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9上 Unit 1-4重点词组

1.keep all her things in good order            使她的所有东西保持井然有序                      2.show off your knowledge to us                       向我们炫耀你的知识

  1. patient enough to repeat grammar rules for us  足够耐心地为我们重复语法规则
  2. come up with such a good idea   想出这么一个好主意
  3. be curious about everything  对一切感到好奇
  4. Neither my parents nor Ithink Ican make a good accountant. 我父母和我都不认为我能成为一个好会计。           (Either you or I am going there tomorrow. )
  5. It’s terrible for me to work without speaking all day long. 整天只工作不说话对我来说太可怕了。
  6. He doesn’t like to talk much, but hiswork shouts. 他的话不多,但是作品却极具说服力。
  7. impress the whole country with his creative work 用他的创造性的作品给整个国家留下印象
  8. win high praise from the art community  赢得艺术社团的高度赞扬

They praised her for her courage.(praise sb for sth)

  1. giveup her job as an accountant放弃她的会计的工作
  2. work with numbers day after day  日复一日地和数字打交道
  3. Life is like a race. You either take the lead or fall behind. 人生就像一场赛跑。你要么领先要么落后。
  4. take on new challenges any time任何时候接受新的挑战
  5. To us, a miss is as good as a mile.  对我们来说,失之毫厘,谬以千里。
  6. We can’t afford to makeany mistakes.   我们承担不起犯任何的错误。
  7. pay attention to every detail  关注每一个细节
  8. work to high standards  工作达到高标准
  9. As a doctor, you can’t be too careful.  作为一个医生,你再怎么仔细也不为过。
  10. Carelessness will be a disasternot only to ourselves but also to patients.  粗心不仅对于我们自己而且对于病人来说都是灾难。
  11. be willing to work extra hours  乐意多做额外几小时的工作
  12. devote most of her time to her work   将她的大部分时间都贡献给她的工作

23.wait patiently without getting angry耐心等待毫不生气

  1. be happy with her job as an accountant 对作为会计的工作感到满意
  2. find it difficult to work with him  发现和他很难共事
  3. Do you think your personality is suitable for the job?  你觉得你的性格适合这个工作吗?
  4. think twice about sth   三思而行
  5. worry too much担心太多
  6. depend on your date of birth  取决于你的出生日期
  7. A year is divided into a cycle of 12 star signs.  一年被分为12个星座的一次循环。
  8. It is you who shape your life and your future.  是你塑造了你的生活和未来。
  9. What it says about me may be true, but for my cousin, that’s not the case. 它所说的关于我的情况可能是对的,但是对于我的表妹,情况却并非如此。
  10. be afraid of making a speech in front of many people  害怕在许多人面前演讲
  11. He thinks he can do anything if he tries his best.  他认为他只要尽力就可以做任何事。
  12. do extra work after class  课后做额外的工作
  13. forget the things he needs to do  忘记他需要做的事
  14. learn to use the computer to get himself more organized  学会用电脑使他自己更加有条理
  15. be absent from school  缺课
  16. write to recommend sb as our new monitor 写信推荐某人为我们的新班长
  17. have many strong qualities for this position  有很多突出的品质适合这个职位
  18. the most suitable/ right person to be our monitor  成为我们的班长的最适合人选
  19. agree with us 同意我们(的意见)
  20. try the skirt on 试穿这条短裙
  21. I’m not sure if blue looks good on you. 我不确定你穿蓝色是否好看。
  22. make us feel happy or sad, energetic or sleepy


