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Unit 11 Sad movies make me cry.

P83 3a

How to Be Happy

A long time ago, in a rich and peaceful country, there lived an unhappy king. He slept badly and didn’t feel like eating. His face was always pale as

chalk. He oft en cried for no reason. This made the queen and his people worried.

One day, a doctor was called in to examine the king. But he found nothing wrong with his body. “It’s all in his mind. Neither medicine nor rest can help him. What he needs is the shirt of a happy person to wear. That’ll make him happy.”

The prime minister was called to the palace. But when they explained the king’s situation to him, he said, “Although I have a lot of power, it doesn’t make me happy. I’m always worried about losing my power. Many people are trying to take my position.”

Then, the king’s banker came to the palace. “Oh, I’m afraid I’m not happy either,” he said. I have a lot of wealth, but I’m always worried about losing my money. Someone tries to steal my money every day.”

Next, the palace singer came to the king’s room. But this is what he said: “It’s true that I’m famous and everyone loves my songs. But I’m not happy because I’m always worried about being followed by others. I cannot be free!”

Finally, the king’s top general was told to go out and find a happy man in three days’ time.

P84 4a

Dear Diary, June 29th

I thought today was going to be really bad. To start with, it was cloudy and grey, and cloudy days make me_______. And this was the day we would get our exam results back, but I didn’t answer the exam questions very well last week. That made me________. I walked to school with my best friend Holly. She didn’t say much to me. That made me a little________. In class, the teacher handed back our exams. That made me_______. But I found out that I didn’t do too badly. That made me very________. Then things got even better. Holly bought me my favorite lemon juice and turkey sandwich for lunch, and we talked a lot. That made me________. We both did quite well on the exam.

P86 2b

The Winning Team

Peter kept his eyes on the ground and felt a heavy weight on his shoulders as he walked home alone. It was the worst day of his life. His mind would not stop thinking about what happened only just an hour ago on the school soccer field. How could he have missed scoring that goal? He had let his whole team down. His stupid mistake made him angry. His team lost the game because of him. He was really worried that his coach may kick him off the team.

As soon as he walked through the door, his father asked, “What’s wrong, son?” Peter’s feelings were written all over his face. “I lost the game,” Peter replied. Then he went into his room without another word. Ten minutes later, Peter heard his father knocking on his bedroom door. He opened the door to let him in.

“Look, Peter. I don’t know what happened. But whatever it was, don’t be too hard on yourself.”

“I lost the game, Dad. I failed my team. They’ll probably never let me play again.” “Soccer is about team effort. You’re not the only reason your team lost. If you have a good team, you should support each other. Besides, winning or losing is only half the game. The other half is learning how to communicate with your teammates and learning from your mistakes.”

Peter didn’t say anything but what his father said made him think carefully.

The next day, Peter went to soccer practice with courage rather than fear in his heart.

“Hey, guys,” he said to his teammates. “I’m really sorry about yesterday. We were so close to winning that game. But I think if we continue to pull together, we’re going to win the next one.”

To his surprise and relief, his teammates all nodded in agreement.

“Yeah,” they said, “don’t worry about it. It’s never just one person’s fault. We should think about how we can do better next time.”

Peter smiled. It made him feel lucky to know that he was on a winning team.


Unit 11 Sad movies made me cry.

Section A 2d

南希:嗨! 伯特,我想我把爱丽丝给逼的受不了,而且我还不确信该怎么做。波特:发生什么事了?南希:你知道朱莉是爱丽斯最好的朋友,对吧? 波特:嗯嗯。



波特: 我知道了。嗯„.每一次你和朱莉在一起做事的时候,你何不邀请爱丽斯一起加入呢?这样她就不会觉得被冷落。


Section A 3a




人 所穿的衬衫,那会使他快乐起来。”


接着,国王的银行家来到宫殿,“唉,我恐怕也不快乐呢,”他说:“我有很多财富,但是我总是担心丢失钱财。每天都有人想窃取我的金钱。” 接下来,宫殿的歌手来到国王的房间,但是他却这样说: “的确我很有名,而且每个人都喜欢我的歌。但是我并不快乐,因为我总是担心被人跟踪,我没有自由。”最后,国王的大将军被派出去,要他在三天之内


Section B,2b





他一走进家门,他爸爸就问:“怎么了,儿子?”彼得的情绪都写在脸上。“我比赛输了。”彼得回答。然后,他不再说话走进了自己的卧室。十分钟后, 彼得听见爸爸在敲卧室门,他打开房门让爸爸进来。


“我输球了,爸爸,我导致了球队的失败。很可能他们再也不会让我踢球了。”“足球是靠团队的集体努力,”你不是导致球队失利的唯一原因。如果你们是一只优秀的球队,你们应该互相支持。此外,输 赢只是比赛的一半。另一半是学会怎样和队友合作,怎么样从错误中吸取教训。” 彼得没说什么,但是爸爸的话使他陷入了沉思。