 我们/你们/他们长着圆圆的脸. 3.He\She\It has big ears. 他/她/它长着大耳朵.

4.Her hair is short. 她的头发是短的。 5.His eyes are big. 他的眼睛大。

6.-Do you have a knife? 你有小刀吗?

-Yes, I do.\No, I don’t. 是的,我有/不,我没有. 7.-Does she have small hands? 她长着一双小手吗?

-Yes, she does./No, she doesn’t. 是的,她有./不,她没有.

  1. Oh, I see. 哦, 我知道.
  2. Yes, you are right. 是的,你是对的.

10.-Who is your favorite movie star? 你最喜欢的电影明星是谁?

-It’s Jackie Chan. 是成龙。


  1. Guess again. 再猜猜.
  2. I come from England. 我来自英格兰.
  3. We are in the same school, but in different grades.我们在同一所学校,但是在不同的年级.




Unit2 Topic2

1.-What does she look like? 她长着什么样?

-She is tall and she has short brown hair. 她很高,有棕色的短发。

2.-What color is the T-shirt? 这 Ts 是什么颜色? -It’s red. 它是红色的。

3.-What color are these shoes? 这些鞋子是什么颜色? -They’re green. 它们是绿色的。



5.He doesn’t have gray hair. 他没有长着灰色的头发。 6.But you look the same. 是你们看起来一样。

7.We don’t look the same. 我们看起来不一样。

7.Please give this letter to Maria. 请你把这信给玛丽亚。 8.Oh, I see. 哦,我明白了。

9.I’ll give it to her. 我会把它给她的。 10.The girl in yellow is Maria. 穿着黄色衣服.

11.He is in a black cap and blue shoes. 他戴着黑色帽子和穿着蓝色的鞋子



Unit2 Topic3

1.-Is this your cap,Jane? 简,这是你的帽子吗?

-No, it’s not mine. 不,不是我的。 2.This is my coat.= This coat is mine.

3.-Whose cap is it,then? 那么这是谁的帽子呢?

-It’s Sally’s. /It’s hers. 是萨丽的. Whose shirt is this? = Whose is this shirt?

4.I think it's Kangkang’s. 我想那是康康的。

5.We look the same,but we are in different clothes. 我们看起来像,但是我们着裝不同。 6.Please help us find him.请帮助我们找到他。 help sb. (to)do sth. 帮助某人做某事。



Unit 3 Topic 1 Does he speak Chinese?

1.-Excuse me,could you please tell me your name? 打扰了,你能告诉我你的名字吗?

-Sure. My name is Jane.当然,我的名字是简。 2.-Do you come from America?你来自美国吗?

-Yes,I do./No,I don’t.I come from... 3.-Do you like Chinese? 你喜欢中文吗?

-Yes, I do.I like it very much/a lot/a little.

-No,I don’t like it at all.不,我一点也不喜欢。

4.–Could you help me with it? 你能帮我学习它吗? -No problem.没问题。 5.-Who is the letter from? 这封信来自谁?

-It’s from my pen pal,Sam.来自我的朋友,山姆。


6.-Does he speak Chinese? 他说中文吗?

-Yes, he does. /No, he doesn't. He speaks.... 7.-What does he say in the letter?

-He wants to visit Beijing.

8.-Where does he live? 他住在哪里? -He lives in„. 他住在... 9.-Does Jane/Kangkang like English?

-Yes, she/he likes it very much/ a lot / a little. -No, she/ he doesn't like it at all.



Unit 3 Topic 2 What does your mother do? 1.What do/does sb. do? (询问职业)

2.-What do your parents do?你父母亲是做什么的? -They are office workers. 他们是办公室 工作者。

3.-What do you do ? 你是做什么的? -I’m a student. 我是一名学生。

4.-What does your mother do? 你妈妈是干什么的? -She’s a doctor. 他是一名医生。

5.-Where does he/she work? 他/她在哪里工作? -He/She works in a hospital. 他/她在医 院工作。

6.-Where do you/they work?你/他们在哪里工作? -I/We/They work on a farm. 我们/他们在农场工作。

7.Glad to meet you. 很高兴见到你. Glad to meet you, too. 我也很高兴见到你。 9.This is a photo of my family.这是我的全家福。

10.Kangkang’s Family Tree.康康的家谱。 11.Mom, I' m home. 妈,我到家了。



Unit 3 Topic 3 What would you like to drink?

1.-Help yourselves. 请自便。 -Thank you. I would like an egg and some fish. 2.-Would you like some eggs? 你想要一些鸡蛋吗?

-Yes,please. -No,thanks. I’d like some chicken. 不,谢谢,我想要一些鸡肉。 3.–What about you, Jane? 你呢,简?

4.-What would you like to drink? 你想要喝什么?

-Apple juice,please. I like it very much. 请给我苹果汁。我非常喜欢苹果汁。 5.-Mike for me,please. 请给我牛奶。

6.-What do you usually have for breakfast? 你我通常早餐吃什么?

