人教版八年级英语下册Unit 1—4 必背短语及句子

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Unit 1 what’s the matter?


  1. have/get a headache =headache hurts头痛
  2. have/get a stomachache= stomachache hurts胃痛
  3. have/get a toothache = toothache hurts牙痛
  4. have/get a very sore throat = throat hurts a lot喉咙痛
  5. have/get a sore back = back hurts背痛
  6. have/get a sore leg = leg hurts腿痛(伤)
  7. have a fever发烧
  8. have colds =have a cold感冒
  9. have a nosebleed流鼻血
  10. have a cough咳嗽
  11. have a heart problem心脏病
  12. have the same spirit as Aron和Aron有一样的精神
  13. had a serious mountain climbing accident遇到了严重的登山事故
  14. get into trouble遇到麻烦
  15. get hit on the head撞到了头
  16. get out of….从……出来;远离……lie down and rest躺下休息
  17. rest for a few days休息几天
  18. have a rest = take a rest进行休息
  19. have a break=take a break (短暂的)休息
  20. get some sleep睡觉
  21. get some rest休息
  22. expected most or all of the passengers to get off and wait for the next bus.


  1. see a dentist and get an X-ray去看牙医并照片
  2. drink some hot tea with honey喝加了蜜的热茶
  3. take one’s temperature给某量体温
  4. take good care of myself好好照顾自己
  5. take the man to the hospital把这个人送到医院
  6. move the man to onto the bus把这个人般到公共汽车上
  7. need to take breaks away from the computer有必要不沾计算机一段时间
  8. put some medicine on the cut在伤口上敷药
  9. put a bandage on the finger把创可贴绷在手指上
  10. put your head back把头往后仰
  11. put on my jacket穿上我的夹克
  12. move my neck转动我的颈子
  13. played computer games all weekend整个周末都玩电脑游戏
  14. stopped the bus without thinking twice没有细想就停了车
  15. stop the blood止血
  16. hurt yourself playing soccer在踢足球时伤了你自己
  17. found himself in a very dangerous situation when climbing in Utah.


  1. cut myself by accident偶然砍伤了我自己
  2. have to act quickly必须赶快行动
  3. thanks to Mr. Wang and the passengers多亏了王先生和乘客们
  4. saved the man in time及时救了这个人的命
  5. an American man who is interested in mountain climbing一个对爬山感兴趣的美国人
  6. one of the exciting things刺激的事情之一
  7. almost lost his life because of accidents因为事故几乎失去了他的生命
  8. climbed down the mountain下山
  9. the importance of making good decisions作好决定的重要性
  10. be in control of one’s life把握生命
  11. make a decision that could mean life or death做出生死抉择
  12. Aron ran out of water.= Aron’s water ran out. Aron喝光了水
  13. ate too much junk food at my friend’s birthday party在朋友的生日party上吃了太多垃圾食品
  14. to one’s surprise,…令某人吃惊的是……
  15. agreed to go with him同意和他一起去
  16. hit an old man撞到一个老人
  17. right away立刻,马上
  18. right now刚才
  19. fall down 倒下,摔倒
  20. run it under water用水冲
  21. tell of/about…讲述……
  22. still go mountain climbing依然去爬山
  23. doesn’t mind taking risks不介意冒险
  24. give up放弃
  25. an all-you-can-eat meal所有东西都好吃的一餐
  26. run under the hot sun在毒辣的太阳下跑
  27. be used to doing something习惯于做……