  1. be painted blue 被漆成蓝色
  2. bring peace to our mind and body 给我们的身心带来安宁
  3. People in cold areas prefer warm colours in their homes to create a warm and comfortable feeling. 寒冷地区的人们更喜欢家中使用暖色来营造温暖舒适的感觉。
  4. cheer you up  使你振作起来
  5. remind you of a warm sunny day  使你想起温暖、阳光明媚的日子
  6. the colour of wisdom  智慧之色
  7. hope for success  希望成功
  8. Green can give you energy, as it is the colour of nature and represents new life. 绿色能给你能量,因为它是自然之色,而且代表新的生命。
  9. green with envy   嫉妒的
  10. If you require strength in either your body or mind, red may be of some help to you. 如果你的身体或思想需要力量,红色或许可以给你一些帮助。
  11. Wearing red can also make it easier to take action. 穿红色的衣服也更易于采取行动。
  12. have difficulty makinga decision  做决定有困难
  13. influence our everyday life in many ways  在很多方面影响我们的日常生活
  14. depend on personal taste  取决于个人品味
  15. choose the colour which makes us feel comfortable  选择使我们感觉舒服的颜色
  16. stay at home instead of going shopping with my classmates呆在家而不是和我们的同班同学们去购物
  17. represent something else 代表一些其他的东西
  18. the colour of the rulers in ancientChina  中国古代统治者的颜色
  19. We promise that this therapy can help you change your moods, or you will get your money back. 我们保证这种疗法可以帮助你改变情绪,否则全额退款。
  20. I’m not sure if it worked. 我不确定它是否奏效了。
  21. feel confident enough 感觉足够自信
  22. suggest different clothes to different people  向不同的人们建议不同的衣服
  23. be dressed in blue穿蓝色
  24. power and trust 权威和信任
  25. joy and warmth  欢乐和温暖
  26. make herself look more powerful  使她自己看起来更加有力
  27. help her calm down   帮助她安静下来
  28. feel a little bit stressed  感到有一点有压力
  29. look at our stomachs  看我们的胃
  30. Why not eat less and exercise more? 为什么不少吃多运动?
  31. have enoughtime to do my homework  有足够的时间做我的家庭作业
  32. be always on一直开着   78. drive sb ma使某人发疯
  33. feel lonely   感到孤独
  34. get low marks in exams   在考试中取得低分
  35. manage your time better   更好地管理你的时间
  36. how Ishould deal with it/ what Ishould do with it/ how to deal with it/ what to do with it  我该怎样处理它
  37. have no choice but to do sth没有其他选择只能做某事
  38. stay up late  熬夜
  39. find it hard to stay awake  发现保持清醒很难
  40. hardly have any spare time for my hobbies  几乎没有空余时间进行我的业余爱好
  41. Ioften doubt whether it is worth spending so much time on homework.  我常常怀疑是否值得花费如此多的时间在家庭作业上。
  42. offer me some suggestions   给我提供一些建议
  43. be crazy about football   对足球很痴迷
  44. get into trouble  陷入麻烦
  45. be strict with sb in sth  在某方面对某人要求严格
  46. stay out late to play football   在外踢足球待到很晚
  47. achieve a balance between my schoolwork and my hobbies  在学业和爱好之间取得平衡
  48. work out  算出;解决
  49. Daniel doesn’t know whom he should talk to.  Daniel不知道他该和谁交谈。
  50. need someone to share my worries with 需要有人分享我的忧愁
  51. have difficulty expressing myself  表达我自己有困难
  52. use this method to solve the problem  用这个方法来解决问题
  53. improve my Englishquickly   快速提高我的英语
  54. choose your hobby according to the time you have  根据你拥有的时间来选择你的爱好
  55. get high marks in exams   在考试中取得高分
  56. laugh at her   嘲笑她
  57. call her a bookworm    叫她书虫
  58. make little progressin my English在我的英语上几乎没有取得进步
  59. go over what you’ve learnt as often as possible 尽可能经常地复习你所学的
  60. read Englishaloud  大声读英语
  61. pronounce all the words correctly  正确地发所有单词的读音
  62. Don’t mention it.  不用谢。
  63. ask for friends’help向朋友们寻求帮助
  64. be unhappy with my weight  对我的体重不满意
  65. many students of our age  许多我们同龄的学生
  66. be worth taking值得采纳
  67. worry about exams 担心考试
  68. care too much about your marks after each exam  太在乎你每次考试后的成绩
  69. What’s on your mind?  你在想什么?
  70. What’s up?  怎么了?
  71. learn about the world through the Internet 通过网络了解世界
  72. As soon as you click the mouse, there’s a great deal of information. 你一点击鼠标,就会有大量的信息。
  73. try out for the school team   参加校队的选拔
  74. score 20 points in his first game 在他的第一场比赛中取得20分
  75. practise even harder  更加刻苦地训练
  76. get the coach to change his mind  使得教练改变他的想法
  77. go on to become leader of the team  接着成为了队长
  78. decide to play at a junior college 决定在一所大专院校打球
  79. lead his team to the national championship  带领他的球队参加了全国锦标赛
  80. bring him to the attention of the coach  使他引起了教练的注意
  81. succeed in gettinga scholarship 成功地获得了奖学金
  82. graduate from high school 高中毕业
  83. be forced to play in another basketball league被迫去另一个篮球联赛打球
  84. remain there for a year  在那儿待一年
  85. take notice of him   注意到他
  86. have many great achievements  有很多巨大成就
  87. Through hard work, he proved that size and body type doesn’t matter. 通过努力,他证明了高矮胖瘦不重要。
  88. feel tired out  感到筋疲力尽
  89. He returned to China whenever he was needed. 无论何时需要他,他都会回到中国。
  90. especially for poor Chinese teenagers  特别是为贫困的中国青少年
  91. World war IIbroke out in Europe in 1939 and ended in 1945. 第二次世界大战于1939年在欧洲爆发,1945年结束。
  92. translate the book into 20 languages  把这本书翻译成20种语言
  93. a symbol of the victory of the human spirit   人类精神胜利的象征
  94. go into hiding in her father’s office  藏到她爸爸的办公室里
  95. die of illness  死于疾病
  96. have her diary published  出版了她的日记
  97. be forced to move to another country  被迫搬到另一个国家
  98. write down her thoughts,写下她的想法
  99. admire these children for their courage   钦佩这些孩子的勇气
  100. live in fear of their lives  生活在为他们的生命安全而担忧的生活里
  101. in one’s fifties  在某人五十多岁的时候
  102. You will not find anything unusual abouthim until you learn more.  直到你了解更多,你才会发现他不同寻常的事情。
  103. the children who have lost their parents  那些丧失父母的孩子
  104. Whenever he has some money left, he gives it to someone in need. 无论何时,只要他有一些余钱,他都会把钱捐给需要的人。
  105. The blood he has donated is enough to save over 70 lives.  他捐的血足够挽救70多个人的生命。
  106. donate blood cells to people with blood cancer  捐造血干细胞给患有血癌的人
  107. to one’s surprise  使某人惊讶的是
  108. donate his body for medical research after his death  死后捐献遗体供医学研究
  109. seem to be kinder to others than to his own family  似乎对别人比对他自己的家人更加友善
  110. a heart full of love  充满爱心

