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Unit 1 How can we become good learners?

重点:1. 学习并掌握用how来询问做某事的方式;2. 学习并掌握by+ving来表达做某事的方法。



ask for help 寻求帮助

work with sb. 和……一起工作

have conversation with 和……一起对话

main idea 中心思想

the secret to ……的秘诀

word by word 逐字

take time 花时间

word group 词组

body language 肢体语言

expressions on faces 脸上的表情

key words 关键词

as well 也

look up 查看

take notes 记笔记

practice doing sth. 练习做某事

pen pal 笔友

keep a diary 记日记

make mistakes 犯错

increase 增加;提高  decrease 减少;降低

practice with sb. 和……一起练习

depend on 依赖

whether or not 是否

pay attention to sth. / doing sth. 注意某事/做某事

for a long time 很长一段时间

connect … with … 把……和……连接起来

write down 写下

mind map 思维导图

lifelong journey 终身的旅程

on one’s own 独自地

bit by bit 一点点

at once 马上,立刻

It’s a piece of cake. 小菜一碟。

It serves you right. 你活该。

Use it or lose it.

Practice makes perfect.




Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!

重点&难点:1. that, if whether 引导的宾语从句;2. 感叹句的学习和运用。


Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

Spring Festival 春节

Lantern Festival 元宵节

eat out 吃光

put on 增肥

end up 最终成为

wash away bad things 洗去灾祸

good luck 好运

in the shape of 以……的形式

traditional folk stories 传统民间故事

shot down 击落,打垮

fly up to 飞向

call out one’s name 喊出某人的名字

lay out 展示,安排

share … with sb. 和某人分享……

It is a good idea to do sth. 做某事是个好主意

do … instead 做某事来代替

play a trick on 开……的玩笑

dress up 打扮

haunted house 鬼屋

think of 思考,考虑

warn sb, to do sth. 警告某人做某事

remind sb. of sth. 使某人想起某事

promise to do sth. 承诺做某事

in need 有需要

treat sb. with sth. 用……招待某人

give birth to 产生,造成,生孩子

not only … but also … 不仅……而且……

just like 就像,正如

感叹句:What+(a/an)+ adj.+名词(+主语+谓语+其他)!

How +adj. / adv. +主语+谓语+其他!










Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restroom are?

重点:学习并掌握wh- & how所引导的宾语从句。



excuse me 打扰了

go along 进行,支持

beside 在……旁边  besides 除此之外

turn left / right 左/右转

go past 经过

start with 由……开始

hold one’s hand 拉某人的手

do + 动词原形 表强调


at that time 在那个时候

pardon me 对不起;请再说一遍

mail a letter 寄一封信

suggest sb. (should) do sth. 建议某人做某事

That is because 那是因为

lead into 导入

on time 准时

I would like thank you for …

I’m looking forward to you reply.

Unit 4 I used to be afraid of the dark.

重点&难点:1. 学习并掌握used to do句型;2. 学会用used to do句型描述自己或他人过去常常做的事情。


used to do 过去常常做

adj. + enough 足够……的

from time to time 时常,有时

such a 多么


see sb.


get good scores on exams 在测试中取得好成绩

wear glasses 戴眼镜

take up sth. 开始做某事

dare to do sth. 敢于做某事

tons of attention 很多关注

private time 私人时间

the road to success 成功之路

fight on 继续斗争

make it to the top 成就大事业

curly hair 卷发

a book on + 内容 一本关于……的书

do well in = be good at 擅长于

be absent from 缺席……

boarding school 寄宿学校

in person 亲自

advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事

take pride in = be proud of 为……感到自豪

self-introduction 自我介绍
















Unit 5 What are the shirts made of?

重点:1. 学习并掌握被动语态的用法和句子结构;2. 用英语描述和询问物品的制作材料。



be made of 由……制成(可看出原材料)

be made from 由……制成(不可看出原材料)

be made in 在……制作

be known for 以……闻名

as far as I know 正如我所知

no matter 无论

no matter how = however  no matter what = whatever  no matter when = whenever  no matter where = wherever

  1. find it(形式宾语)+adj. + to do sth. / that从句

avoid doing sth. 避免做某事

high-technology product 高科技产品

traffic accident 交通事故

turn … into … 把……转变为……

send out 放出

in trouble 困境中

rise into 上升,上涨

hot-air balloons 热气球

sky lanterns 孔明灯

paper cutting 剪纸

be shaped by 由……塑造

be covered with 由……覆盖

at midnight 在午夜


















Unit 6 When was it invented?

