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Unit7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

P51 3a

Mom Knows Best

When I was a tiny baby crying all night, my mom sang to me and stayed by my side

When I was tired and hungry, she gave me food and warm arms to sleep in

When I was two running through the field, she made sure I was safe and kept me from danger

When I fell and hurt myself, she gave me a hug and lifted me up

When I was seven coughing badly, she said no ice-cream for me

But I talked back loudly, “I should be allowed to eat some! Give it to me now!”

When I was nine watching scary movies, she said it’d give me awful dreams

But I shouted back angrily, “I should be allowed to watch it! I’m not a baby!”

When I was a teen going out with friends, she said, “Please be back by ten!”

But I talked back again — “I should not be told what to do! I’m seventeen now!”

Now I’m an adult, thinking back to those times

I coughed for days after eating that ice-cream

And had scary dreams after watching that film

I was late for school from staying out past ten

I regret talking back, not listening to Mom

Mom knows best, and for me she wanted only the best!

P52 4b

Should teenagers _________(ask) to move out when they start working? In many Western countries, teenagers_______ (allow) to move out at sixteen or seventeen. Their parents believe that they should__________ (educate) to take care of themselves from a young age. This way, when they_______ (start) working they can manage their own lives. However, in most Asian societies, the family unit is especially strong. So it is not common for teenagers to_______ (move) out. Chinese parents believe that it is better for children to live with parents who can_______(take) care of them. But the young should then look after their parents as they get older. That is why many Chinese adults ______(continue) to live with their parents.

P54 2b

Should I Be Allowed to Make My Own Decisions?

Many teenagers have hobbies. But sometimes these can get in the way of their schoolwork, and parents might worry about their success at school. Teenagers often think they should be allowed to practice their hobbies as much as they want. Do you agree?

Liu Yu, a fifteen-year-old boy from Shandong, is a running star. He is on his school team and has always wanted to be a professional runner when he grows up. However, his parents won’t allow him to train so much. “Of course we want to see him achieve his dreams,” says Mr. Liu. “And we know how much he loves running. My wife and I have supported every one of his races. We have nothing against running! But we think our son needs to think about other possible jobs. He’s getting older now, so he needs to think about what will happen if he doesn’t end up a professional runner.”

Liu Yu doesn’t really agree. “Well, I think I should be allowed to decide for myself,” he says. “My parents have always taught me how important it is to work hard at school and enter university. I understand this, but I’m serious about running. It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.”

His parents believe that Liu Yu should study hard in the evenings so they don’t allow him to practice running at night. “Maybe he thinks it’s too strict or unfair,” says Mrs. Liu. “But we think we’re doing the right thing. He needs to spend more time on his homework because becoming a professional sports star is a difficult dream.”

But Liu Yu still disagrees. “I know my parents care about me. They always talk about what will happen if I don’t succeed. But I will! I’m a quick runner! I think I should be allowed to make this choice myself. Only then will I have a chance to achieve my dream.”




人都仰慕这些篮球英雄,并想成为像他们一样的人。这些球星也鼓励着年轻人为实现自己的梦想而努力。 Unit7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their

own clothes.

Section A 2d







Section A 3a


当我是个小宝宝整夜哭闹的时候,妈妈依偎在我身旁,唱歌送我入梦乡。 在我累了饿了的时候,妈妈给我食物,那温暖的臂膀就是我的床。

当我奔跑在田野上,她确保我的安全,让我远离安全,让我远离危险, 在我摔倒受伤的时候她给我拥抱,扶我站好。


九岁时我看恐怖电影,她说:这种电影会将噩梦给你带来, 我却愤怒地咆哮:我就该看这样的电影,别拿我当小孩!

青少年的我开始和朋友外出闲逛了,她叮咛道:十点以前一定要回来! 我又顶嘴:我都 17 岁了,不需要你告诉我该不该! 现在我长大了,回想当初的是时光, 吃了冰激凌让我咳嗦不止, 看了恐怖片让我噩梦连连,

上学迟到只因为 10 点还在外游荡。




Section B 2b



刘宇是来自山东省的一位 15 岁的男孩,他是一个赛跑运动明星。他是学校校队的一名队员,希望长大以后能成为职业跑步运动员。可是他的父母不愿让他花太多时间去训练。“我们当然希望看到他实现自己的梦想,”刘先生说,“我们也知道他是多么喜欢跑步,我妻子和我也曾经支持他的每一次比赛。我们不反对跑步,但是儿子必须要考虑其他可能得工作。他现在长大了,他一定要考虑好,万一成不了职业运动员怎么办?”