  1. What’s the matter( with you)?=What’s wrong( with you)?=What is happening (to you)?怎么了?
  2. What should I do?我应该做什么呢?/我该怎么办呢?
  3. Should I take my temperature? No, you shouldn’t. /Yes, you should.我应该测量体温吗?不,你不应该。/是的,你应该测一测。
  4. That’s probably why.也许那就是原因。
  5. If your head and neck still hurt tomorrow, then go to a doctor.假如你的头明天还痛,就去看医生。
  6. At 9:00 a. m. yesterday, bus No. 26 was going along Zhonghua Road when the driver saw an old man lying on the side of the road.昨天上午9点,26号车行进在中华路时,驾驶员看到一个老人躺在马路边。
  7. A woman next to him was shouting for help.他旁边的一个女人正在声呼救。
  8. It’s sad that many people don’t want to help others because they don’t want any trouble.许多人因为不想惹麻烦而不想帮助他人,这很令人伤心。
  9. But the driver didn’t think about himself. He only thought about saving a life.但是这个驾驶员不考虑自己,他只考虑挽救生命。
  10. As a mountain climber, Aron is used to taking risks.作为一个登山者,Aron习惯于冒险。
  11. Aron’s arm was caught under a 360-kilo rock that fell on him when he was climbing by himself in the mountains.  Aron’s 的生臂被压在一块360公斤的岩石下,那块岩石是当他独自一个爬山时掉到他身上的。
  12. Because he could not free his arm, he stayed there for five days and hoped that someone would find him.因为他的手臂无法动弹,他在那个呆了五天,希望有人会发现他。
  13. But when his water ran out, he knew that he would have to do something to save his own life.但当他的水喝光的时候,他知道他不得不行动起来挽救自己的生命。
  14. So he used his knife to cut off half his right arm.因此,他用小刀割掉了他的半只右臂。
  15. Then, with his left arm, he bandaged himself so that he would not lose too much blood.然后,他用左臂,为自己打好了绷带,以便于他不至于失血过多。
  16. After losing his arm, he wrote a book called Between a Rock and a Hard Place.失去手臂之后,他写了一本书,书名是《生死难诀》。
  17. His love for mountain climbing is so great that he kept on climbing mountains even after this experience.他对爬山的爱是如此之深,以至于在经过那次经历后依然继续爬山。
  18. I almost couldn’t get myself out of bed.我几乎不能下床。
  19. It hurts a lot.它很痛。
  20. It’s very difficult for me to talk.对我来说,谈话很困难。
  21. Your face looks a bit red.你的脸看起来有点红。
  22. You look terrible.你看起来可怕。
  23. You don’t look well.你看起来不舒服。
  24. What’s wrong with your face?你的脸怎么了?
  25. It’ll hurt even more later!一会儿它会更痛。
  26. He cut his knee, so I washed the cut.他砍伤了作的膝盖,因此,我为他清洗了伤口。
  27. He was taken to the hospital to get an X-ray.他被带到医院去照片。
  28. My head feels very hot我的头摸起来很烫。


Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city parks.


  1. hope to work outside 希望在外面工作
  2. decide to try out for a volunteer after-school reading program

决定为成为课后阅读活动志愿者而参加选拔 (try out for…为……而参加选拔)

  1. could help (to) clean up the city parks 可以帮助清洁城市公园
  2. help (out) with something帮助做……
  3. help out as a volunteer作为志愿者而帮助他人
  4. could visit the sick kids to cheer them up可以看望病患儿童以让他们振作
  5. could volunteer in an after-school study program to teach kids


  1. volunteer as a teacher志愿者教师
  2. volunteering our time to help others志愿奉献我们的时间帮助他人
  3. could give out food at the food bank可以在食物站分发食物
  4. give up several hours each week to help others每周放弃几小时以帮助他人
  5. give away old clothes to the poor把旧衣服捐赠给穷人
  6. give something to somebody= give somebody something把……给某人
  7. give somebody orders给某人下命令
  8. come up with a plan/ good ideas想出计划/ 主意
  9. make a plan制定计划
  10. the city park clean-up城市公园的清洁
  11. only two weeks from now从现在起仅仅两个周的时间
  12. work in an old people’s home/ a children’s home在老年之家/儿童之家工作
  13. read the newspaper to the old people 向老人读报纸
  14. get his future dream job获得他未来的梦想的工作
  15. learn more about how to care for animals学到更多的关于怎样照料动物的知识
  16. get such a strong feeling of satisfaction获得如此强烈的满足感
  17. get better/ worse /green/ yellow变得更好/ 更糟/ 绿/ 黄
  18. the look of joy/ surprise/ sadness /happiness/ excitement…

高兴/ 惊讶/ 悲伤/ 幸福/ 激动的表情

  1. a book lover书虫
  2. could read by herself能够独自阅读
  3. at the age of four在四岁的时候
  4. raise money for homeless people为无家可归的人筹钱
  5. put off my plan推迟我的计划
  6. be busy with my studies忙于我的学习
  7. call up somebody给……打电话
  8. put up signs around the school满校园张贴招牌
  9. make notices 出通知
  10. the book sale售书活动
  11. be worried about getting good jobs 为找出工作而担心
  12. make lots of money 挣许多钱
  13. in their free time在他们的空闭时间
  14. be strong in…= be good at…擅长于……
  15. a good way to spend our free time一种度过空余时间的好方法
  16. stop doing their jobs for a few months to a year停止做他们的工作几个月到一年
  17. travel alone独自旅行
  18. run out of money用完钱
  19. take after my father长得像我的爸爸
  20. fix up broken bikes修理烂自行车
  21. be similar to …与……相似
  22. would like to do something愿意做……
  23. make it possible for me to have Lucky让我拥有Lucky成为可能
  24. make a big difference to my life对我的人生起重大作用
  25. get me a special trained dog让我得到一条经过特殊训练的狗
  26. get things for disabled people为残疾人买东西
  27. be a guide at a museum在博物馆当导游
  28. be excited about the idea of having a dog因为拥有一条狗的主意而激动
  29. six months of training with a dog带着狗训练的六个月
  30. have a “dog helper” because of your kindness因为你的善良而拥有一个“狗助手”
  31. a fantastic dog一条了不起的狗
  32. send you a photo= send a photo to you送一张照片给你
  33. show you how he helps me向你展示他是怎样帮助我的
  34. interests and hobbies兴趣和爱好
  35. be interested in….对……感兴趣
  36. …be set up……被成立(建立)
  37. set up a call-in center for parents 为家长们成立一个呼叫中心
  38. hand the notices out after school放学后散发通知
  39. help people in need帮助危难中的人
  40. can’t buy any more old bikes不能再买任何旧自行车了
  41. students who volunteer志愿者学生
  42. people who are less lucky than us比我们更不幸的人
  43. children who don’t have bikes没有自行车的孩子
  44. signs asking for old bikes收集旧自行车的招牌
  45. be proud of … 对……为骄傲