重点:1. 学习并掌握被动语态的一般过去时态;2. 学会询问发明时间和用途。



It’s my pleasure. = My pleasure. 我的荣幸。

have a point 有道理

by accident 偶然地

It is said that 据说

It is believed that 人们相信

open fire 篝火

remain for some time 保留一段时间

take place 发生

without doubt 不疑有他

drop into 落入

advise sb. not to do sth. 建议某人不要做某事

be similar to 与……相似

in history 在历史上

divide … into … 把……分成……

at the same time 与此同时

stop sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事

dream of doing sth. 梦想做某事

not only … but also … 不仅……而且……

look up to sb. 敬佩某人

achieve dreams 实现梦想

Don't mention it.不客气,不用谢



















Unit 7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.


难点;should + be + pp. + to do sth. 这一结构的学习和运用


driver’s license 驾驶证

No way! 没门!

I don’t think that …

part-time job 兼职

get one’s ears pierced 打耳洞

get / have / make sth. done 使某物被……

spend time with sb. 花时间和某人在一起

school trip 学校组织的旅行

allow sb. (not) to do sth.

sing to sb. 对某人唱歌

by one’s side 在某人身边

run through 穿越

give sb. a hug 给某人一个拥抱

lift sb. up 举起某人

talk back 回嘴

awful dream 噩梦

by + 时间点 到……为止,在……之前

be late for 迟到

regret doing sth. 后悔做某事

keep sb. (away) from sth. 使某人远离某物

give sb. a chance to do sth. 给某人一个机会做某事

move out 搬出去

take test 参加考试

pass test 通过考试

fail test 没通过考试

get in the way of 妨碍……

have nothing against with sth. / doing sth. 不反对某事/做某事

end up with 以…结束  end up as 最终成为

be serious about sth. 认真对待某事

make a choice 做选择











Unit 8 It must belong to Carla.

重点:1. 学习并掌握情态动词must, might, can’t, could表推测;2. 学会描述表示物品所属的问答。

难点:学习并掌握情态动词must, might, can’t, could表推测。


belong to 属于

at the picnic 在野餐时

attend a concert 参加音乐会

in the music hall 在音乐厅

go to a picnic 去野餐

pick sth. up 捡起

nothing much 没什么

run away 逃走

in the neighborhood在社区

have no idea = don’t know 不知道

noise-maker 噪音制造者

make noise 制造噪音

catch a bus 赶公交

wear a suit 穿套装

on the longest day of the year 在一年最长的那天

point out 指出

in a certain way 以某种确定的方式

move up 上升

a burial place 墓地

honor ancestor 祭拜祖先

a group of 一组……

perhaps 也许

shine directly into… 直接照进……

rock music 摇滚乐

at work 上班

running shoes 跑鞋

表推测(语气从强到弱):must, may, might, could(一般用于疑问句或否定句)












Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.

重点&难点:学习并掌握关系代词that / who引导的定语从句。


dance to (music) 随着(音乐)跳舞

sing along with 随着……一起唱

prefer A to B 比起B更喜欢A

prefer doing A to doing B

prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.

electronic music 电子音乐

be supposed to do sth. 应该做某事

suppose sb. to do sth. 猜想某人做某事

spare time 空闲时间

in one’s spare time 在某人空闲的时候

spare time to do sth. 抽空做某事

smooth music 悦耳的音乐

in that case 既然那样

World War Ⅱ 二战

feel like doing sth. 想要做某事

stick to 坚持

cheer sb. up 使某人振奋起来

try one’s best 尽某人最大能力

solve problems 解决问题

a good way to do sth. 做某事的好方法

plenty of 大量

Spider-Man 蜘蛛侠

in time 及时

shut off 关闭

folk music 民俗乐

pieces of music 几首曲子

be born in 出生在……

by age 17 到17岁的时候

be known for 因……而出名

continue to do sth. 继续做某事

by the end of 到……为止

It is a pity that 遗憾的是

recall sb. from sth. 从……召回某人(的记忆)

in total 总共

touch the hearts 触动心灵

for this reason 出于这个原因






Unit 10 You’re supposed to shake hands.

