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Unit 6 When was it invented?

P43 3a

An Accidental Invention

Did you know that tea, the most popular drink in the world (after water), was invented by accident? Many people believe that tea was first drunk nearly 5,000 years ago. It is said that a Chinese ruler called Shen Nong first discovered tea as a drink. One day Shen Nong was boiling drinking water over an open fire. Some leaves from a tea plant fell into the water and remained there for some time. It produced a nice smell so he tasted the brown water anyway. It was quite delicious. In this way, one of the world’s favorite drinks was invented.

More than 4,000 years later, Lu Yu, “the saint of tea”, mentioned Shen Nong in his book Cha Jing. The book describes how tea plants were grown and used to make tea. It also discusses where the finest tea leaves were produced and what kinds of water were used.

It is believed that tea was brought to Korea and Japan during the 6th and 7th centuries. In England, tea didn’t appear until around 1660, but less than 100 years later, it had become the national drink. The tea trade from China to Western countries took place in the 19th century. This helped to spread the popularity of tea and the tea plant to more places around the world. Even though many people now know about tea culture, the Chinese are without doubt the ones who best understand the nature of tea.

P44 4c

The telephone (invent) by Alexander Graham Bell. He_______(born) in 1847. Alexander_____ (work) on the invention of the telephone with Thomas Watson. In 1875, Alexander______ (learn) to send musical notes through an instrument similar to a telephone. Finally, the telephone________(invent) in 1876. The first sentence that_______ (say) on the telephone by Alexander was “Mr. Watson, come here; I want to see you.” Today the telephone____________ (use) around the world.

P45 1d

The History of Potato Chips

Did you know that potato chips were invented by mistake? Potato chips____________by a cook called George Crum. They were invented in________. George Crum cut the potatoes really, really__________and then cooked them for a long time until they were__________ . And

he put lots of salt on them so they were____________ .

p46 2b

Do You Know When Basketball

Was Invented?

Basketball is a much-loved and active sport more than 100 million people in over 200 countries. In China, you can sometimes see people playing basketball in parks, schools and even in factories.

Basketball was invented by a Canadian doctor named James Naismith, who was born in 1861. When he was at college, his teacher asked the class to think of a game that can be played in the winter. Dr. Naismith created a game to be played inside on a hard floor. Dr. Naismith divided the men in his class into two teams and taught them to play his new game. The purpose of the game is for players to get a ball into the “basket”. Players on the same team must work together to help each other get the ball in the other team’s basket. At the same time, they need to stop the competing team from getting the ball into their own basket.

It is believed that on December 21, 1891, the first basketball game in history was played. Then in 1936 in Berlin, it became an event at the Olympics. Today, the popularity of basketball has risen around the world, with many young people dreaming of becoming famous players. Basketball has not only become a popular sport to play, it has also become a more popular sport to watch.

Although America’s NBA games are the most famous, the CBA games are becoming popular in China. The number of foreign players, including Chinese players, in the NBA has increased. And there are also more and more foreign players in the CBA. Many young people look up to these basketball heroes and want to become like them. These stars encourage young people to work hard to achieve their dreams.

P48 Self Check 1

It is often difficult to decide on the inventor of certain inventions. This is because sometimes a few people may_______things which are_______the same. Opinions are then_______ about who came up with the idea first. Some inventions can also all of a_______lead to other inventions. So some people_______whether the inventor came up with the idea himself or herself. They think that the inventor used someone else’s idea to create his or her invention. That is why books or websites usually ________more than one inventor when giving information about inventions.


Section A 2d





罗伊:我很乐意!让我想想„..嗯„„有啦!拉链! 保罗:拉链?它真是这样一项了不起的发明吗? 罗伊:想想在我们的日常生活中会多么频繁地使用



罗伊:当然!我想到它是因为我上周看到一个网站。不同发明的创始者都被列在上面。比如说,它提到拉链是在 1893 年被惠特科母.贾德森发明的。不过那时候它并没有被广泛使用。

保罗:真的吗?那它是什么时候流行起来的。罗伊:1917 年左右。

Section A 3a


你知道茶,作为世界上最受欢迎的饮料(仅次于水),是一项偶然的发明吗?许多人都认为在 5000年以前就开始了饮茶。据说一位叫神农的中国统治者最早发现茶可以引用。一天,神农在户外的炉火上烧水,茶树上有几片叶子掉入水里,过了一会,散发出怡人的香味,于是神农品尝了这褐色的水,它非常香醇,就这样,世界上最受欢迎的饮料之一被发明了。


人们认为茶是在公元 6-7 世纪传播到日本和朝

鲜。在英国,大约直到 1660 年才发现,但不到 100年的时间里,茶已经成为国饮。从中国到西方的茶叶贸易始于 19 世纪。这使得茶树和茶叶传播到世界更多地方,使之深受欢迎。虽然现在又许多人都了解一些茶文化,但毫无疑问的是,中国人才是最了解茶之本质(精髓)的人。

Section B 2b


篮球是一项许多人都喜爱的积极运动,它既有趣有健身。篮球有 100 多年的历史,而且有 200 多

个国家,超过 10 亿人都在玩篮球。普遍认为 1891

年地 12 月 12 日是历史上第一场篮球比赛的日子。

然后再 1936 年地柏林,篮球成为奥运会比赛项目。篮球是有一位名叫詹姆斯.奈史密斯的加拿大医

生发明的,他出生于 1861 年。当他在大学任教时,被要求发明一项能让人冬天在室内玩的游戏。他把 他班级里的人分成两队人员,教他们玩他的新游戏。同一个队的成员必须一起努力投进对方的篮筐。同 时,他们还要阻止对方把球投进他们自己队的篮筐。

如今,许多年轻人都梦想成为著名的篮球运动员,篮球在世界各地越来越普及。在中国,有时你看见人们在公园、学校甚至工厂打篮球。篮球不仅成为人们喜欢玩的运动,也成为一项人们喜欢观看的运动。虽然美国的NBA 比赛是最著名的,但中国的 CBA 比赛也越来越受欢迎。NBA 中的外国球员数量有所增加,其中也包括中国球员。也有越来越多的外籍球员加入到CBA 的赛事中。许多年轻人都仰慕这些篮球英雄,并想成为像他们一样的人。这些球星也鼓励着年轻人为实现自己的梦想而努力。