  1. They told me stories about the past and how things used to be.


  1. We’re all going to be old one day.有一天我们也会老。
  2. The kids are sitting in the library, but you can see in their eyes that they’re going on a different journey with each new book. 孩子们坐在图书馆里,但你能从他们的眼中看到他们正在和每一本新书一起经历不同的旅程。
  3. Volunteering here is a dream come true for me.


  1. I can do what I love to do and help others at the same.


  1. I’m sure you know that this group was set up to help disabled people like me.


  1. What would it be like to be blind or deaf?成为盲人或聋子会是什么样子?
  2. I can’t use my arms or legs well, so normal things like answering the telephone, opening and closing doors, or carrying things are difficult for me.我的手臂和腿都不灵便,因此,像接电话,开关门及搬东西这们平常事对于我来说都是困难的。
  3. Thank you again for changing my life.再次感谢你改变了我的生活。
  4. In what other ways do you think dogs are able to help people?


  1. What other animals can we train to help people?


  1. The idea that he came up with worked out fine.他想出的那个主意很凑效。
  2. I need to come up with some way of getting money or I’ll have to stop.



Unit 3 Could you please clean your room?


  1. Could you please do…? (礼貌请求)你可以做……吗?
  2. Could I please do…?     (征求意见)我可以做……吗?
  3. do the dishes=wash the dishes 洗碗碟
  4. take out the rubbish把垃圾带出去
  5. fold your clothes折衣服
  6. sweep the floor扫地
  7. make your bed整理床铺
  8. clean the living room打扫起居室
  9. do some washing/ shopping/ cleaning洗衣服/ 购物/ 做清洁
  10. go out for dinner出去吃晚饭
  11. go to the movies去看电影
  12. stay out late/ until nine呆到很晚/ 呆到9点钟
  13. get a ride撘车
  14. give me a ride to town开车送我到镇上
  15. need to do something需要做……
  16. have to do something不得不做……
  17. help out with a few things帮助做些事情
  18. at least 至少
  19. finish doing something完成做……
  20. be/ come back from shopping购物回来
  21. any minute/ second/ moment now随时
  22. pretty clean and tidy相当干净而整洁
  23. be angry with…对……生气
  24. solve the problem解决问题
  25. throw down my bag扔下我的书包
  26. the minute/ as soon as / the moment I sat down我一坐下就
  27. take the dog for a walk= walk dog溜狗
  28. replied angrily生气地回答
  29. all the time一直
  30. never help out around the house从没帮助做家务
  31. work all day工作一整天
  32. do housework all evening整晚做家务
  33. shout back吼回去
  34. find the house clean and tidy发现房间干净又整洁
  35. ask in surprise惊讶地问
  36. share the housework分担家务
  37. a clean and comfortable home一个干净又舒服的家
  38. neither of us我们两个都不
  39. hang out with my friends和我朋友一起闲逛
  40. pass me the salt= pass the salt to me把盐递给我
  41. borrow something from somebody从某人那里借某物
  42. lend something to somebody把某物借给某人
  43. hate to do something讨厌做……
  44. enough stress from school来自于学校的足够的压力
  45. a waste of their time时间的浪费
  46. spend their time on schoolwork花时间在学业上
  47. in order to do something为了做……
  48. get into a good university进好大学
  49. there is no need for somebody to do something对于某人来说没必要做……
  50. depend on …依靠……
  51. develop children’s independence 养成孩子的独立(习惯)
  52. the idea of fairness公平意识
  53. have no idea how to take care of himself不知道怎样照料自己
  54. fall ill生病
  55. grades dropped成绩下降
  56. as a result因此
  57. it’s fair/ unfair for children to do something对于孩子来说,做……是公平的/ 不公平的。
  58. get something to drink买饮料
  59. be careful with… 小心对待……
  60. a few other things I want you to do我想要你做的另处几件事情