9上Unit 5

  1. something more pleasant than art(pleased) 某些比艺术更令人愉悦的东西
  2. the amazing musical talent 令人惊叹的音乐才华
  3. present a medal to a winner=present a winner with a medal颁发奖牌给获胜者
  4. a world-famous composer一个世界闻名的作曲家
  5. show an interest in(making up)music表现出对编音乐的兴趣
  6. the sounds of the rushing water and the blowing wind淙淙的水声和飒飒的风声
  7. have no musical instruments没有乐器(music—musician)
  8. make music with common objects like stones and paper 用像石头和纸那样的普通物件来制造音乐
  9. enter university进入大学
  10. go on to study music继续学习音乐
  11. be famous/known forits IT industry/his kungfu/directing the film

be best known for winning an Oscar for his music (win—won---won) winner

He is well known as a singer to everyone.

  1. make over 50 sounds from water by controlling the speed of water flow (controlled)通过控制水流的速度来创造出超过50种声音
  2. create different pictures in different minds在不同的脑海中勾勒出不同的画面
  3. successfully bring Chinese and Western music together 成功地将中西方音乐融合到一起
  4. use traditional Chinese music and the sounds of an ancient Chinese bell用传统的中国音乐和中国古钟的声音
  5. in a Western style以西方的方式
  6. My music is to dream without boundaries.我的音乐是梦想无边。
  7. mix together to make a new type混合到一起形成一种新形式
  8. a dividing line分界线
  9. one of the greatest composers in the world 世界上最伟大的作曲家之一
  10. think highly of Tan’s music对谭的音乐评价很高

praise him highly for his singing ability 因为他的唱歌才能高度赞美他

  1. play the violin at the art festival在艺术节上拉小提琴
  2. The art festival is open to all students and parents.艺术节对所有学生和家长都开放。
  3. last for one and a half hours持续了一个半小时
  4. have a lasting value有永恒的价值
  5. use drums a lot 大量使用鼓
  6. be created by African Americans 由美国黑人创作
  7. make up the music while playing 边弹边编曲

29.As folk music is made up in the traditional way,it is more popular among the old.

  1. have strong local colour有强烈的地方特色
  2. attend all the concerts 参加所有的音乐会
  3. jazz musicians 爵士音乐家

34.be praised as被誉为

  1. have a real gift for painting 确实有画画的天赋
  2. mix the paint with water 将水和颜料混合
  3. As I took the brush away, I dropped some paint onto the paper.当我把刷子拿走时,我掉了一些颜料在纸上。
  4. Looking at the mark, I decided to blow it.看着这个污点,我决定吹一下。    39. run in all directions 向四处跑
  5. encourage me to keep trying 鼓励我继续尝试
  6. I enjoy myself in the world of colours every time I paint.每次作画时,我都在色彩的世界里玩得很开心。

42.Play with some paint as usual

43.blow harder(blew)




9上Unit 6

  1. get bored with staying at home all day对整日呆在家感到厌烦
  2. need a little sleep 需要睡一小会儿
  3. A dog’s work is never done. 一只狗的事情是做不完的。
  4. learn a lot about nature, history and real-life events 大量地了解自然,历史和真实的生活事件
  5. There are always famous people on these shows talking about their lives. 总有名人在这些访谈上谈论他们的生活。
  6. a weekly round-up of what is happening in sport 一周体育新闻摘要
  7. the latest/up-to-date information 最新消息
  8. cover different sports 包括不同的体育运动
  9. miss this week’s programme  错过本周的节目
  10. a number of interviews with famousplayers 一些与著名运动员的访谈

11.The number of tigers is bigger/smaller.