重点:学习并掌握be supposed to, be expected to和be important to的用法。



be supposed to do sth. 应该做某事

be expected to do sth. 应该/被期望做某事

be important to do sth. 做某事是重要的

shake hands 握手

bow to sb. 向某人鞠躬

hold out one’s hand 伸出某人的手

greet each other 互相问候

on both side of my face 在我的两颊上

be relax about 对……放松

rush around 东奔西跑

value the time 珍惜时间

walk around 四处走动

as many as sb. can = as many as possible 尽可能多的

make an effort to do sth. 努力做某事

keep sb. waiting 让某人一直等候

It’s no big deal! 没什么大不了的!

go abroad 出国  at home 在国内

clean … off 把……擦掉

take off 脱下;起飞

be worth doing sth. 值得做某事

table manner 餐桌礼仪

stick … into … 把……插进……

go out of one’s way (to do sth.) 特地做某事…, 格外努力做…

make sb. feel at home 使某人感到宾至如归

be comfortable doing sth. 轻松地做某事

cut it up 把它切开

be gradually doing sth. 逐渐做某事

go out of one’s way 特地,不怕麻烦

show up 出席,露面

Best wishes. 祝好运。










Unit 11 Sad movies make me cry.

重点&难点:学习并掌握make + sb. + v.原形 / adj. 的结构和用法。


would rather do 宁愿做某事  would rather do sth. than do sth. 宁愿做某事而不做某事

quiet music 轻音乐

have fun with sb. 和某人一起度过愉快时光

get to know 了解,认识

join sb. 加入某人,与某人结伴

each time 每次

left out 忽视

a long time ago 很久以前

pale as chalk 像粉笔一样苍白

cry for 因……而哭

call in 召集

neither … nor … 不……也不……

take one’s position 取代某人的位置

hand back 交回

throw rubbish 扔垃圾

return to 返回

keep one’s eyes on the ground 一直盯着地板看

on one’s shoulder 在某人肩膀上

kick sb. off 把某人踢掉

miss doing sth. 错过做某事

knock on door 敲门

be hard on sb. 对某人苛刻

pull together 齐心协力

nod in agreement 点头同意

offer advice 提建议
















Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected.



by the time 到……时候

get in the shower 在淋浴

go off (闹钟)响

rush out of 奔出

brush one’s teeth 刷牙

give a lift 让……搭车

be about to do 即将做某事

east from 在……的东边

wait in line 排队等候

in disbelief 难以置信的

jump out of 跳出

take off 起飞

hear about 听说

turn into 变成

by the end of 到……为止

a costume party 一个化装舞会

take place 发生

play trick / joke on sb. 开某人玩笑

April Fool’s Day

be sold out 卖光

lose weight 减肥

end up doing sth. 以……结束

land on 着陆

move across 跨越

spread across 传遍,席卷

as + doing

turn around 转身

go inside 进去

hand in 上交













Unit 13 We’re trying to save the earth!(复习课)

重点&难点:现在进行时、used to do句型、被动语态、现在完成时和情态动词的复习和巩固。


noise pollution 噪音污染

air pollution 空气污染

water pollution 水污染

the bottom of ……的底部

throw … into … 把……扔进……

play a part in doing sth. 在……中起作用

cut down 砍到

take the bus = by bus

waste pollution 垃圾污染

takeaway food 外卖食品

make a difference 有影响

hear of 听说

shark fin 鱼翅

cut off 切下

no longer 不再

at the top of 在……顶端

food chain 食物链

fall by over 90 percent 下降超过90%

in the last … ys 在过去的……年里

so far 迄今为止

be good for 对……有好处

ocean’s ecosystem 海洋生态系统

Clean-Up Day 清洁日

afford to 有条件做某事

take action 采取行动

turn off 关闭

pay for 购买……

instead of 取代

paper napkins 餐巾纸

put to good use 施展

build … out of 用……建造……

pull down 摧毁;推翻

upside down 颠倒

win a prize 获奖

set up 建立  set up website 建立一个网站  set up a business 开业

Not only can …,but it also … 半倒装句





Unit 14 I remember meeting all of you in Grade 7.(复习课)



remember doing sth. 记得做过某事

do survey 做调查

help sb. with sth. 帮助某人某事

score two goals 踢进两个球

in a row 连续

take a break from doing sth. 暂时停止做某事

teaching methods 教学方法

be patient with 对……耐心

work out 解决

guide sb. to do sth. 引导某人做某事

take time to do sth. 花费时间做某事

put in more effort 投入更多努力

look back 回看

keep one’s cool 保持冷静

train for 为……训练

be better at sth.

have problems with 有……问题

the end of the year 年底

first of all 首先

thirsty of knowledge 渴望知识

none of (三个或三个以上)都不

mean to sb. 对某人重要

fail to do sth. 未能做某事

ahead of 在……之前

along the way 沿路

learn from

along with 与……一道

in a few years’ time 几年后

on journey 旅途中

separate from 分离

be responsible for 对……负责