  1. I think two hours of TV is enough for you.我认为两个小时对你已足够。
  2. She won’t be happy if she sees this mess.假如她看到这乱糟糟一团定会不高兴。
  3. It’s clean, but it’s not “mother clean”!是干净,但这不是妈妈心中的干净。
  4. I’m just as tired as you are!我也和你一样的累。
  5. She did not do any housework and neither did I.她没有做任何家务活,我也没有。
  6. I could not find a clean dish or a clean shirt.我没有发现一个干净的碗碟,一件干净的衬衫。
  7. I’ll finish my homework while you help me with the dishes.


  1. I do not understand why some parents make their kids help with housework and chores at home.我不理解为什么有些父母让他们的孩子在家帮助做家务。
  2. It is the parents’ job to provide a clean and comfortable environment at home for their children.在家给孩子们提供一个干净而舒服的环境是家长们的工作。
  3. It is important for children to learn how to do chores and help their parents with housework.对于孩子们来说,学会怎样做家务和帮助父母亲做家务是很重要的。
  4. Since they live in one house with their parents, they should know that everyone should do their part in keeping it clean and tidy.既然他们和他们的父母生活在同一房子里,他们就应该明白每个人都应该做他们份内之事,以保持房子的干净与整洁。
  5. The earlier kids learn to be independent, the better it is for their future.孩子们越早独立,对他们的未来就更好。



Unit 4 Why don't you talk to your parents?


  1. have any free time to do things I like有自由时间做我喜欢做的事
  2. allow somebody to do something允许某人做……
  3. take/ have after-school classes参加课后辅导班
  4. get into fight with somebody= have a fight with somebody=fight with somebody和某人闹矛盾
  5. get on (well) with somebody和某人相处(得好)
  6. get into a good university / a good senior high school上好大学/高中
  7. so that…以至于……;以便于……
  8. take him to the ball game带他去参加球类比赛
  9. wait that/ so long等待如此久
  10. surprise somebody让某人吃惊
  11. look through…检查……浏览……
  12. find somebody doing something发现某人正在做……
  13. give something back to somebody= return something to somebody归还某物给某人
  14. forget about ……忘掉……
  15. relations between my parents父母之间的关系
  16. be nice/ friendly /kind to somebody对某人友好
  17. refuse to do something拒绝做……
  18. feel lonely and nervous感到孤独和紧张
  19. offer to do something主动做……
  20. sit down and communicate with your brother坐下来和你哥哥交流
  21. mind somebody doing something介意某人做……
  22. borrow my clothes without asking/ without returning them借我的衣服没不说/不归还
  23. make somebody angry让某人生气
  24. copy my homework抄我的作业
  25. have a pet养宠物
  26. give me a lot of pressure给我很大的压力
  27. compete with somebody和某人比赛
  28. free time activities空闲时间活动
  29. learn exam skills学会考试技巧
  30. a typical American family典型的美国家庭
  31. cut out …去掉/除……
  32. comparing … with ….把……和……比较
  33. be unhappy with…= be angry with…对……生气
  34. cause a lot of stress导致许多压力
  35. think for somebody为某人考虑
  36. to be a successful person成为成功人士
  37. start doing something开始做……
  38. in one’s opinion,…就某人看来……;依某人的观点,……
  39. be right about…在某方面正确
  40. wait a few more days再等几天
  41. help each other相互帮助
  42. stress out过度紧张/劳累
  43. do activities I enjoy进行我喜欢的活动



  1. Why don’t you do…? Why not do…?为什么不做……呢?
  2. Although she’s wrong, it’s not a big deal.尽管她错了,但没什么大不了的。
  3. Hope things work out.希望情况好转。
  4. It’s the only communication they have.这是他们之间仅有的交流。
  5. I don’t know if I should say anything to them about this.


  1. When they argue, it’s like a big, black cloud hanging over our home.


  1. Instead he watches whatever he wants until late at night.然而,他想看什么就看什么直到深夜。
  2. It’s normal to have these feelings.有这些感觉很正常。
  3. I studied until midnight last night so I didn’t get enough sleep.


  1. He should talk to his friend so that he can say he’s sorry.


  1. However, the tired children don’t get home until after 7:00 p. M.


  1. People shouldn’t push their kids so hard.人们不应该给他们的孩子如此大的压力。
  2. Although it’s normal to want successful children, it’s even more important to have happy children.尽管想要成功的孩子很正常,但有幸福的孩子却更重要。
  3. Life shouldn’t just be about grades.生活不应该仅仅与成绩有关。