12.have an interview with the director=interview the director

  1. a report on the coming World Cup 一篇有关即将到来的世界杯的报道
  2. This year’s Beijing Music Awards will be covered live.今年的北京音乐颁奖礼将现场直播。

15.cover the lively girls’ show live现场直播这些活泼女孩子们的演出

16.make his class lively使他的课堂活跃的

  1. many Asian pop star 许多亚洲流行明星
  2. About 300,000 fans have voted online for their favourite music videos.大约30万粉丝已经在网上为他们最喜爱的音乐视频投了票。
  3. announce the results  宣布结果
  4. send text messages to 1396   发送短信到1396
  5. win two free concert tickets   赢得两张免费的演唱会门票
  6. a horror film directed by the new director由新导演指导的一部恐怖片
  7. A wealthy doctor is found dead in his house.一名富有的医生被发现死在家中。
  8. enjoy solving mysteries 喜欢解决疑案
  9. get/feel scared easily容易感到害怕

26.be scared to see the doctor(be scared of seeing the doctor)

  1. Thisone-hour documentary takes a close look at the life of tigers in India.这部一小时的纪录片近距离地观察了印度老虎的生活。
  2. You will realize how much danger these tigers face. 你将会意识到这些老虎面临多少危险。
  3. The situation will continue unless humans stop hunting tigers for their fur and bones. 除非人类停止为老虎的皮毛和虎骨而捕杀它们,否则这种形势将会继续。
  4. the scenes from India来自印度的风景
  5. win an award for its amazing photography因其令人赞叹的摄影而获奖

32win an award for singing well

  1. be recorded first and sent out later先被录制再播出

34.You will fail in exams unless you work hard./if you don’t work hard.

  1. attack people袭击人们
  2. the male wolves  公狼

37.two studios两个摄影棚

  1. have a chance to see how a TV programme is recorded 有机会看到电视节目是怎样录制的
  2. have little interest in it 对它没什么兴趣
  3. interview three students at my school about their TV viewinghabits关于他们观看电视的习惯而采访我校的三个学生
  4. find this programme boring发现这个节目无聊
  5. Watching TV ads is just a waste of time.看电视广告就是浪费时间。
  6. receive a message from…收到一条信息
  7. The twins saw three men in police uniforms coming out of the building with guns in their hands. 这对双胞胎看见三个穿警察制服的男人从大楼里跑出来,手中还持着枪。
  8. push sb into a minibus   把某人推进中巴车(be pushed into a minibus)
  9. createTV drama scripts    创作电视剧本

47.see what your characters are like.明白你的人物是什么样的






1.Who do you think would be suitable for entering the film industry?你认为谁适合进入电影业?

  1. would rather be a director/an actor宁愿做一个导演/男演员
  2. one of Hollywood’s all-time greatest actresses好莱坞空前伟大的女演员之一
  3. dream of becoming a successful ballet dancer 梦想成为一个成功的芭蕾舞者
  4. He insisted that Hepburn was the perfect girl for the lead role. 他坚持认为赫本是扮演这个主角的最佳人选。
  5. mark thebeginning of one’s successful career标志着某人成功职业生涯的开始
  6. play the lead role of a princess扮演一个公主的主要角色
  7. during one’s lifetime在某人的一生中
  8. make her first/final appearance作她的第一次/最后一次亮相
  9. go far beyond the film industry远远超出电影业
  10. spend her last few years working closely with UNICEF 最后几年时光花在与联合国儿童基金会的紧密合作上
  11. pass away peacefully in one’s sleep在睡梦中安然辞世
  12. avoid therush hour 避开高峰期

