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Unit 4 I used to be afraid of the dark.

P27 3a

From Shy Girl to Pop Star

1 For this month’s Young World magazine, I interviewed 19-year-old Asian pop star Candy Wang. Candy told me that she used to be really shy and took up singing to deal with her shyness. As she got better, she dared to sing in front of her class, and then for the whole school. Now she’s not shy anymore and loves singing in front of crowds.

2 I asked Candy how life was different after she became famous. She explained that there are many good things, like being able to travel and meet new people all the time. “I didn’t use to be popular in school, but now I get tons of attention everywhere I go.” However, too much attention can also be a bad thing. “I always have to worry about how I appear to others and I have to be very careful about what I say or do. And I don’t have much private time anymore. Hanging out with friends is almost impossible for me now because there are always guards around me.”

3 What does Candy have to say to all those young people who want to become famous? “Well,” she begins slowly, “you have to be prepared to give up your normal life. You can never imagine how difficult the road to success is. Many times I thought about giving up, but I fought on. You really require a lot of talent and hard work to succeed. Only a very small number of people make it to the top.”

P30 2b

He Used to Cause a Lot of Trouble

Li Wen is a normal 15-year-old boy who works hard in school and gets good grades. It is hard to believe that he used to be a “problem child” until a conversation with his parents influenced his way of thinking. Li Wen lives in the Sichuan countryside. As a small child, he seldom gave his parents any problems, and they were proud of him. However, _________, the boy’s life became more difficult. He had to move in with his grandmother.

Li Wen began to cause problems for himself and his family. He was no longer interested in studying. He was oft en absent from classes, and he failed his examinations. Finally, his parents made a decision to send him to a boarding school. Li Wen no longer lived with his grandmother. He studied, ate and slept at the school, and he hated it. There were so many rules, and he used to keep breaking them. One day, he told his teacher he wanted to leave the school. __________

The head teacher advised his parents to talk with their son in person. His parents took a 40-hour train ride and a five-hour bus ride to go back to their hometown. To Li Wen’s surprise, their conversation changed his life. “It was exactly what I needed,” he said. “My parents helped me to understand how much they had given me. They also told me that even though they couldn’t be there to take care of me, they were always thinking of me and would take pride in everything good that I did.___________. I realized that since my parents moved away, I’ve been afraid of being alone, and have tried to make my parents pay more attention to me.”

____________. He has been working hard and is now one of the best students in his class. His parents’ love has made him feel good about himself. “It’s very important for parents to be there for their children,” Li Wen says.


Section A 2d.










Section A 3a


为本月的《青年世界》杂志,我采访了 19 岁的亚裔歌星王坎迪。坎迪告诉我她一直害羞,于是想通过唱歌来挑战羞涩。随着她的情况逐步好转,她开始敢于在班级同学面前放声歌唱。现在她不再那么腼腆了,而且热爱在众人面前演唱。

我问坎迪她成名后的生活有什么不同。她解释说有许多好事,比如可以旅行,随时会结识新面孔。 “我以前在学校并不引人注目,但是现在,无论我走到哪里,都会被人关注。”然而,太多的关注也可以成为坏事。“我总是会担心自己在别人眼中的样子还有,我必须注意自己的言行。我不再拥有很多私人时间。现在与朋友外出几乎不可能,因为老有保镖守在我周围。





Section B 2b


李文是来自农村的一个普通的 15 岁男生,他学习很努力,在学校表现很好,很难相信他以前在学校也面临许多困难。当他还是个小男孩的时候,他很少惹麻烦,他同家人也总生活在一起。然而,几年前,情况发生了变化。他的父母到城市里去寻找工作,爷爷奶奶就过来照顾他。但是,她非常想念自己的父母,经常感到孤独和不开心。

李文的不开心开始影响他的学业。他变得对学 习不再有兴趣,有时候,他还会旷课,考试不及格。最后,李文的父母决定把它送到寄宿制学校。但是 李文很害羞,在学校里也不能很快教上朋友,他感 到那里的生活很困难。一天,他告诉老师,她想离 开学校。他的老师很担心他,给他的父母打了电话,他建议他们亲自与自己的儿子谈一谈。于是,于是 他的父母坐了 24 小时的火车来到了李文的学校。他们进行了一次长谈。“那正是我所需要的,”他说道, “现在我懂得了尽管他们很忙,他们一直都挂念着我。他们为我所有的好的表现感到自豪。”