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Unit 10 You’re supposed to shake hands.

P75 3a

Where I’m from, we’re pretty relaxed about time. We don’t like to rush around, so we don’t mind if people are a little late sometimes. If you tell a friend you’re going to their house for dinner, it’s OK if you arrive a bit late. We like to enjoy our time slowly. We value the time we spend with our family and friends in our everyday lives. We oft en just drop by our friends’ homes if we have time. We don’t usually have to make plans to meet our friends. When we see each other, it’s polite for boys to shake hands and for girls to kiss each other on the side of the face. We oft en just walk around the town center, seeing as many of our friends as we can!

In Switzerland, it’s very important to be on time. We’re the capital of clocks and watches, after all! If someone invites you to meet him or her at noon, then you’re expected to be there at noon. If you’re even 15 minutes late, your friend may get mad. So I make an effort to be on time when I meet my friends. I always leave the house early to avoid heavy traffic. I don’t mind because I think it’s impolite to keep others waiting. Also, we never visit a friend’s house without calling first. We almost always make plans to see friends. We usually plan to do something interesting, or go somewhere together.

P76 4b

Each country has different rules about social situations. A traveler________(not expect)________ (know) all of these, but it is helpful________

(learn) as many of these customs as possible. Trying_________ (understand) how people think is one of the best ways to be accepted and liked in a foreign country. Learning what you__________ (suppose) to do and__________(not suppose) to do in social situations may be difficult, but it is worth the trouble if you want to understand another culture.

P78 2b

Dear Laura,

Thanks for your message. Yes, I’m having a great time on my student exchange program in France. I was a bit nervous before I arrived here but there was no reason to be. My host family is really nice. They go out of their way to make me feel at home. The grandmother knows that I miss Chinese food a lot. So she actually learned how to make Chinese food! She also has a teenage granddaughter about my age. She’s really kind and she always talks to me in French to help me practice. You wouldn’t believe how quickly my French has improved because of that. I’m very comfortable speaking French now. Although I still make lots of mistakes, it doesn’t worry me like it used to.

My biggest challenge is learning how to behave at the dinner table. As you can imagine, things are very different from the way they are at home. For example, you’re not supposed to put your bread on your plate. You’re supposed to put it on the table! I thought that was pretty strange at first, but now I’m used to it. Another example is that you’re not supposed to eat anything with your hands except bread, not even fruit. You have to cut it up and eat it with a fork. Another thing is it’s impolite to say that you’re full. If you don’t want any more food, you should just say, “That was delicious.” Also, you’re not supposed to put your elbows on the table. I have to say that I find it difficult to remember everything, but I’m gradually getting used to it. I don’t find French customs so strange anymore.

I’ll write again soon and tell you more about my life in France. Hope you’re having a good school year.


Wang Kun


Unit10 You are supposed to shake hands.

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特雷莎洛佩斯 卡利哥伦比亚

在我的家乡,人们的时间观念不强。我们不喜 欢生活匆忙,所以我们不介意别人偶尔迟到一会儿。如果你和一个朋友说好要去他们家吃饭,你去得稍 晚一点是可以接受的。我们喜欢慢慢享受属于我们 的时间。我们珍惜平日生活中和家人、朋友在一起 的时光。有空的时候,我们也常常会临时上朋友家 拜访,我们不必总是列计划见朋友。当与朋友见面 时,礼貌的做法是,男生们互相握手,而女生们互 相亲吻面颊。我们通常会在小镇中心四处走走,尽 可能多地与更多朋友会面!

马克﹒勒布朗洛桑 瑞士

在瑞士,守时非常重要。我们毕竟是以时钟和 手表闻名的国度!如果有人约你在正午相见,那么 你就必须在正午时赶到。如果你只是迟到了 15 分钟,那你的朋友都有可能会非常生气。因此,每次我去 见朋友都会尽力做到守时。我总是早早出门以避开 拥堵交通,因为我认为让别人等是非常不礼貌的。 而且,我们也从不事先未打电话便登门拜访朋友, 我们总是事先做好拜访朋友的安排,约好一起做有 意思的事情,或是一起去某地玩。

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