-I usually have milk and bread for breakfast. 我通常早餐吃牛奶和面包。 7.-May I take your order,sir? 先生,我可以为您点菜吗?

-Fish with vegetables and rice,please. 请给我带蔬菜的鱼和米饭。 8.-Would you like something to drink? -Yes.A glass of apple juice.

9.-Would you like to have dinner with me? 你想要和我一起吃晚餐吗?

-Yes, I’d like/love to. 是的我想。 10.-Let me see. 让我想一下。

11.-Why not have some fish and eggs? 为什么不来点鱼和蛋呢? -Good idea. 好主意。 12.–Here you are. 给你。


13.–May/Can I help you,sir? 我可以帮助你吗?

  1. I’m very glad to be here. 我很高兴来到这。




Unit 4 Topic 1 How much is it ?

1.-What can I do for you, madam? 我能为您做些什么吗,夫人?

-I want to buy some clothes for my daughter. 我想为我的女儿买些衣服。 3.-Thanks. 谢谢 -Not at all. 不用谢/ 不客气。

4.-May/Can I help you? 我能帮到您吗?

-Yes, please. I’d like the yellow coat. 是的,我想要那件黄色的外套。 6.-Can I try it on? 我可以试穿它吗? -Sure.当然可以。

7.-How much is it/are they? 它/它们是多少钱? -It’s/They’re 它/它们是„„° 8.-How many bottles? 多少瓶? -Six bottles. 六瓶。

9.-Is that all? 就那些了吗? -Yes, I think so. 我认为是的。 10.That’s fine. We’ll take it. 那就好了,我们就买它了。

11.I’m just looking. 我只是看看。

12.-How do you like the coat? =What do you think of tne coat?你认为这外套怎么样?

-I like it very much/a lot.我非常喜欢。 -I don’t like it at all.我一点也不喜欢。 14.Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吗?

15.I’ll think about it.我考虑一下。 16.Thank you all the same. 仍然谢谢你。



Unit 4 Topic 2 Would you like to go for a picnic? 1.Hello,Jane! This is Kangkang 喂,简!我是康康.

2.Are you free this Sunday? 这星期天你有空吗? 3.What’s up? 什么事? 怎么了?

4.-Would you like to go to West Hill for a picnic?

–Oh, I’d love to. 你愿意去西山野营吗? 哦,我愿意. 5.Please tell Maria about it.请告诉玛丽亚这事.

6.I’ll call her. 我会给她打电话.

7.-Would you like to sing some songs with me? 你愿意和我一起唱歌吗?

-I’m sorry I can’t. I have to cook. 对不起,我不能. 我得做饭. 10.-How about flying a kite with me? 和我一起放风筝怎么样?

-I’d like that, but I’m sorryI have no time. 我很乐意,但是很抱歉我没有时间. 12.-May I speak to Maria? 请找玛丽亚接电话好吗?

-Who’s this,please?请问你是谁? -This is Sally.我是莎莉。

-Oh, hello, Sally. Maria isn't in now. 哦,莎莉,你好. 玛丽亚现在不在家.

  1. Could you ask her to call me back this evening? 请你让她今晚给我回电话好吗? 14.That would be very nice. 那真是太好了.



Unit4 Topic 3 We want we go to the zoo.

1.-Do you have any free time tomorrow? 你明天有空闲的时间吗?


-Yes,what’s up?有空,什么事?

2.Let’s meet at 9 o’clock at my home. 让我们九点整在我家见面吧。 3.-What’s the time,please? = What time is it? 请问几点了?

-It’s one o’clock. 一点整。 -It’s a quarter past one. 一点十五分。 -It’s twenty to two. 两点差二十分/一点四十

4.It’s time to go home. 到了该回家的时候了 5.Here we are. 我们到了。

  1. What are your favorite animals? 你最喜欢的动物是什么?
  2. Kangkangmeets Baby monkey on his way home in the 康下午在回家的路上遇到了 猴宝宝。
  3. What’s up, Baby Monkey? 小猴子,你怎么啦?
  4. I can’t find my way home.我找不到回家的路了。 10.Let me help you.让我来帮助你吧。

11.It’s very kind of you. 你真好。 12.Thank you for your help. 谢谢你的帮助。




  1. welcome 欢迎 Welcome to...欢迎来到……
  2. thank 感谢 Thank you./Thanks. Thank you for your help. 感谢你的帮助。meet 遇见;结识 meet friends 结识朋友

4.excuse 原谅;宽恕 Excuse me.打扰一下. 6.spell 拼写 Can you spell it? 你能拼读它吗? 7.please 请

  1. guess 猜
  2. have有;吃;喝 have 吃早饭 have lunch 吃午餐 have dinner 吃晚餐 have a picnic 野餐 have to 不得不
  3. konw 知道;了解 know about 知道,了解
  4. look看;看起来 look ..看着 look like 看起来像 look the same 看起来一样 look different 看起来不同 look happy 看起来很快乐 look forward to 盼望
  5. come来,来到 come from =be from 来自,出生于 13.see 看见;明白 I see.=I know 我明白了