23.avoid driving in the snow

  1. park the car in the car park把车停在停车场
  2. Hepburn was so beautiful/ such a beautiful girl that many people were amazed by her beauty. 赫本如此美丽/ 是如此美丽的一个姑娘,以致于很多人都被她的美貌所震惊。
  3. Hepburn acted so well that some people mistook her for areal princess. 赫本表演得如此好,一些人将她误认为真的公主。
  4. Ihave bought a lot of DVDs so that Ican learn more about Chinese kung fu. 我买了许多DVD以便我能更多地了解中国功夫。
  5. attend a course on Chinese kung fu参加有关中国功夫的课程
  6. a one-hour documentary that shows you what Beijing was like 50 years ago 一部给你展示50年前的北京是什么样子的一小时的纪录片

31.He has been in love with an actress for 2 years. ( fall in love with sb爱上某人)

  1. bring dinosaurs alive on screen将恐龙活生生地搬到荧幕上
  2. cancel the talk on films  取消有关电影的讲座
  3. neither/ nor do I我也不

35.seem to be full of mysteries充满了神秘

  1. join humour and exciting action together successfully将幽默和精彩的武打结合到一起

40.be considered as/to be a superstar被认为是个超级巨星

41.We are considering going to Canada.我们正考虑去加拿大。(consider doing sth)

43.He has made such great progress that we are happy with him.

44.He had so little education that he was not fit for the job.

45.There was so much noise outside that we couldn’t hear the teacher.

49.a great success一件成功的事

51.His other successful films include the Police Story series.

52.He has helped people in over 30 countries,including the USA.



  1. be dressed like a detective打扮成一个侦探
  2. look for clues to something important  寻找某些重要事情的线索
  3. the possible clues to the criminal cases犯罪案件的可能线索
  4. make notes on all of the four suspects 给所有四个嫌疑犯都做笔录
  5. an office worker of medium height 一名中等身高的办公室职员
  6. Iguess Jimmy is lying. 我猜吉米在撒谎。
  7. a 25-year-old computer engineer 一个 25岁的电脑工程师
  8. He was last seen leaving his office at 7 p.m. 他最后被看见是晚上7点离开他的办公室。

9.They were heared playing the guitar at this time yesterday.

10.He was often seen to sing in the next room.(be seen/heard to do sth)

11.He said he was going to visit his parents.

  1. be killed somewhereelse 在其它某个地方被杀
  2. ask someone to contact the police 请人与警方联系
  3. be wounded with a knife/by an animal被刀捅伤
  4. bleed to death (bled)流血致死
  5. check thescene for more clues/fingerprints 检查现场寻求更多的线索/指纹                 17. help solve the case帮助解决案件
  6. be created as a master at solving crimes  被塑造成一个探案高手
  7. The police are also wondering if the victim had any enemies. 警方也想知道受害者是否有敌人。
  8. accordingto his criminal record根据他的犯罪记录
  9. be guilty of computer crime 犯计算机罪
  10. He was charged with breaking into several computer systems.  (becharged with theft)他被指控侵入数个计算机系统。
  11. A witness reported that the man was breathing heavily and had blood on his shirt. 目击者报告称那个男人呼吸急促,衬衫上有血迹。
  12. offer a reward of ¥50,000  提供50,000元奖金
  13. the information that leads to the arrest of themurderer导致凶手的落网的信息
  14. Anyone who can provide useful informationshould contact the police.任何能够提供有用信息的人应该联系警方。
  15. do something against the law做违法的事情
  16. murder the elderly couple 谋杀这对老夫妻
  17. There was probably more than one person.可能有不止一个人。
  18. be considered (as/ to be) thequeen of crime novels被认为是犯罪小说之后
  19. report the crime the boss has committed to the police 向警方报告老板所犯的罪

32.It turned out that he had nothing/something to do with the case.原来是他与这个案件无关

  1. be in a hurry to catch the bus急忙去赶公交车
  2. be in prison for six months坐六个月牢
  3. have no criminal record没有犯罪记录
  4. some safety tips to protect yourselves againstcrime一些保护自己抵抗犯罪的安全建议
  5. remember to lock thedoor记得去关门
  6. shut all the windows关闭所有的窗户
  7. guard against any possible danger around us防范我们周围任何可能的危险40.take the necklace to the police station把项链带去警察局
  8. get along/on with all his neighbours except the man who lives next door与他所有的邻居都和睦相处,除了住在隔壁的男子
  9. do…for a living做…谋生

43.Some valuable jewellery has been stolen 一些贵重的珠宝被偷了。

  1. be underarrest for murder 因谋杀而被捕

45.the stolen jewellery被偷的珠宝

46.He is looking for his food which has gone missing./his lost food.他在寻找丢失的食物

47.You were at the scene at the time of the crime.案发时你在现场。

48.He is just the man who I want to interview.

49.This is the fridge which he bought yesterday.

50.The coat (that) I tried on is quite nice.