14.give 给;递给 give sth. to sb.=give sb. sth.给某人某物 15.like 喜欢 like to do sth. =like doing sth.喜欢做某事 16.think 想,认为 think of...认为 think about 考虑 17.help 帮助;帮忙 help sb. to do sth. 帮助某人做某事

  1. find 找到;发现help us find him. 帮助我们找到他 find one’s way home 找到某人回家的 路
  2. tell 告诉;讲述 tell sb. sth.告诉某人某事 tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人关于某事 20.speak 讲;说;发言 speak English 说英文 speak Chinese 说中文
  3. say 说;讲
  4. live居住;生活 live in...居住在„„°  live ..和„„居住 23.want 想;想要 want to do sth.想要做„°°


24.visit 参观;访问 visit sb.拜访某人 visit+地点 参观某地 25.work 工作—worker 工人

26.drive 驾驶—driver 司机 27.teach 教—teacher 教师 28.drink 喝;饮

  1. eat吃 eat out 外出就餐
  2. buy 买 buy sth. to sb. =buy sb. sth给某人买某物let 让 Let’s +动词原形. Let me help you.
  3. try 试,试图 try (it/them)on试穿
  4. go去,走 go out 外出 go home 回家 go to school 去上学 go to the zoo 去动物园 go fishing 去钓鱼 go for a picnic 去野餐

34..shop 购物 go shopping =do some shopping 购物 35.do 做 do one’s homework 做家庭作业

  1. need 需要 need to do sth. 需要做...
  2. sing 唱;演唱 sing a song sing some songs唱歌fly 飞;放飞 fly a kite 放风筝

39.take 携带 take sth. with sb. 随身携带某物 take one’s order 点菜 40.ask 询问;请求 ask sb.to do sth.让某人做...

41.call (给...)打电话 call sb.打电话给某人 call sb. back 回某人电话




1.can 能;会;可以 2.could (表示许可) 可以„„? 3.will 将;会;愿意; 4.would 打算;想要 5.may 可以;也许;可能



be 动词

am is are 助动词 Do Does



量词 1.a kilo of 一千克 2.a bag of 一袋 3.a loaf of 一条 4.a bar of 一块 5.a bottle of 一瓶 6.a tin of 一罐



缩写形式 I’m = I am isn’t = is not aren’t = are not he’s = he is she’s = she is they’re = they are what’s = what is who’s = who is where’s =where is

it’s = it is that’s = that is name’s = name is you’re = you are don’ t = do not doesn’t = does not



语法点: 询问时间及时刻表达。

1.- Excuse me,What is the time, please? -It’s one o’clock. 2.时间的表达 past/to 的用法

►间接表达:30 分前用 past 表示“几点过几分”,30 分用 half past, 30 分后用 to 表示“差”几分 到几点。; 如: 4:10 ten past four (四点过十分) 4:15 a quarter past four (四点过一刻) 4:30 half past four (四点半) 4:40 twenty to five (差二十分到五点)


►直接表达: 4:10 four ten 12:50 twelve fifty 2:30 two thirty




语法重点: ⒈ 缩写形式: I’m = I am isn’t = is not aren’t = are not he’s = he is she’s = she is they’re = they are what’s = what is who’s = who is where’s

=where is it’s = it is that’s = that is name’s = name is you’re = you are don’t = do not doesn’t = does not



  1. watch TV 看电视
  2. get up 起床
  3. be/ come from 来自
  4. in English 用英语
  5. look different 看起来不同
  6. look the same 看起来一样
  7. look like 看上去像
  8. go shopping 去购物
  9. for short 简称
  10. not… at all 根本不
  11. help sb do sth/ help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事
  12. look after 照顾
  13. help yourself / yourselves (to sth) 随便(做某事)
  14. wait a moment 稍等
  15. something to drink / eat 喝/吃的东西
  16. have breakfast/ lunch/ supper 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭
  17. the girl with black hair and big eyes有着黑色 头发和大眼睛的女孩
  18. have/ take a seat 就座,座下
  19. many/ different kinds of 21.许多/不同种类的……
  20. try on 试穿
  21. a few / little 一些
  22. pick up 捡起
  23. be free 有空
  24. go for a picnic 去野餐
  25. tell sb sth 告诉某人某事
  26. forget to do sth 忘记去做某事
  27. go swimming 去游泳
  28. take a message to 给……捎口信
  29. tell / ask sb to do sth 叫某人做某事
  30. give sb. a call 给某人打电话
  31. fly a kite 放风筝


  1. next time 下次
  2. go to school 去上学
  3. play sports 体育锻炼
  4. go to bed 上床睡觉
  5. do one’s homework做某人的家庭作业
  6. be helpful to sb. 对某人有用